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John Lindberg & Wadada Leo Smith: Celestial Weather Midwest Duets

Trumpet & Double Bass Conversations From The Heart: The Celestial Weather Tour Is Coming To The Midwest--Get Ready For It!

The Latest Update

Tour Finale

Posted on November 7, 2016 by John Lindberg

The Celestial Weather Midwest Duets tour had its grand finale performance in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Sunday, October 30. It was a very special performance to a highly responsive and diverse audience.

The performance space at Woodland Pattern offered us a terrific intimate setting to present our work in, and the presenter did a wonderful job with handling this event on all levels. The concert was recorded and subsequently broadcast on WMSE-FM.

Posted here is a performance photo, showing a certain perspective from within this great venue.

DownBeat Magazine was there to cover this event. Here is the link to their review of the concert:


This tour was an overwhelming success at every turn. In being part of Edgefest’s 20th anniversary edition in Ann Arbor, John participated in a free community outreach event at Encore Records on Tuesday, October 25 by performing as a special guest of the Detroit-based Malis/Daher Duo. On October 26, John and Wadada performed at the Kerrytown Concert House to a thunderous response. It was a total pleasure to contribute to Edgefest’s 20th anniversary celebration!

We then moved on to Chicago, where we had two stellar evenings at Constellation, on October 28 and 29. For these performances percussionist extraordinaire Mike Reed joined us as a special guest. His contribution added a unique layer of orchestration to the Celestial Weather music, and the musical journeys we took over the four sets we played there were utterly exhilarating for artists and audience alike.

What a wonderful project we were able to experience and share throughout a substantial swath of the Midwest!

Deep gratitude to all the presenters and the audiences (both live and over the air) who took part in this adventure and made this series of performances happen to the fullest!

Many thanks to New Music USA, sponsor Joe Walker, and all the other various supporters and contributors that have helped make this excellent project possible. It is fully appreciated!

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Tour Kicks Off

Posted on October 26, 2016 by John Lindberg

The Celestial Weather Midwest Duets Tour kicked-off with a fantastic performance at LaFontsee Galleries on Sunday afternoon, October 23, in Grand Rapids.

We were very happy to perform in this beautiful, reverberant space, filled with magnificent and diverse visual art. It was perfect for our acoustic musical presentation to this particularly warm and enthusiastic audience.

It was recorded in entirety for future broadcast on Blue Lake Public Radio.

Posted is an image that captured a taste of this extraordinary experience.

Many thanks to Adventure Music, LaFontsee Galleries, New Music USA, and the people of Grand Rapids that took this journey with us.

Tonight we are looking forward to performing on the opening night of Edgefest’s 20th anniversary edition in Ann Arbor.

The Celestial Weather Midwest Duets Tour forges on …

A Tree Frog Tonality

Posted on July 31, 2016 by John Lindberg

This beautiful rendition of John’s piece,  Dreaming At …, highlights the longevity and historic depth of the duet.

Featured on the album John Lindberg Ensemble, A Tree Frog Tonality, between the lines Records (2000).

Looking forward to the Celestial Weather Midwest Tour!


The performer/composers John Lindberg & Wadada Leo Smith have been close collaborators in myriad settings since 1978. In 2015, their first album as a duet was released, Celestial Weather, on TUM Records, to substantial critical acclaim.

To build upon the impact of this release, the duet will be doing  a number of performances in 2016. The Midwest tour performances are in Grand Rapids, MI on October 23, Ann Arbor, MI on October 26,  Chicago, IL,  on October 28 and 29, and Milwaukee, WI on October 30. The Grand Rapids performance, in coordination with LaFontsee Galleries and Adventure Music will be recorded live for subsequent  broadcast on Blue Lake Public Radio. This recording will be done with quality equipment and a professional engineer well-versed in our music, engendering the strong possibility of a future release of a live album by the duet emanating from this performance. On October 25, there will be a pre-Edgefest community outreach event at Encore Record Store in Ann Arbor, where John will participate, with the duet performance at Kerrytown Concert House opening the festival the next day. For the Chicago performances, at Constellation in Chicago, the duet will be joined by special guest percussionist Mike Reed. The Milwaukee performance, in coordination with Woodland Pattern, will also be recorded live, and broadcast one week later, on November 6, on WMSE Radio.

We are making this happen through the support of the concert presenters who want to share this unique and vital project with their audiences, with additional support from the record label, TUM Records.
It is very important for the duet to present our work in these core Midwest cities, where  a significant following for our work has been built up over decades, and there is now a wonderful opportunity to further construct diverse new audiences. Also, this will serve as a tour in support of the new release, engendering further sales, awareness, and distribution of the album. Therefore, the cooperation from the record label that we are receiving will also be core to the wide-ranging success of this compelling project.

It is genuinely rare for artistic collaborations to endure, and be ongoing, for periods of nearly four decades, such as this one. What breathes continued vitality into it, is activity and the constant creation of new ideas to put forth into the world, together. Therein lies a key aspect of this project’s rare and vital importance.

Links for tickets and further performance information:





Project Media

Feathers and Earth, Part II.
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This is the second part of the two part piece that John Lindberg composed especially for the Celestial Weather recording session.
The work is performed by trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith and double bassist John Lindberg.
It was recorded in June, 2012 in New York City.
This sample was chosen as it serves as a prime example of the unique language the duet has developed together as composer/performers over decades.
For a 2-3 minute listening experience, the suggestion is the first two minutes, and then from 3’41” to the end.

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This is a work co-composed work by Wadada Leo Smith and John Lindberg, featuring the composer/performers on trumpet and double bass, respectively.
It was created for the Celestial Weather recording session, which was done in June, 2012, in New York City.
This sample was chosen as it is a fantastic example of the intricate interplay that takes place between the artists as they create within balladic motion.
As this entire piece is three and a half minutes long, the suggestion would be to listen to it all, or up to the 2’27” point.

Wadada Leo Smith & John Lindberg Duo ( Willisau 24 02 2012)
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This video, taken by an audience member and subsequently posted, captured a segment of collective improvisation during a performance in Willisau, Switzerland, in February, 2012.
The performers are Wadada Leo Smith on trumpet and John Lindberg on double bass.
This sample was chosen as it offers a rather unusuaul and random view of the duet, which is intriguing as a moving image with the potential to draw viewers deeper into the overall work of the duet.
The opening 2-3 minutes is suggested for brief viewing.

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Grand Rapids, Michigan

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John commenced his full-time professional career at age sixteen, allowing for total immersion into his work as a performer/composer, subsequently being mentored by the late great bassist David Izenzon. The first public performances of his ensemble compositions began in 1975, and in 1980 he recorded his first album focused on his original music, a collection…

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