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No Seasons: A Post-Climate Change Take on Vivaldi

The Shattered Glass Ensemble and composer Trevor Bumgarner join to create a new post-climate change response to Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons"


No Seasons is an 18 minute, single movement work by composer Trevor Bumgarner for the string ensemble Shattered Glass, to be premiered at Pioneer Works in January of 2020. Trevor began the work in the fall of 2018 with the I-Park Foundation General Artist Residency and will begin to workshop the piece beginning in Spring of 2019. In addition to the performance, this event could include an exhibition of work by Pioneer Works visual artists and a discussion panel featuring artists, scientists, and musicians, all related to the environmental topics of the project. The poet Farnaz Fatemi, who he collaborated with at the I-Park Foundation, will create an accompanying sonnet to No Seasons, a parallel to Vivaldi’s own Four Seasons sonnet written in the original score. Support from New Music USA would immeasurably increase the scope and reach of the project.


About the Project

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons has been recontextualized by Bach, Rousseau, Piazzolla, Max Richter, Philip Glass, and DJ Tiesto (to name a few), as well as performed across a global range of instruments including the accordion, Chinese pipa, Inuit throat singing, electric guitar, and the earliest Windows computer. It cannot be left out that the first person to start this trend of Four Seasons adoptions was Vivaldi himself, rescoring “Spring” for an opera. Vivaldi addressed the seasons in 18th century Europe. Piazzolla depicted the seasons in 20th century Argentina. We will portray New York City in the 24th century.

What is going to happen to the seasons when we cross these mildly abstract global heat thresholds? It’s projected that the variability of temperatures between seasons, which organisms use to experience over a full year, is slowly becoming a daily occurrence. “The findings show that no place is safe from Climate Change.” What would we find on a gingerly stroll 300 years from now when there are no seasons? What exactly would that sound like? Trevor and the Shattered Glass ensemble are on a mission to answer that question.

No Seasons can be performed on its own or paired as a compliment to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons on the same program! By attaching it to a widely recognized piece, it will have a greater chance to spark discussion about climate change.


The Shattered Glass Ensemble

“Shattered Glass is a New York based conductor-less string ensemble that fuses the beauty and precision of a classical orchestra with the raw energy of the present.”

Note from the Ensemble – “We are dedicated to fostering creativity and innovation by collaborating with emerging composers and performing new works. No Seasons fits neatly into our mission and complements our programming, connecting our oldest repertoire to our newest. We are ecstatic to continue working with Trevor on No Seasons and hope that New Music USA can be a part of this relationship. These additional funds would allow us to focus on advancing the work, increasing flexibility and opportunities to further the vision and scope of the project.”

Project Media

No Words – for Violin / Voice / Electronics – (one or two performers)
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Features: Trevor Bumgarner

Program Notes:
Across the world, lullabies are often used to pass down cultural knowledge and traditions. In the wake of the Parkland shooting, unfortunate yet unforgettable memories outpoured from friends, family, and classmates of those children and teachers who were lost. This is our unwanted tradition.

Performers: Ariel Horowitz
Choreography: Jesse Obremski
Dancers: Terrence Diable and Michael Greenberg
Video produced by The Roof Films

Performed Live at the 2018 Dumbo Dance Festival

(cues: 2:40-End)

Everything Went Quiet – for Mezzo Soprano, String Trio, Percussion, and Electronics
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Features: Trevor Bumgarner

Program Notes:
Dedicated to the victims and all those affected by Columbine, Wakefield, Red Lake, Virginia Tech, Fort Hood, Aurora, Santa Monica, Florida State, Sandy Hook, and any mass murder tragedy. The one parallel between all of these events is the thoughts of the survivors within the moment. Light, calm, silence, the slow passage of time, and prayer, all woven together in the final moments when everything went quiet.

Performers: Mary O’Neill, Wyatt Underhill, Jennifer Choi, Natasha Galitzine, Tony Guarino

(cues: 2:30-3:30, 6:00-End)

Transition Behavior performed by Shattered Glass Ensemble
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This composition by Pascal Le Boeuf is just one of the many commissions and performances by the Shattered Glass Ensemble. They are dedicated to fostering creativity and innovation by collaborating with emerging composers and performing new works. The music video is produced by the acclaimed Four/Ten Media. A video will be created for the No Seasons Project

Start and End Dates



New York, New York

Project Created By

Los Angeles, California
From North Carolina, Trevor Bumgarner is a composer who seeks out collaboration. Recent projects include the New York City Ballet’s Choreographic Institute, arrangements and orchestrations for several Off-Broadway shows, and scoring a variety of films including Couch for Sale and Wandered Off. Trevor is a teaching artist with Juilliard, Young Composers and Improvisers Workshop, and…

In Collaboration With

Performing Ensemble
New York, New York


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