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Isfahan, A CD of Works for String Quartet


I am planning to release a CD of my chamber works. The name of the CD will be Isfahan and it will contain a series of compositions for string quartet. I plan to record the following works:

Raak (Calligraphy No. 15) for string quartet.

Âshoob (Calligraohy No. 14) for santoor (Persian hammer dulcimer) and string quartet.

Âshoob (Calligraphy No. 14) version for string quartet.

Isfahân (Calligraphy No. 16) for string quartet.

Ormavi, String Quartet No. 4

The the post production costs of the CD will be $5,000.00. I am applying for $3000.00 New Music USA grant to help with the post production costs of the CD.

Start and End Dates



Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Project Created By

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Reza Vali was born in Ghazvin, Persia (Iran) in 1952. He began his music studies at the Conservatory of Music in Tehran. In 1972 he went to Austria and studied music education and composition at the Academy of Music in Vienna. After graduating from the Academy of Music, he moved to the United States and…


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