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Inside You Is Me

Inside You Is Me

Inside You is Me uses sonic compositions and modular architecture to activate the body's experience of sonic space.


October 15, 2016Performance and Installation Hours

Posted by: Dena Beard

Jacqueline Gordon

Thursdays, October 13, 20, 27, from 6-10pm
Sundays, October 16, 23, 30, from 12-4pm
Available for workshops and off-hour visits by appointment. Email thelabsf@thelab.org or call 415-864-8855 for information.
Free, RSVP

PERFORMANCE: Playlist with Maryanna Lachmann, Jose Abad, and Oscar Tidd
Saturday, October 15, 2016; 7pm doors / 8pm performance
Sunday, October 16, 2016; 12-3pm installation open / 3pm performance
Free, RSVP

Saturday, October 22, 2016; 7pm doors / 8pm performance
Free, RSVP

PERFORMANCE: Rashaun Mitchell and Silas Riener
Saturday, October 29, 2016; 7pm doors / 8pm performance, RSVP
Tickets must be purchased or reserved in advance, $15 General / Free for members

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Designed from a listener's perspective, the installation will incorporate sound, video, modular architecture, choreography and performance. Lead artist  Jacqueline Gordon will collaborate with 5 other artists to develop a series of performances at The Lab during her residency in October 2016.

Gordon creates dynamic installations that challenge the way sound and movement shape a space. In 2014, she began developing Inside You is Me through two residencies at New York's Experimental Media and Performing Art Center (EMPAC). During these residencies, Gordon built movable walls out of varied raw surface materials that ranged from sonically reflective to absorbent; she arranged these walls in different configurations and installed EMPAC’s 32-channel sound system. Gordon invited New York-based choreographers Joanna Kotze, Julian Barnett, and Jocelyn Tobias to move through the installations. Gordon and the choreographers developed a corporeal vocabulary to experiment with how movement and sound can complement, contradict, and challenge audiences.

In 2015, Gordon was in residency at Mills College where she continued to develop the project, integrating results of the EMPAC research and experimenting with sound design and materials. She engaged in conversations with local artists; these conversations continued to develop the work and initiated performance collaborations for the project. During this time, Gordon performed new work at The Lab and conducted several studio visits with The Lab's Executive Director Dena Beard.

Beginning October 1, 2016, Gordon will install the movable walls with various acoustical treatments, webcams and a 32 channel sound system in The Lab. Local artists Maryanna Lachman, Jose Abad, Oscar Tidd, and Sam Hertz will be joined by Los Angeles composers FAY and Jonathan Mandabach, and New York dancers Rashaun Mitchell and Silas Riener. The eight artists will use Gordon’s installation as a system in which to create new sonic and visual compositions. Over the month, the artists will develop 4 new performances that will be performed throughout October 2016.

During each performance, the walls – comprised of varied sculptural acoustic treatments that affect the audience’s sonic and visual perspective - will be arranged into different configurations to change the dynamics between audience and performer. There is no stage, no ideal place to view the performers. By dismantling the traditional audience/performer relationship, the audience will have an active role in experiencing the work. The performances will be ongoing for a particular length of time allowing the audience to exit and re-enter at their discretion.

The work explores how powerfully sound can communicate and create emotion with or without our consent. Sound can change our heart rate, trigger tears, and access memories.  The audio will explore sonic hierarchies in public and private space mirroring the unique location of The Lab, in the heart of San Francisco's radically changing Mission District. Integrating techniques of multi-channel audio, sound design and recording from the neighborhood, with live and recorded voice, the composition will be changed throughout the residency, continually building and shifting with the different wall configurations and choreography.  In between performances, audiences may view and listen to the project though streaming web cams and audio on The Lab's website.

Project-related Media

Research for Inside You Is Me

Video Documentation of movement/sound/architecture research for the performance installation, Inside You Is Me. Research was conducted at EMPAC in Troy NY. The research took place over two residencies during the spring and fall of 2014. Choreographers Joanna Kotze, Julian Barnett, and Jocelyn Tobias to move through the installation to developed a corporeal vocabulary to experiment with how movement and the sound composition can complement, contradict, and challenge an audience. http://www.jacquelinegordon.net/Sound-Space-Movement-Research

Everyone Will Be Here Now But Me

A site specific 4 part sound installation that took place after hours inside the offices of the Los Angeles Food Center at 1400 East Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles. Three different rooms used sounds that ranged from a 6 channel musical score to a 3 channel drone that used the resonant frequency of the architecture in the composition. Throughout the installation there was the opportunity to listen and record audio with binaural microphones monitored through sculptural ears. http://www.jacquelinegordon.net/Everyone-Will-Be-Here-Now-But-Me

It Only Happens All of the Time

A 16 channel sound and acoustic sculpture installation that took place at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in 2014. The audio was composed of field recordings, analogue and digital synthesis and used cinematic inspired sound design techniques to explore the complexities of listening as a solo or shared experience. Speakers were donated by Meyer Sound http://www.jacquelinegordon.net/It-Only-Happens-All-of-the-Time http://www.zyzzyva.org/2014/03/27/the-truth-about-harmony-gordons-it-only-happens-all-of-the-time-at-ybca/

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