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Neil Feather Box Set

This box set contains two LPs and a color booklet of the many experimental musical instruments of Neil Feather w/ wonderfully diverse duets


This box set will illuminate the diverse array of experimental musical instruments invented by Neil Feather. Included will be duets with collaborators such as Jason Willet (Half Japanese), M.C. Schmidt (Matmos), Rosie Langabeer (Zircus), Dan Breen, Dan Conrad, Eric Franklin and John Berndt

The box form with booklet is inspired by Harry Partch’s 1971 release of Delusion of the Fury. It included an LP and booklet illustrating each of Partch’s instruments. This box set inspired me and changed my life more than any other work of art.

I humbly follow Partch’s footsteps after 45 years of inventing musical instruments.

Project Media

Composition #5
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Montage of experimental musical instruments by Neil Feather. Order of appearance: Magnapooter, Apex Roto Zither, Twin Pies, Hoon and Contraption, Idiot Sex Machine, Nondo, Wiggler, Melocycle, Thunderwheel

A Glow Within The Piney Woods
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Neil Feather- invented instruments Vibrowheel, Melocycle, Magnapooter
Rosie Langabeer- Wurlitzer Theater Organ
Recorded in September 2016 at Macy’s Department Store in Philadelphia PA.
Vibrowheel: Small motors generate audio signals as they spin past guitar pickups.
The motors generate an audio signal as they spin past the guitar pickups.
Melocycle: Bicycle based instrument with 16 strings and 4 pickups.

Willet/Feather Magnapooter
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Neil Feather- Magnapooter: a free-spinning flywheel sends magnets past a magnetic switch. This causes a 9vdc. pulse directly to a speaker. The speakers are modified with resonant tubes or objects to change the sound.

Jason Willet- Turtable, Cocoquantus: electronic instrument invented by Peter Blasser

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Baltimore, Maryland

Project Created By

  Neil Feather is an inventor and performer of experimental musical instruments. The instruments combine strings, springs, magnets, motors, flywheels, electromagnetic pickups, bicycles, bowling balls and other matter to explore the sounds of unlikely physical events. He has performed hundreds of concerts across the United States, Canada and New Zealand. He has created numerous site-specific…

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