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Luke DuBois Artist Residency and Installation

Using new media to re-invent the live chamber music concert experience.

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Posted on September 19, 2016 by Bowdoin International Music Festival

As we look back on a brilliant 2016 Festival season, Luke DuBois’ collaboration with the Jupiter Quartet remains a highlight of our summer programming. The project was lauded by audience and students not only for its aesthetic beauty and interest but also for its educational content. A member of the Jupiter Quartet, upon witnessing the project’s premiere, remarked that she had never before seen her vibrato in slow motion and that this will be a useful tool for personal and student analysis. The final portrait, a film, was shown twice prior to evening Gamper Festival of Contemporary Music concerts. Many community members, students, and faculty arrived early to the concert hall in order to watch segments of the video, or in many cases, immerse themselves in the complete 30-minute project. The direct collaboration between visual art and music was a welcome addition to the season’s repertoire and has encouraged both the Festival and Bowdoin Colege Museum of Art to pursue future collaborations among artists. Stay tuned for more information about the 2017 season!

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Video excerpt

Posted on August 2, 2016 by Bowdoin International Music Festival

A peek at the final project

Luke’s program note

Posted on August 2, 2016 by Bowdoin International Music Festival
The portrait consists of a thirty minute high definition video of the Jupiter Quartet, filmed at Bowdoin College just days ago. I write three short (~1 minute) pieces for them to play. I then filmed them one at a time performing their parts at 240 frames per second. The video presents an audio recording of each piece at normal speed followed by a video of the performance (with sound) at one tenth normal speed. This allows you to focus on the micromusical gesture over the macromusical form… You can see strings vibrate; vibrato reveals itself to be microtonal; reverberations are expanded; small variations in time spread out as echoes. 
Thanks to the Jupiter for being such lovely folks and amazing players; thanks to Aaron Henderson, my cinematographer; thanks to Anne Collins Goodyear and Frank Goodyear and everyone at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art. And thanks to  Derek and Dan and everyone at the festival  for making this happen. 

A fantastic reception!

Posted on August 2, 2016 by Bowdoin International Music Festival

Audiences were enthralled with Luke DuBois’ “Jupiter Portrait”. Thank you to New Music USA, Luke, and everyone who helped with this superb project!

Filming Complete!

Posted on July 28, 2016 by Bowdoin International Music Festival

Luke DuBois spent the day filming members of the Jupiter Quartet in action. Thank you to the Bowdoin Museum of Art for their assistance in the process! As Luke completes the video editing, the Festival prepares for the installation’s debut this evening at the kickoff concert of the Gamper Festival of Contemporary Music. Check back soon for photos and details about the premiere. For more information, please visit the Festival’s Gamper page


The Charles E. Gamper Festival of Contemporary Music is an annual celebration of new music within the Bowdoin International Music Festival, bringing composers to Maine to work with our students, and to have their works performed. In 2016 we will collaborate with the Bowdoin College Museum of Art to bring composer, performer, and conceptual new media artist Luke DuBois to campus. In addition to a week-long residency at the Festival, Luke will be involved in a year-long partnership with the Museum, culminating in an exhibition to coincide during the Gamper Festival, July 28-31, 2016. The theme for the Festival’s 2016 Season is “Re-Invention,” and Luke will use this concept to re-invent, re-interpret, and re-examine elements of the 52-year old Festival through sonic and video installations at the Museum. With musical training and performance experience as part of his diverse portfolio, Luke is an exciting partner on every level. Coinciding with his installations at the Museum, the Bowdoin Festival will invite Luke to collaborate using new media in a live performance event in the context of our Gamper Festival of Contemporary Music.

The Bowdoin Festival’s record of retaining exemplary composers is long-standing, with Derek Bermel returning as our composer-in-residence next summer. Guest composers in the last two years include Kevin Puts, Chen Yi, Samuel Adler, Sebastian Currier, Vivian Fung, Elliott Schwartz, and Kaija Saariaho. In addition to having their works performed, all of these composers worked with our composition students, gave public presentations about their work, and attended receptions in their honor. The Festival’s composition students also have new works performed during the Gamper Festival on the same programs as those of recognized artists. Performers during this special series of concerts include our resident artist faculty, the top students in attendance, and, where appropriate, the composers themselves. The Gamper Festival takes place at Studzinski Recital Hall on the Bowdoin College campus and attracts hundreds of people to each night of the free-admission concerts.

The Bowdoin Festival and The Bowdoin Art Museum represent outstanding cultural flagships in Maine’s mid-coast region, each drawing thousands of visitors annually. The Museum’s collection includes works from Mesopotamia and ancient Greece through contemporary artists. In addition to the Gamper program, the six-week Bowdoin Festival includes more than 100 concerts and educational programs with faculty, guest artists, and talented students (ages 12 to 29). While much of the Festival’s work draws from the classical chamber music repertoire, contemporary music is interwoven into every music series and program, not just the Gamper Festival. Luke will draw from these rich collections and traditions, bringing in elements of technology and new media as a representation of the way that the live music concert experience is continually being re-invented. Our collaboration will not only open the possibility of substantial and thought provoking artistic interaction but will also expand our reach to engage audiences of both institutions.

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Brunswick, Maine

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Brunswick, Maine
Each summer, the Bowdoin International Music Festival brings more than 325 classical musicians – distinguished artist-instructors, celebrated performers, and gifted students – to Maine from around the world. This renowned annual event encompasses six weeks of intensive individual and chamber-music study, with more than 175 concerts and programs, including the 3-day Gamper Festival of Contemporary…

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