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L.A. Signal Lab: "Whisper & Howl"

A genre-defying LA-based composer/performer collective commissions, premieres, and records a program of new works, then hits the road...

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Posted on March 10, 2016 by Noah Meites

Nick DePinna’s “Aqua Corelli” prominently featured the talents of Aperture Duo (Linnea Powell and Adrianne Pope), an exciting new LA-based violin/viola duo, and harmonica virtuoso Ross Garren. 

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Center for New Music Performance: “Coalesce”

Posted on March 10, 2016 by Noah Meites

L.A. Signal Lab’s performance of Dan Marshak’s “Coalesce” at the Center for New Music in San Francisco featured improvised solos from LASL co-founders Hitomi Oba, Nick DeDinna, and Noah Meites. Many thanks to Adam Fong and the crew at C4NM for putting together such a warm welcome and cultivating such a wonderful, creative space! 

Las Positas College Performance: “Your Persuasive Manner”(2015)

Posted on March 10, 2016 by Noah Meites

Maggie Hasspacher brought the house down at LPC with a performance (https://youtu.be/tAMETAmz8gk) of  Noah Meites’s newly commissioned work, “Your Persuasive Manner” based on a text by Jeremy A. Schmidt drawn from 10 years worth of fortune cookies.  

Workshop with Student Composers at Las Positas College

Posted on March 10, 2016 by Noah Meites

One of the real highlights of “Whisper & Howl”  was the opportunity to work with student composers at Las Positas College in Livermore, CA. Three of LASL co-founder Dan Marschak’s students (Lucas Sanchez, Brandon Yim, and James Walker)  wrote new pieces for us to workshop/record in an open setting. For a number of these composers, this reading marked the first time hearing their music performed by live instrumentalists — a truly special experience for all of us! 

Photos from the the workshop

Many thanks to the LPC Music Department for their generous support!!

LA Signal Lab at Las Positas College

Posted on March 10, 2016 by Noah Meites

Thank you, New Music USA, for your generous support of L.A. Signal Lab’s debut program/album/tour, “Whisper & Howl!”  What began in May of 2015 with our debut at Curve Line Space  on Los Angeles’s East Side (featuring the world premieres of four newly commissioned pieces) culminated in late January 2016 with a tour of the Bay Area including a workshop/performance at Las Positas College and a performance at San Francisco’s Center for New Music. Along the way, we recorded and released our debut album, available for digital download now


Founded in 2015 by composer/performers Noah Meites, Dan Marschak, Hitomi Oba, and Nick DePinna, L.A. Signal Lab is a creative music collective dedicated to commissioning, premiering, and recording stylistically diverse new works with a focus on bridging the divide between jazz and classical music. Inspired by the richly diverse musical culture of Los Angeles, Signal Lab strives to bring together L.A.’s varied musical communities through programs that showcase the talents of the city’s most exciting young performers. Recent and future collaborations include performances with Aperture Duo (Linnea Powell and Adrianne Pope), Maggie Hasspacher, Hocket Duo (Sarah Gibson and Thomas Kotcheff), and Ross Garren. L.A. Signal Lab is particularly committed to ensuring the continued life of the new pieces it commissions through recording, touring, and educational outreach while cultivating a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for audiences, performers, and composers.

L.A. Signal Lab’s debut program, “Whisper & Howl” showcases the unique voices of its founding composers through four newly commissioned works. Dan Marschak’s lushly orchestrated Coalesce and Hitomi Oba’s dynamic With Bare Feet both explore the borderline between notation and improvisation in a chamber music setting, while Nick DePinna’s Aqua Corelli re-imagines a sonata by Arcangelo Corelli as an underwater suite for electronics, piano, strings, saxophone, and jazz harmonica. Finally, Noah Meites’s People Find it Difficult to Resist Your Persuasive Manner, a solo piece for bassist/soprano Maggie Hasspacher, sets a text by award-winning Los Angeles poet Jeremy Schmidt based on 10 years worth of fortune cookies fortunes. The program also features the world premiere of a new indeterminate composition for music boxes by violinist Adrianne Pope.

1) Presented in conjunction with Curve Line Space, a community-centered art gallery in Los Angeles’s Eagle Rock neighborhood, L.A. Signal Lab’s debut (5/15/15) features five world premieres. As a integral part of the evening, all of the composers will discuss their work, providing Curve Line Space’s diverse audience of community members, artists, and musicians with insight into the compositional/creative process.

2) A high-quality studio recording of “Whisper & Howl” will support L.A Signal Lab’s core mission of ensuring an extended life for its commissioned works while providing an avenue for LA Signal Lab’s promotional efforts. The recording session (7/28/15-7/29/15) will be held at Grandma’s Dojo studio, a locally owned and operated creative recording studio for jazz, classical, rock, folk, and film music. The album will be available for digital download on Bandcamp and for physical sale at L.A. Signal Lab events.

3) L.A. Signal Lab will go on the road in support of the “Whisper & Howl” album release for performances at the Center for New Music in San Francisco (1/30/16), and Las Positas College (1/29/16). Our visit to Las Positas College (a community college serving the Tri-Valley Communities of Livermore, Pleasanton and Dublin) will include a reading session/workshop with Las Positas student composers. 

Through this multi-stage effort, L.A. Signal Lab will fulfill its vision of commissioning and premiering ambitious work and ensuring that these new pieces enjoy a future beyond their initial performances.

Project Media

Nick DePinna: Aqua Corelli – II. Liqua.largo, 地下水.vivam (2015)
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Features: Nick DePinna

Performed by: Nick DePinna – synthesizers, Ross Garren – piano, fender rhodes, & chromatic harmonica, Hitomi Oba – tenor saxophone, Adrianne Pope – violin, Linnea Powell – viola

Noah Meites: People Find it Difficult to Resist Your Persuasive Manner (2015)
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Features: Noah Meites

Performed by: Maggie Hasspacher – voice and double bass. Text by Jeremy Schmidt

Hitomi Oba: With Bare Feet (2015)
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Features: Hitomi Oba

Performed by: Hitomi Oba – tenor saxophone, Noah Meites – trumpet, Nick DePinna – trombone, Adrianne Pope – violin, Linnea Powell – viola

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Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, California

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Los Angeles, California
Born and raised in the city of Chicago, the music of NOAH MEITES (b. 1982) has been recognized nationally by BMI, SCI/ASCAP, the Max and Gretl Janowski Fund, the Virginia Center for Creative Arts, and the Atlantic Center for the Arts. He has been a featured composer at the Bowdoin International Music Festival/Charles E. Gamper Festival of…

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