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Omaha Under the Radar 2020

An annual festival for new music, dance, theater, and performance in Omaha, NE that celebrates artists living and working in the Midwest.


Omaha Under the Radar is a contemporary performance and live, time-based arts presenter in Omaha, NE. We support independent artists with curated performances and educational workshops throughout the city of Omaha. Omaha Under the Radar emerged from a desire to support innovative performers and creators living and working in the Midwest, and to connect this community to other performance communities throughout the United States.We work to represent a multiplicity of genres, ideas, and identities through performances, talks, group discussions and educational opportunities.

Our flagship event is the annual Omaha Under the Radar Festival, which will be held from July 15-18, 2020. Since the first festival, held in 2014, the festival has presented over 400 individual artists of divergent backgrounds and disciplines. Events are held at several primary venues every year, including Joslyn Art Museum, KANEKO, The Slowdown, The Jewell, Bemis Center for Contemporary Art, Bancroft Street Market, OutrSpaces and more.

The 2020 Festival will feature 35 acts from around the United States, with more than half of the acts hailing from Omaha and the surrounding region. The public announcement of artists will not take place until after this grant application, so artists will be listed in the private description.

Our 2020 festival will also include a unique collaboration between local Omaha writers, festival performers, members of the Omaha Symphony, and our SOUNDRY Workshop. The annual workshop, which takes place during the festival, will pair local composers with writers from the “Seven Doctors Project” and performers who will workshop a new piece as part of the festival events.

Overall, the festival will include more than a dozen events spread over 4 days.

Now in its 7th season, Omaha Under the Radar has been consistently showcasing artists from Nebraska and connecting them with artists from around the United States since 2014, and we can see the impact of that community building. We have worked tirelessly to develop a local audience for this work, and have fostered an intrepid network of artists, audiences, and venues. Through our performances and workshops, we create opportunities for artists to discover their own unique place in the performance world. New local projects, venues, and ensembles have formed because of our support,

Our goal is to continue building those regional connections and bolstering our artistic community, allowing artists in our region to receive the accolades they deserve, and making Omaha an important city in the broader artistic landscape.


Project Media

Omaha Under the Radar 2016 Recap
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Short clips from the 2016 Omaha Under the Radar Festival
Video by Philip Kolbo

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Omaha, Nebraska

Project Created By

Omaha, Nebraska
Amanda DeBoer Bartlett is an experimental singer and presenter based in Omaha, Nebraska. She is a member of Ensemble Dal Niente, and is a co-founder and member of Quince Ensemble. She is half of Hasco Duo, and experimental improvisation and songwriting project. In 2014, she founded Omaha Under the Radar, an experimental performance presenter and festival. …

In Collaboration With

Education director and co-organizer
Omaha, Nebraska
Technical director
Chicago, Illinois


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