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Kettle Corn New Music 2014-15: Sandbox Percussion and Lisa Moore

Dedicated to high-quality concerts in low-key settings, KCNM presents in 2014-15 season, featuring Sandbox Percussion and Lisa Moore

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The reviews are in…

Posted on July 6, 2015 by Kettle Corn New Music

…and Lisa Moore’s program for Kettle Corn New Music, “Moving Mountains”, is a hit!  The New York Times praised Lisa’s “lucid, committed pianism” and had kind words for our featured composers as well!  Our June 6 season closer was a hit with audiences as well, selling out the DiMenna Center’s Cary Hall. 

Kate Moore’s “Sliabh Beagh”, a “trancelike, Glass-influenced reflection on the composer’s Irish-Australian heritage” received its US premiere on our June 4th show in New Haven.  We sat down with Kate as part of our “Composers Eating Kettle Corn” video series- you can watch it here!

Check out the rest of our concert photos here, and stay tuned for concert videos and announcements for next season.

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June shows, and more news

Posted on June 3, 2015 by Kettle Corn New Music

Summer is here, and Kettle Corn New Music’s spring concerts are approaching fast!  In the meantime, we’ve been keeping busy at Kettle Corn New Music! On March 9, we had our first ever gala event, with music, food, a silent auction, and tons of gourmet popcorn.  The highlights of the evening were performances by Lisa Moore and New Morse Code.  Lisa’s set included a preview from her upcoming premiere of Stephen Cabell’s “Three Movements for Piano”, as well as works by Julia Wolfe and Philip Glass.  New Morse Code, who will be featured on our 2015-16 season opener, performed Andy Akiho’s “21.”

We also have two new additions to our Composers Eating Kettle Corn web series.  We sat down with 2014 Pulitzer Prize winner John Luther Adams, whose “Among Red Mountains” will be included on our June 4th and June 6th concerts, featuring pianist Lisa Moore.  Our June concerts will also feature the premiere of “Three Movements for Piano” by New York-based composer Stephen Cabell.  We sat down with Stephen to talk to him about music, life, and kettle corn.

Tickets are now on sale for our June concerts.  In addition to the works by John Luther Adams and Stephen Cabell, the program includes the US premiere of Kate Moore’s “Sliabh Beagh” and Kettle Corn composer Chris Rogerson’s “Noble Pond”.  

Tickets are available for June 4th in New Haven and June 6th in NYC

Tickets are on sale now!

Posted on May 26, 2015 by Kettle Corn New Music

Tickets are now on sale:

June 6th in NYC: https://www.artful.ly/store/events/5960

June 4th in New Haven:  http://firehouse12.com/events.asp?id=182876&seriesid=1111


John Luther Adams (b. 1953) Among Red Mountains (2001)
Chris Rogerson (b. 1988) Noble Pond (2008) NY PREMIERE
Kate Moore (b.1979) Sliabh Beagh (2015) US PREMIERE
Stephen Cabell (b. 1984) Three Movements for Piano (2014) WORLD PREMIERE 1. Murmuration 2. Night Music 3. Everest

Sandbox Percussion at DiMenna

Posted on January 29, 2015 by Kettle Corn New Music

Kettle Corn New Music is excited to announce that our concert opener, featuring Brooklyn-based quartet Sandbox Percussion, was a hit! I Care If you Listen praised Sandbox for their “mix of solid technique, musicality and showmanship”, ensuring  “a hugely enjoyable evening all around.” 

Feast of Music applauded the “vibrant and exotic” programming including David T. Little’s “Speak Softly”, an excerpt from David Lang’s “the so-called laws of nature”, and premieres from Thomas Kotcheff, KCNM co-director Alex Weiser, and Sandbox member Jonny Allen.  The highlight of the evening, though, was Sandbox’s rendition of Steve Reich’s “Drumming” (Part 1).  Check out Sandbox Percussion’s performance of “Drumming” (Part 1) above!

More concert videos are available here.

Full reviews available from I Care If You Listen and Feast of Music.


Kettle Corn New Music is not about any particular musical aesthetic, but instead about the way audiences appreciate and interact with new music. Described by Feast of Music as “…all of the prestige with none of the pomp”, Kettle Corn New Music brings the artistic excellence of New York’s top musicians to a relaxed, welcoming environment. Our goal is to strip away the ritual and ceremony that accompanies many classical concert experiences, allowing our audience to enjoy top-quality live music in the same casual way as they might in their own living rooms. Kettle Corn New Music works with performers to devise dynamic, varied programs that combine newly commissioned works with classics of the 20th and 21st century.  

On September 13, 2014, Kettle Corn New Music presented a concert of new and recent percussion music, featuring Sandbox Percussion.  The concert included premieres by Thomas Kotcheff and Alex Weiser, along with pieces by Steve Reich, David Lang, and David T. Little.  On June 16, 2015, Kettle Corn New Music will be presenting a recital by Lisa Moore, who has been dubbed “New York’s queen of avant-garde piano” by The New Yorker.  This concert will include works by John Luther Adams and Chris Rogerson, as well as the premiere of a new large-scale work by New York composer Stephen Cabell.  Kettle Corn New Music concerts take place at the DiMenna Center’s Cary Hall.  In this flexible space, we are able to put the performers, audience, and the refreshments all on the same level, creating an informal, welcome space without sacrificing acoustic quality.  General admission is affordable at $15, with a discounted price available for students at music schools, focusing on a group that is inherently interested in concerts, but may not have much experience with new music. We have fostered a relationship with Kettle Corn NYC and Brooklyn Brewery, who generously provide kettle corn and beer for our concerts.  When the doors open, we encourage the audience to grab some kettle corn and a beverage and strike up a conversation with the performers or composers in attendance.  

As part of our promotional activities, Kettle Corn New Music is continuing its “Composers Eating Kettle Corn” web-series. The series provides a fun, laid-back spin on the program note, as we sit down with the composers featured on our concerts to discuss everything from the compositional process to favorite snack foods.  The videos let audiences see a more personal side of the musicians involved, and give a glimpse into their art and lives that goes beyond a traditional program note.  “Composers Eating Kettle Corn” provides an access point for new listeners, while still providing insight for seasoned fans. In addition to these videos, we are also documenting rehearsals through videos and photos, inviting our web audience to witness every stage of the creative process.

Project Media

Mad Rush
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Lisa Moore performs Philip Glass’s “Mad Rush”, (Kettle Corn New Music Presents Lisa Moore, March 21st 2013, Spectrum, New York, NY)

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Features: Sandbox Percussion

Sandbox Percussion performs Jason Treuting’s “Extremes” (Vic Firth featured performance)

Now Is The Time
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Emily Cooley’s “Now Is The Time”, performed by Typical Music, (Kettle Corn New Music Presents Typical Music, June 14, 2014, DiMenna Center Cary Hall, New York, NY)

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