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Love Wounds

Chicago Fringe Opera and Latitude 49 present an exploration on love, grief, and sense of self with new music by Christopher Cerrone


Love Wounds is an immersive collaborative experience with Chicago Fringe Opera and Latitude 49 joining forces to present a theatrical rendering of music for voice and chamber ensemble by Christopher Cerrone. This unique collaboration will mark the beginning of a close relationship between Latitude 49 and Christopher Cerrone, who is joining the group as composer-in-residence and co-artistic advisor. Cerrone, recent winner of the 2015 Rome Prize and a Pulitzer prize finalist for his opera Invisible Cities will be closely involved with Love Wounds, serving as composer/arranger and co-curator. Partnering with Latitude 49 and Cerrone is the Chicago Fringe Opera, known for their adventurous programming and “take no prisoners bravado” (Chicago Tribune).

The proposed evening-length concert will present the world premiere of a new arrangement of Cerrone’s All Wounds Bleed and a performance-pairing of Cerrone’s I Will Learn to Love a Person. A run of performances are anticipated for the 18/19 season presenting universal themes of love, loss, and sense of self in parallel worlds ranging from ancient Greek mythology to our Millennial time.

As we lay the groundwork for Love Wounds, support is needed to cover the costs of adapting All Wounds Bleed from piano score to full sextet, providing video/audio promotional materials, and covering musicians fees necessary to promote the collaboration at a foundational stage. With music and materials in hand, we anticipate gathering collective support and interest from donors and patrons that will ensure the project’s success and cover production costs. Cerrone states: “The chance to orchestrate All Wounds Bleed would be incredible. At the heart of my music is color; more than an effect, it gives life to words and depth to characters. To bring a new sonic depth to the piece will make the work a new and exciting experience for Chicago audiences.”

Tony Asaro, librettist for All Wounds Bleed explains more about the work in relation to the Love Wounds project: “Myth distills the human experience–our triumphs and losses, our virtues and flaws, all that makes us what we are–creating stories through which we are able to reflect upon our condition, and relate to each other. In mythical stories of gods, heroes, nymphs, and mortals, we uncover the essence of what it is to be human. Their stories are both cautionary and sympathetic. Each of the characters demonstrates hubris thinking that it’s possible to manipulate or impede the course of love. As our characters discover, to fight love is folly.”

Cerrone’s I Will Learn to Love a Person similarly captures the human experience, this time seen through the Millennial text of Tao Lin’s poetry.

“The effect of being alone for a very long time

is that I have been thinking hard and learning

about existence, mortality, loneliness, people, society and love; I am afraid

that I am not learning fast enough…” -Tao Lin

Through an innovative collaboration, Love Wounds aims to bring our audiences closer to themselves – to encourage you to learn (faster) about love, pain, people, and your unique existence.





Project Media

Invisible Cities by Christopher Cerrone
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Invisible Cities is an extraordinary example of Christopher Cerrone’s craft and artistry in setting text in provocative ways with mixed ensemble. Performed in an unusual space with multiple collaborators, Invisible Cities brings together opera, theater, dance, electronics, and a chamber ensemble in the stunning art piece described as “the opera of the future” by Wired Magazine and a 2014 Pulitzer Prize finalist.

Chicago Fringe Opera presents In The Penal Colony by Philip Glass
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This short promo clip features Chicago Fringe Opera’s 2016 production of In The Penal Colony by Philip Glass. Presented in partnership with the Lillstreet Art Center and performed in the Center’s Painting Studio, the Fringe Opera’s performance of Penal Colony is one in a string of successful productions of contemporary opera with chamber ensemble in immersive and unconventional spaces.

Latitude 49 and the Attacca Quartet present Fuse by Jared Miller
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Features: Latitude 49

Jared Miller’s Fuse explores the joining of many elements into a single entity. The critically acclaimed Attacca Quartet and Latitude 49 combine in a variety of guises while musical motives and harmonic languages are fused into a gradually changing yet unified organism. Fuse highlights the collaborative spirit of these two dynamic groups, and was premiered in March 2017 at (le) Poisson Rouge.

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