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Old Text Woven New

A concert experience celebrating Shakespeare, mythology, and fantasy, "Old Text Woven New" is the Lunar Ensemble's spring showcase.

The Latest Update

Old Text Woven New: Success!

Posted on September 29, 2015 by

Our season kickoff was a huge success! 

Check out some clips of the performance here

We’re gearing up to launch our Happy Hour series in Baltimore, starting with the music of Jason Eckardt- if you’re in town, join us!

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Support Lunar Ensemble: Triple-Dip!

Posted on September 15, 2015 by

Our first concert, “Old Text Woven New”, is just around the corner.  Players arrive in Baltimore tomorrow to begin rehearsals together, and David Passmore is on his way to Baltimore to join Douglas Buchanan behind the table at rehearsals. We are thrilled to launch our season fundraiser in the midst of this excitement!


Visit our Indiegogo campaign to watch our video and get to know us, hear about our exciting season, and pick a fabulous perk!

Season Lauch and our first concert!

Posted on September 5, 2015 by

Lunar Ensemble is proud to annouce their 2015-2016 residency at the Baltimore War Memorial!

“Old Text Woven New” will open the season on Sept 18, and we’ll continue with a Pitcher Perfect Happy Hour series, in which we explore the music of local composers over a drink or two. We finish up with “The Trials of Service”, with a new commission by local composer Joshua Bornfield. 

In Baltimore? Join us!

Poe in Baltimore – a foray into text and music

Posted on May 5, 2015 by


We’ve been thinking about new ways to explore the music in which we’re interested, and we’re excited to present something new for us this Friday in Baltimore: “Poe-Parie”!

A salon evening weaving together the poetry of Edgar Allen Poe and music of Debussy, Ravel, Messaien, Poulenc, Dutilleux and others, Lunar will explore the fascination that 20th-century Paris had with our very own Poe. This American Romantic sparked the creativity of a generation of French poets- Baudelaire, Mallarme and Verlaine especially – and they, in turn, shaped the music of a generation of French composers.

With Professor Ned Sparrow as Mr Poe himself, the evening promises to explore the intersections of this text and music in new and invigorating ways.  Watch this space for video and other updates! And if you’re in Baltimore — we hope to see you!

Venue! Date! Music!

Posted on March 19, 2015 by

Dearest followers: 

We are so very pleased to announce that we’ve set a date with the beautiful new venue in Baltimore at the War Memorial!

On September 14, 2015, we’ll be in the Hall with the War Memorial Arts Initiative, a new concert series in a historic space.  David Passmore’s Sonnet settings and Douglas Buchanan’s Prospero Variations will be heard for the first time in the excellent, resonant acoustic there.

Be sure to like the War Memorial Arts Initiative on Facebook; follow us on Facebook and Twitter, too, as we finish out a great spring season and begin preparations for this exciting project!

Meanwhile- a shot of our gents in Miami, where they’re about to finish up a residency at the Frost School!

Wheels are turning!

Posted on February 4, 2015 by

First of all, Lunar is thrilled to be in such illustrious company as a grantee of New Music USA this cycle. We hope our followers check out the other incredible artists featured on this site.

Receiving this grant meant we could move ahead with more concrete plans for this project, and in these weeks, we are working on finalizing our program, venue, and dates.  We’re busy perusing scores from David and Douglas, and hope to post more information in the coming weeks!


In honor of the ongoing Shakespeare festivities (2014 and 2016 both being centenary years), the Lunar Ensemble will present “Old Text, Woven New” in Baltimore, MD, in their 2015-2016 season.

In keeping with Lunar’s mandate, which is to effectively engage and challenge audiences through creative programming and inspiring performances, the concert will take the audience through a journey of mythological narratives, evoked by three solo instruments.  A proponent of music by living composers, the Lunar Ensemble actively promotes and cultivates the careers of emerging composers not only through performance, but also through short- and long-term residencies. Thus, the second half of the concert consists of the product of two unique collaborations: one with composer-in-residence Douglas Buchanan, and one with Canadian composer David Passmore.

Both composers have arranged previously composed works for the pierrot instrumentation, thus reimagining the stories therein through the lens of a diverse instrumentation.  David Passmore’s “My Mistress’ Eyes” is a quirky, unconventional take on traditional musical expectations, just as the “Dark Lady”sonnets of Shakespeare he has chosen are quietly subversive of the genre. Passmore deflty captures the humour and the passion in Shakespeare’s words through changing meters, dense, active instrumentation, and polytonality, not to mention lively and evocative vocal lines.

Douglas Buchanan’s “Ariel’s Tempest” was a commission from the Peabody Conservatory for their outreach program.  Beautifully, lushly scored, librettist Roger Brunyate ingeniously adapts and abridges “The Tempest” for the stage, distilling the drama and providing a narrative loss for young audiences.  In “Prospero Variations”, Buchanan excerpts some of his most beautiful passages for the pierrot instrumentation, bringing the stormy world of Prospero, Ariel, and Miranda, and Ferdinand to life.

The concert takes place in the Lunar Ensemble’s home for the season, The Baltimore War Memorial, a stunning space for new music.  The Lunar Ensemble has always been committed to engaging their home audience with innovative projects, and to promoting and cultivating the work of the exceptional composers with whom they choose to work.  In Passmore and Buchanan, they bring their Baltimore public two singular voices exploring well-loved and familiar words through a refreshingly modern lens.


Old Text Woven New

PROGRAM CHANGE: John Harbison: Songs America Loves to Sing


Doug Buchanan: Prospero Variations 

David Passmore: Dark Lady Sonnets 

Project Media

moments colores by Faye Chiao

I'm sorry, this media seems to be unavailable.


This is an example of Lunar’s versatility of styles. It was premiered in 2012 by Danielle Buonaiuto, the soloist for the proposed concert of April 24. Especially interesting vocally is the third movement, done in a quasi-parlando cabaret style, and the second movement, which shows Buonaiuto’s ability to meld classical styl eand technique with an approachable, folklike sound, all necessary elements for the Passmore piece proposed.

Frigia by Emily Koh

I'm sorry, this media seems to be unavailable.


frigia is inspired by the changing foliage of the New England fall and winter, and is set to text written by the composer. The music’s noir and psychedelic qualities, painted in part by the low soprano writing and the juxtaposition of microtonal and diatonic clusters in the instrumental ensemble, are a reflection on the composer’s reinterpretation of beauty. Recorded in 2012, it is an example of Lunar’s capabilities in more avant-garde vocabularies. Written for almost a full complement of players, this highlights Lunar’s ensemble and sound.

Eingang by Douglas Buchanan
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Features: , Douglas Buchanan

Commissioned in 2012 by the Lunar Ensemble for the Pierrot Centenary Project, Eingang was written by Douglas Buchanan as part of the Pierrot Centenary Project, which united all 50 poems in Pierrot Lunaire in celebration of the Schoenberg piece’s 100th anniversary. Eingang is a great example of Buchanan’s idiomatic and dramatic writing for the voice.

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