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A work that explodes, deconstructs, and reinvents the acoustic, spatial, idiomatic, and expressive idiosyncrasies of the modern bassoon


Metafagote,  (18 mins) is a musical work for solo amplified bassoon and tape (comprised of 6 pre-recorded bassoons). There will be also a version for solo amplified bassoon and 6 spatialized bassoons. This work will represent the culmination of an ongoing collaboration between bassoonist Rebekah Heller and composer Felipe Lara.

The premiere will take place at The Hideout  (Chicago), April 12, 2015, and many performances will follow (dates/venues tba) in the United States and abroad. The premiere will be presented by the International Contemporary Ensemble. Subsequently, the work will be professionally recorded at Oktaven Audio (Yonkers, NY) and released as the centerpiece of Rebekah Heller’s second solo album (which will also be titled Metafagote).

Metafagote will be a significant addition to the bassoon repertoire.  The bassoon has been sorely underrepresented in the modern canon, and this piece promises to place it squarely in the 21st century.  It will push the boundaries of the instrument and present it to the audience in new and forward-thinking ways; the listener will be placed “inside” the bassoon, with the help of spatialization, “close miking,” and amplification. This will bring forth a variety of subtle nuances, which in turn will crystalize into recognizable musical objects and motifs moving in time and space.

While the work will feature Rebekah Heller as soloist, it will be purposefully designed to generate an expanded and complex quasi-orchestral sound world. This will favor multiple performances, while promoting an enhanced, highly personal, dramatic, and ultimately new experience of the bassoon, an ideal instrument for contemporary music, which has often been overlooked by composers.

The project will take place in nine stages:

1)    Intense experimentation; exploration of unconventional performance techniques; sampling (January  2015)

2)    Cataloguing; selecting bassoon sonorities; pre-composition (February 2015)

3)    Instrumental composition phase (February-March 2015)

4)    Recording of six bassoons to be features in the “tape” part (March 15, 2015)

5)    Production and postproduction  of stereo, quadraphonic, hexaphonic tape part  (March-April 2015)

6)    Premiere performance – The Hideout  – Concert titled “Metafagote” Chicago (April 2015)

7)    Professional recording – Oktaven Audio – Yonkers/NY (September 2015)

8)    Editing/mixing – Oktaven Audio (Septembert 2015)

9)    CD release (December 2015) – Tundra Label

Project Media

Memoria(i)mobile – for orchestra
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Features: Felipe Lara

Netherlands Radio Chamber Philharmonic cond. Peter Eötvös Live at Donaueshinger Musiktage 2010

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Solo bassoon and electronics work by Rand Steiger Rebekah’s live performance at Miller Theater NY

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New York, New York

Project Created By

Jersey City NJ, New Jersey
Praised by the New York Times as “a gifted Brazilian-American modernist”  whose works are “brilliantly realized”, “technically formidable, wildly varied”, and possess “voluptuous, elemental lyricism”, Felipe Lara’s work — which includes orchestral, chamber, vocal, film, electroacoustic, and popular music—engages in producing new musical contexts by means of (re)interpreting and translating acoustical and extra-musical properties of…

In Collaboration With

Solo bassoon
Brooklyn, New York


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