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Invisible Anatomy’s debut album Dissections

Invisible Anatomy partners with New Amsterdam Records to release their debut album Dissections.

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Dissections featured on Second Inversion’s Top 10 Albums of 2018

Posted on January 31, 2019 by Invisible Anatomy

We’re thrilled and honored to have Dissections included on Second Inversion‘s top 10 albums of 2018, alongside some of our favorite artists – Michael Gordon, Nils Frahm, My Brightest Diamond, The Hands Free, Éliane Radigue.

Gabriela Tedeschi had some very nice things to say about our record:

“Fay Wang’s vocals layer and weave into intricate composite melodies and eerie disonances, asking powerful questions about the ways humans interact. With its thought-provoking text and complex, dramatic texture, Dissections is an impressive, hauntingly beautiful debut.”

Check out the full list here. And if you haven’t listened to the album yet, you can do so over at our bandcamp!


Invisible Anatomy is seeking funding support for the release of our debut album Dissections via New Amsterdam records in Spring 2018. Now entering our fourth season as an ensemble, this album is a document of the group’s first fully-formed artistic statement, consisting of the music from our second show, Dissections. This show features six interconnected pieces that probe the destruction, transformation, and intimacy inherent in peeling away our surfaces. Derived from a collaboratively generated text over numerous workshops, these works trace a line from ornate to bare, taking the scalpel to instruments, gestures, and language. We recorded this music during the summer of 2016 with Ryan Streber at Oktaven Audio, and have worked with composer and producer Will Gardiner to mix and master it, as well as add a layer of subtle electronics throughout the album. We are extremely proud of the record that we made and want to make sure it gets shared as widely as possible.

To do this, we have partnered with New Amsterdam records to release the album. Our music is a combination of conservatory training with elements of jazz, experimental rock, and many other styles, which aligns perfectly with New Amsterdam’s mission of  “promot[ing] classically trained musicians who fall between traditional genre boundaries”. Additionally, as they are a widely respected label with a large roster of artists and have been very successful in drawing widespread media attention and acclaim to their releases, we feel that they are the best choice in getting this music out to the widest possible audience.

We want this album to serve as a calling card for the ensemble that will enable us to reach out to a wider pool of presenters both in and outside of New York City, as well as visual and dramatic artists.  IA focuses on creating large-scale, thematically-unified shows built around both our music and us as humans performing it onstage. We use drama and narrative to frame, expand, and intensify our music and our roles as performers, collaborating with artists in other media to do so. Because of the scale of these productions, IA’s seasons revolve around developing and performing one large-scale show per year in New York, followed by smaller-scale tours of the show outside of the city. By releasing an album representing our best work thus far, we hope to reach out to presenters and collaborators across the country, all of whom are crucial to the development of new, large-scale projects.

Project timeline and progress

New Amsterdam will be releasing the album in Spring 2018, and the music has already been recorded, mixed, and mastered. This grant helps defray the costs of producing album art, physical CDs, and New Am’s label fee, which covers distribution and PR support around the album release and related projects.

Project Media

Fay Wang – Facial Polygraph XV – *excerpt*
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“Facial Polygraph XV” was written by Fay Wang for Invisible Anatomy’s show DISSECTIONS in 2016.

Paul Kerekes – “Pressing Issues” – *excerpt*
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“Pressing Issues” was written by Paul Kerekes for Invisible Anatomy’s show DISSECTIONS in 2016.

Daniel Schlosberg – A Demonstration – *mvmt I*
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“A Demonstration” was written by Daniel Schlosberg for Invisible Anatomy’s show DISSECTIONS in 2016.

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ABOUT INVISIBLE ANATOMY Composer-performer ensemble INVISIBLE ANATOMY (IA) combines diverse musical backgrounds and individual voices to create works of virtuosic physicality and dramatic visual presentation. Practicing composition and performance as interrelated, communal acts, IA has built a repertoire of evening-length, conceptually unified pieces that harness elements from classical, pop, jazz, experimental rock, performance art, and…

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