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An evening-length work investigating assimilation and identity to reveal how the willing erasure of self serves as a means of renewal.


LAND BRIDGE investigates heritage, assimilation and identity to reveal how the willing erasure of the self may serve as a means of renewal and redirection. Examined abstractly through the lens of caribou, Land Bridge explores both immigrating and migrating forms. What is the impact of arriving and of departing? Joachim created an electroacoustic score that captures an intrinsic human quality paired with unapologetically synthetic sound. Her use of the human voice in song, breath and articulation throughout the score is representative of the importance of language and/or the lack thereof as it relates to cultural identity. The score is a testament to standing softly yet with conviction in all that you are through the varying stages of life.

Project Media

among the newly familiar

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Features: Helen Simoneau

Simoneau’s 2014 creation, AMONG THE NEWLY FAMILIAR, marked a turning point in Simoneau’s choreographic process. The work represents a creative thinking, less focused on literal and practical reasoning, but arising from intuitive and present moment decision making. With a focus on the development of material without judgment, Simoneau found a new sense freedom in the making of her choreographic work. She plans to employ similar strategies in the making of LAND BRIDGE with a cast of nationally and internationally recognized performers.

Life Lines
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Features: Nathalie Joachim

Life Lines is written by Nathalie Joachim and produced and performed by Flutronix. Nathalie Joachim and Allison Loggins-Hull are Flutronix, a critically acclaimed pair of fresh and eclectic flutists performing original music that displays “a unique blend of classical music, hip-hop, electronic programming and soulful vocals reminiscent of neo-R&B stars like Erykah Badu.” – Tad Hendrickson, The Wall Street Journal

Moonlight Parade (for Two)

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Features: Helen Simoneau

During the early stages of creating MOONLIGHT PARADE (FOR TWO) in Montreal, Simoneau met dramaturge Steven Cook who provided pivotal feedback. LAND BRIDGE will mark Simoneau’s first work to employ dramaturgical support with Cook serving as dramaturge. Gordon Olson who designed lighting for MOONLIGHT PARADE (FOR TWO) will create a dynamic lighting schematic for LAND BRIDGE and virtuosic performers Ariel Freedman and Kayla Farrish will be members of the cast.

Start and End Dates



Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Project Created By

Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Helen Simoneau (Choreographer/Director) is a 2021 Guggenheim Fellow and current New York City Center Choreography Fellow. Originally from rural Québec, Simoneau has been recognized as “a Choreographer-on-the-rise” by Dance Magazine. She has received  commissions from The Juilliard School, Oregon Ballet Theatre, the Ailey School, BalletX, the American Dance Festival, among others. She was a resident…

In Collaboration With

Chicago, Illinois
Costume Designer


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