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Inspiring Creativity in Kansas Prisons

Bringing new art and collaboration to the Lansing Correctional Facility

The Latest Update

Project Dates finalized- May 2018!

Posted on February 3, 2018 by Sarah Frisof

We are pleased to announce that our project dates at Lansing Correctional Facility have been finalized!

Mike, Hannah, Ingrid, and Sarah will present workshops May 21-23th with a final concert on May 24th.  Sarah and Ingrid are in the planning stages for the workshops, while Ingrid, Tonia, and Daniel are currently working on their new works. 

We are thrilled to embark on this project!



Our goal is to bring the process and creation of contemporary classical music within the prison walls in Kansas. Currently, there is a small prison arts program at the Lansing, Kansas Correctional Facility including a prison choir—however, there is no program at the prison that directly engages prisoners in the active creation of music. With this project, we hope to create and foster a relationship between Kansas artists and prisoners, establishing a platform for ongoing collaboration.

Composers Daniel Pesca, Tonia Ko, and Ingrid Stölzel will write works for flute, percussion, and cello to be played by flutist Sarah Frisof, cellist Hannah Collins, and percussionist Michael Compitello. Concurrently, Ingrid Stolzel, Sarah Frisof, Hannah Collins, and Michael Compitello will facilitate three workshops on the creation of new music, leading to a collaborative composition between the inmates and the musicians. All four works—the three by established composers and the fourth a collaborative composition—will be premiered at the prison in a fourth session.

We believe that all people should have the opportunity to participate in art, and that the creation and experience of new art can be an opportunity for reflection and transformation. We hope that this collaboration will bring a voice to the prison community and we plan to present the works to the greater Kansas community through concerts at the University of Kansas and other community venues throughout the state. This project will serve as the first step towards an ongoing collaboration between the University of Kansas and the Lansing Correctional Facility.




Project Media

“Hush” by Tonia Ko
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Features: New Morse Code

Tonia wrote “Hush” for cello/percussion duo New Morse Code in 2012. Each of the 3 movements is inspired by a fragment of text from Virginia Woolfe’s “The String Quartet.”

Listen from the beginning for a sense of the work’s soundworld, and from the 3rd movement (6:37) for a sense of the piece’s demands on the musicians, which includes speaking and singing in addition to playing.

“There are things to be said” by Ingrid Stolzel
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Features: Ingrid Stölzel

“There are Things to be Said” takes its title and inspiration from a poem by American poet Cid Corman (1924-2004). The poem expresses universal human experiences—loss, sadness, loneliness but also hope. I was struck by the simplicity and openness of Corman’s words. It is often in such elemental simplicity that we find true and powerful meaning which is also something I strive for in my music. Please start listening at: 1:06.

A Memory of Melisande
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Daniel Pesca’s solo flute work “A Memory of Melisande” freely transforms and paraphrases fragments from Debussy’s opera. These melodic strands hang suspended in the air, like Melisande’s fading memories of her brief tryst with Pelleas. The work showcases Sarah’s beauty of tone and elegant phrasing.

Start from 1:49 to hear the way the phrases gradually gain strength through the flute’s registers, building over the next minute and a half towards a virtuosic outburst.

Start and End Dates



Lansing, Kansas

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lawrence, Kansas
Equally at home on the solo, chamber, and orchestral stages, Sarah Frisof is a passionate flutist and educator. As a soloist, Ms. Frisof was the second-prize winner of both the National Flute Association Young Artist Competition and the Heida Hermanns International Woodwind Competition, and she was a semi-finalist in the 2009 Kobe International Flute Competition.…

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