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New Work Celebrates Seasons of the Catskill Mountains

Sullivan County Chamber Orchestra commissions new work, “Four Seasons of Sullivan County,” joining music and visual arts.

The Latest Update

World Premiere of Nancy Wegrzyn’s “Four Seasons of Sullivan County” with Paintings by Laurie Kilgore

Posted on July 2, 2019 by Nesin Cultural Arts

Sullivan County Chamber Orchestra (SCCO) premiered a newly commissioned work “Four Seasons of Sullivan County” by Nancy Wegrzyn. The 12-movement tone-poem composition was paired with a set of five oil paintings by Laurie Kilgore. Realized through this unique multimedia program, SCCO and artists Nancy Wegrzyn and Laurie Kilgore reflect upon the beauty of the seasonal landscape of Sullivan County. 

Also on the program was Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons,” inspired by the beauty of his home in Mantua.

The premiere was held June 8, 2019 at Nesin Theatre, Monticello, NY and brought a full and enthusiastic audience. A second performance was held on June 9, 2019 at Tusten Theatre, Narrowsburg, NY presented by Delaware Valley Arts Alliance as part of their Spring Cultural Series. 

Below is a comment from Barry Plaxen, Publisher of Delaware & Hudson CANVAS.

“The world premiere of Nancy Wegryzn’s new composition, “Four Seasons of Sullivan County”, at the Sullivan County Chamber Orchestra concert on June 8, 2019, was thrilling to listen to due to the composer being a beloved community member. Wegryzn’s work was quite stirring with its beautiful, expressive melodies, rhythmic variety and emotionally affecting harmonies, all enhanced by Wegryzn’s imaginative voicing. It was the perfect complement to Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”, with both similar and contrasting musical qualities, yet highly impressive in its own special way. I can’t wait to hear it performed again.”

Nesin Cultural Arts and Sullivan County Chamber Orchestra are extremely grateful to New Music USA for this grant, providing us with the opportunity to bring this project to fruition. We are excited to see where it will go from here! 

We have included a sample of the premiere performance of  Nancy Wegrzyn’s “Four Seasons of Sullivan County” by Sullivan County Chamber Orchestra.

Narrator: Zach Gibson

Part 1 – Summer

June (Ten Most Beautiful Days)

July (Bullfrog’s Lullaby)

August (Traffic)


Three of the five oil paintings by Laurie Kilgore

Sunset on Kauneonga Lake, NY

Ten Mile River in Town of Tusten, NY

Winter at Basha Kill, Town of Mamakating, NY

We hope you enjoy! Follow us on social media @sccoplayers

More Updates ▼

First reading of “June” from “Four Seasons of Sullivan County”

Posted on November 9, 2018 by Andrew Trombley

On October 27th members of the Sullivan County Chamber Orchestra and guest violinist, Daniel Phillips (Orion Quartet) read through the first movement of “Four Seasons of Sullivan County” entitled “June” with Visual Artist – Laurie Kilgore and Composer – Nancy Wegrzyn present. 

Artistic Director Andrew Trombley sat down with Visual Artist – Laurie Kilgore and Composer – Nancy Wegrzyn to talk about the impact that this commission will have on Sullivan County, their reaction to hearing the music live for the first time, as well as their favorite seasons of Sullivan County. Music starts 14 minutes into the video,

We’re looking forward to hearing the rest Nancy! 

Collaborative Visual Artist Laurie Kilgore is selected for the Hudson Valley Plein Air Festival

Posted on September 20, 2018 by Andrew Trombley

Fantastic news for our Visual Artist Laurie Kilgore for being selected for the Hudson Valley Plein Air Festival. 

This festival has been acclaimed by Hudson Valley Magazine & the Times Herald Record for it’s efforts to attract cultural tourism through the support professional artists and offering classes and apprenticeships to develop adult & child budding artists. The exhibit will be held October 14th at 3 PM in SUNY Orange at 24 Grandview Ave, Middletown, NY.

The sketches have started  and Nancy (our composer) and Laurie will be traveling around the county to find inspiration at the source. Can’t wait to see the results! 

For more information and Laurie and all of the artists selected for this exhibit go to. 





World Premiere of The Fantasy Creatures – Three Miniatures for String Orchestra & Pianos

Posted on September 16, 2018 by Andrew Trombley

Sullivan County Chamber Orchestra Violist & Composer in residence  – Nancy Wegrzyn, composed the Fantasy Creatures in 2001 for a student ensemble at the Monticello High School, and revised it in 2005 for a second ensemble that included SCCO Bassist and Artistic Director, Andrew Trombley. After becoming enamored the the sounds and colors that was in Nancy’s music, Andrew approached her with the idea of re-orchestrating the Fantasy Creatures. Nancy adapted the work for a professional ensemble and The Fantasy Creatures was a favorite of SCCO patrons. 

The Fantasy Creatures – Composed by Nancy Wegrzyn 

I. Mermaids Counting the Rocks

II. The Unicorn who lost her horn

III. March of the Three-Legged Toy Soldier


Regional new paper spreads the news to our county residents and beyond!

Posted on August 23, 2018 by Andrew Trombley

NCA & SCCO were so happy to find a lovely featured article in our Sullivan County Democrat Newspaper spreading the word of our project! With a great photo of Nancy Wegrzyn (Composer,) Andrew Trombley (Artistic Director,) and Laurie Kilgore (Visual Artist,) the article goes into great detail of our project and the impact we can leave on our community and the arts through the premier of “Four Seasons of Sullivan County.” 

Composer Meets Visual Artist

Posted on June 16, 2018 by Nesin Cultural Arts

Creative sparks were flying as our composer, Nancy Wegrzyn and visual artist, Laurie Kilgore had their first vision meeting for “Four Seasons of Sullivan County.” They shared their artistic processes, timelines, visions and goals. Each went away from the meeting inspired by the other’s passion for this project.  

Canvassing the Project

Posted on June 3, 2018 by Nesin Cultural Arts

Today we shared the news our grant with Visual Artist, Laurie Kilgore whose excitement fueled a productive discussion in sculpting our project. Her creative mind is reeling and she can’t wait to start canvassing and researching the beautiful places that she will use for inspiration in creating this body of work. Experiencing our home through her eyes will be like seeing this beautiful landscape for the first time. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter at @sccoplayers 


Nesin Cultural Arts Inc. (NCA) requests $5260 from New Music USA for the commission of a new work by composer, Nancy Wegrzyn, titled “Four Seasons of Sullivan County.” The work will be premiered by our professional Sullivan County Chamber Orchestra (SCCO) in June 2019.

NCA was founded in 2011 in Sullivan County, an underserved community. NCA believes the arts bring all facets of the community together and contribute to a viable renaissance. The SCCO, a NCA supported project, commissioned Nancy Wegrzyn to compose the four-movement work to be premiered by the 11-piece orchestra. The work will reflect the beauty of the seasonal landscape of Sullivan County. The project will include a collaboration with visual artist Laurie Kilgore who will create four paintings based on the new work. Nancy Wegrzyn and Laurie Kilgore are award-winning artists who live and work in our community.  The composition and paintings will be premiered in two locations: June 8, 2019 at Nesin Theatre, Monticello and June 9, 2019 at Tusten Theater, Narrowsburg, NY. Locations will serve a diverse audience and increase accessibility. Performances are open to the public and expected to reach an audience of 300, inclusive of students who receive free tickets. The premiere performance will be recorded with a subsequent patch session by recording engineer, Peter Weitzner. The recording and paintings will be available for purchase and on loan to local venues.

NCA & SCCO share the philosophy that all music should be performed, including standard repertoire by the early masters; works of the 20th & 21st century; and new compositions. SCCO Artistic Director, Andrew Trombley chose his former teacher, Nancy Wegrzyn for this commission because of her 35-year impact on the community as an educator and composer. Historically, seasonal changes and landscapes have inspired artists of all disciplines. The project will draw on this inspiration to execute the shared mission of NCA and the SCCO. The project will:

  • Foster cultural awareness using the beauty of our community’s natural landscape.
  • Develop partnerships with professional artists, Nancy Wegrzyn, composer and violist of Newburgh Symphony, Andrew Trombley (Artistic Director/bassist of SCCO) and Laurie Kilgore visual artist and community organizations (Tusten Theater)
  • Inspire a renaissance through employment opportunities for professional artists and develop community pride through a focus on Sullivan County landscape.
  • Elevate the quality of life by providing a high quality artistic experience that integrates music and visual arts.
  • Make the arts accessible by providing multiple performances and a multi-media presentation.

We need your financial assistance to fund our composer, Nancy Wegrzyn to compose “Four Seasons of Sullivan County” and recording engineer, Peter Weitzner. Our secured support from NYSCA, Sullivan County Legislators and the community will allow this work to be performed and available throughout our county and beyond.



Project Media

Fantasy Creatures, Movement III (SCORE) by Nancy Wegrzyn
Features: Nancy Wegrzyn

Nancy Wegrzyn’s “Fantasy Creatures”a 3 movement work was commissioned by The Weekend of Chamber Music (WCM) for student interns & subsequently performed by WCM artists. A graduate of SUNY Fredonia, she studied music composition with Drs. Walter S. Hartley and Donald Bohlen. Past commissions include the Delaware Valley Arts Alliance, Delaware Valley Opera, Monticello Central School District, Fallsburg Central School District & American Virtuosi. These commissions have included several “Meet the Composer” Grants from the NYS Council on the Arts.

Sullivan County Chamber Orchestra performs Benjamin Britten: Simple Symphony, Op. 4
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Features: Marina Lombardi

Benjamin Britten’s simple symphony is an early composition by one of the 20th century’s most influential composers. His infusion of styles and techniques from the old masters with his innovative voice parallels SCCO’s belief in pairing old master works with original compositions. This recording is from a live performance of the SCCO from January 2017 performed in Monticello and Callicoon, NY.

Sullivan County Chamber Orchestra with soloist JP Jofre premiering his work, “Tangodromo”
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SCCO premiered “Tangodromo” by JP Jofre in June 2017. Jofre is an award winning bandoneon player and composer who has been repeatedly highlighted by the New York Times and praised as one of today’s leading artists by Great Performers at Lincoln Center. He expressed, “The SCCO is a top world class orchestra that features some of today’s leading performers and it was a pleasure collaborating with them on this world premiere.” This recording is from a live performance in Monticello, NY and a second performance followed in Narrowsburg, NY.

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Founded in 2011, Nesin Cultural Arts (NCA) is located in Sullivan County, a diverse, historically underserved community in an area with rural and urban problems (severe poverty, lack of transportation & parental supervision, geographic isolation). NCA recognizes the need to bring arts to the community & be inclusive of all. NCA believes the arts uniquely…

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Artistic Director, Sullivan County Chamber Orchestra
New York, New York
Visual Artist
Monticello, New York
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