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Creation/performance of a new quartet of 20 minutes length for the Arditti and JACK quartets with 8 channels of electronic sound.

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Netivot concert video

Posted on December 7, 2017 by David Felder

concert video of first performance of the work with video on March 31, 2017, Arditti Quartet, Buffalo, NY

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first perf

Posted on January 11, 2017 by David Felder

live recording from concert! next performance march 31, 2017 with video by elliot caplan!


I will compose an extended string quartet of about 20 minutes for the Arditti Quartet and the JACK Quartet that will be written between 2015 and the end of 2016, and will be premiered first in June 2016 and March/April, 2017, and eventually by both quartets, first in Buffalo, New York, and on tours around the world subsequently.  The work will be recorded  for Albany where I have recently been producing surround recordings of my works with electronics.

It is a rare opportunity indeed to be asked to write a third quartet for the world-renowned Ardittis. The group has been directly responsible for the creation of some of the world’s most significant  contemporary string quartets and it is a great honor for me to be able to continue the work that we have been doing since 1987. The sheer virtuosity and incredible musicianship of both of these quartets and the wondrous transparency of the medium itself are fantastic opportunities for the creation, presentation and transformation of musical materials — they offer unparalleled accuracy and immediacy. The usage of electronic elaboration  provides the ability to examine the materials made by the musicians in micro- and macroscopic ways that will yield new expressive terrain. The process of ‘trying out’ the materials with the musicians and in the studio as the work is composed always yields the most interesting and expressive forms and pieces for me.

Many have wondered about the next generation of quartets and the possibility of the continuation of the incredible work done by the Ardittis. Fortunately for the contemporary musical community, the electrifying emergence of the JACK Quartet onto the international scene has provided a fantastic answer to this question.

The opportunity to write my new work for these groups and with the usage of electronic elaboration, by comparison with my two earlier quartets, is the most natural and important opportunity for my creative engagement over the next few years.  The work will be played for the June in Buffalo Festival, a gathering of emerging composers from around the world, and on tours and in festivals around the world by the two groups. Recording and publication ensure the widest distribution that is possible – including video recording – and broadcast/streaming possibilities.

Project Media

Stuck-stuecke mvts 10-14
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Features: David Felder

This work was composed for the Arditti String Quartet in 2007-8 and recorded by them on Albany 1153. In this example from a live performance, performed by JACK Quartet in June 2013, a little less than the second half of the work is presented. The work is a series of shorter movements (14 in all) of compressed expression arranged in a cyclic sequence with both insistent local repetition and discontinuous transformation of 3 primary elements across the span of the 20 minute work.

Mvt 4 of Les Quatres Temps Cardinaux (2013)
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Features: David Felder

Les Quatre Temps Cardinaux — Movement 4 (of 12)

This example presents the approach used in a very recent large musical form (12 movements + 4 interludes – 52 minutes duration). This movement is for chamber orchestra and baritone and is given as a recent example of my writing in a small section within a large form.

Les Quatres…Mvt 6
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Features: David Felder

orchestra with electronics demonstating approach to integrate electronics within ensemble in a recent work, 2013/4.

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Buffalo, New York

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Last update on December 7, 2017

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East Aurora, New York
David Felder has long been recognized as a leader in his generation of American composers. His music has been characterized by its lyrical qualities, energetic  virtuousic presentation, and usage of electronics to elaborate and extend materials derived from acoustic sound imagery.  Among numerous awards are two Koussevitzky commissions, two Fromm Foundation commissions, Guggenhiem, NYFA, Rockefeller…

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Jack String Quartet


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