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Echo & Narcissus

A mythic, feature-length, interdisciplinary ballet composed by Aaron Severini with Satellite Collective

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Posted on July 12, 2018 by Aaron Severini

Tickets are now available via the link below for Satellite Collective’s Echo & Narcissus at BAM Fisher! I am thrilled to have composed an original score for this production and have the opportunity to collaborate with actor/director Philip Stoddard, choreographer Norbert De La Cruz III, and the ensemble ShoutHouse (just to name a few). Come check it out!

Tickets: https://www.bam.org/dance/2018/satellitecollective


Scheduled to debut at Brooklyn Academy of Music in the autumn of 2018, Echo & Narcissus will be the 17th interdisciplinary performance work by Satellite Collective since its founding eight years ago. Foregrounded by ballet, the timely reframing of this 4000-year-old myth will engage original musical composition, live chamber performance, visual art, poetry, digital multimedia, unique costuming, and world-class lighting design. The ambition of this project’s scope is matched by the deftness of its team.

It should be noted that, while Satellite Collective has long been inspired by Diaghilev’s Ballet Russes, this production is not a re-staging of “Fetes de Narcisses.” Instead, the myth is being reimagined from the ground up as it applies to our current moment of cultural turbulence and upheaval. Probing themes of identity, ego, love, and madness, the story of Narcissus affords the opportunity to question if we have the capacity to wrench ourselves away from our own reflections or the echo of our own voices.

Drawing inspiration from such diverse sources as Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself,” Ovid’s “Metamorphoses,” and Sigmund Freud, the core creative team is already deep into its innovative collaborative process. By developing all arts verticals concurrently, rather than sequentially, as is the more common tack, Satellite Collective enables each of the collaborators and each of the art forms to influence the others. This means that the look of the production can effect the music, the choreography can influence the story, and the music can direct the visuals. The result is a sensually immersive experience that adds up to more than a sum of its parts.

Funding provided by New Music USA will constitute a small but integral piece of the project budget, helping give Aaron the support and space he needs to compose the longest work of his career. Success means exposing new audiences to cutting edge ballet, stimulating synchronous headway in a variety of art forms, providing emerging artists with a huge opportunity to generate a major work, and to prompt an important public meditation on the psyche of our historical moment.

Project Media

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Features: Aaron Severini

Winner of the Juilliard Composers’ Orchestra Competition, Sleet premiered in 2015 with the Juilliard Orchestra under the direction of Jeffrey Milarsky at Alice Tully Hall, NYC. The tone and structure of Sleet is influenced by Severini’s previous experiences as a dancer with New York City Ballet as well as studying composition at Juilliard. Sleet intertwines characters that depict elements of power, nerve, excitement, anticipation, fear, femininity, masculinity and childlike exuberance.

String Quartet
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Composed in 2016 for choreographer Marcus Willis and commissioned by Satellite Collective, String Quartet debuted at a Satellite showcase at 92nd St Y. One of the goals of the composer, and a common feature found in numerous string quartets, was to give each musician an opportunity to perform independently from the ensemble and together to produce one body of sound. The musical material that forms the piece is abstractly based on and in response to memories from Severini’s adolescence––some high-spirited and others emotionally challenging.

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Features: Aaron Severini

Mr. Severini composed the score for New York City Ballet’s Here/Now Promotional Film. The Spring 2017 Here/Now Festival amasses 43 ballets from 22 choreographers to display NYCB’s unparalleled commitment to new work.

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New York, New York

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New York City, New York
Currently the recipient of a New Music USA Project Grant, Aaron Severini’s journey to a life in music grew out of a career dancing professionally for the New York City Ballet (NYCB). Mr. Severini’s passion for composing—first for choreographers and dance companies—quickly expanded to include music for concert, film, television, and new media. Following his…

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