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OME Marathon Concert

A 10 hour Marathon Concert of musically engaging experiences.

The Latest Update

3rd and 4th Annual Marathon Concerts – Success!

Posted on June 20, 2017 by Oh My Ears

Hi! We just wanted to give an update on our Annual Marathon concert that happens every January in Phoenix, AZ. As you can see from our project, we had our 3rd Annual concert back in 2016. This January (2017) we had our 4th! We are proud to say our representation of female composers is over 40% and we expect to raise that in 2018. 

We’re doing one more thing in 2018- we’re switching to full-blown festival format!! Look out for our 2018 applications which will be available in mid-July (2017). 

Thanks, NMUSA! 

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2017 Marathon App

Posted on July 7, 2016 by Oh My Ears

We are accepting applications for those interested in performing in next year’s Marathon Concert. The application and information can be found HERE

Thanks and OME 2017 Marathon

Posted on July 1, 2016 by Oh My Ears

We are grateful and excited to be a New Music USA awardee, along with so many other great projects. The OME team is eagerly planning and fundraising for the 2017 Marathon Concert. Please checkout our website or follow us on Facebook for more details, or if interested in performing.


The 3rd annual Oh My Ears Marathon Concert continued the tradition of providing a 10-hour program of musical experiences designed to engage the Phoenix Metro community. The concert took place in the 200 seat Nesbitt-Elliott Playhouse at Mesa Arts Center. The OME Marathon features performances of new and experimental music as well as innovative features such as Musical Maps and Meet the Audience.

Musical Maps are a creative form of expression combining music listening with visual art. During a portion of the concert, OME provides art supplies and paper for attendees interested in creating a musical map to reflect their experiences as they listen to the music. Audience members are encouraged to post their maps to Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites with a hashtag for others to view during the concert.

Meet the Audience successfully premiered at the 2016 Marathon with featured sound artist, Josh Bennett. The OME team worked with Josh to create and document an experience that is part performance, part discussion, and part audience interaction. In the weeks prior to the Concert, the audience was invited to upload short audio recordings through the OME website. Then, Josh Bennett composed an original work based on the audience input. The segment will concluded with the sound artist presenting the newly created musical work, and meeting the audience for an open discussion about the creative process.

The 2016 Marathon took place on January 23rd from 12-10 pm and featured the following musical artists and collaborators:

LORKAS The student-run Laptop Orchestra of Arizona State exploring laptop and DIY interfaces as means of ensemble performance.

Joe Perez and the ASU Contemporary Percussion Ensemble presenting Michael Gordon’s Timber. Joe Perez also made a special solo performance of Mark Applebaum’s Aphasia.

ASU Society of Composers Inc. presenting exclusive performances of student compositions.

Exit 128 University of Missouri’s chamber orchestra made a tour stop to performing pieces from  Images from Macondo.

Driftwood Quintet played a diverse set of original arrangements for reed quintet, providing music for Musical Maps portion of the concert.

Gulch forged powerful soundscapes by manipulating guitar feedback, choreographing drum machines, digital delays, and sequencers, and re-processing and re-synthesizing through laptop patches.

Orange Crunsh an electric guitar duo provided captivating set of Steve Reich inspired minimalist compositions.

Holly Pyle vocalist, composer, and improviser performed solo with an amazing display of vocal looping.

thingNY members Jeff Young and Paul Pinto presented their original and contemporary opera Patriots.

Keith/Larson Duo joined us from out of state to perform new works and unique arrangements that expand the horizons of guitar and flute repretoire.

Althea Pergakis presenting an interactive installation of Fluid Dynamics and facilitating a discussion with audience members in the lobby during intermissions.

The Marathon Concert’s engaging programming and affordable tickets ($16, with free admission to children 15 and under) makes new musical experiences accessible to Phoenix Metro audiences. At the same time OME is able to ensure that new music artists receive fair pay and have a means to share their creations with new audiences.

Project Media

Holly Pyle
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Holly Pyle performed an extraordinary set of music based on original compositions, vocal looping, and improvisation.

Josh Bennett – Meet The Audience 2016
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Josh Bennett discusses the process of participating in Meet the Audience, and premiers his creation at the OME Marathon Concert 2016.

Gulch OME 2016 Marathon
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A recording of gulch’s 30 minute set performed at OME’s 2016 Marathon Concert.
“Proposing sound as thought, as communication, as language, the three members’ intuitive and gestural musicalities intermingle to conjure the imposing, fricative gnashing of sonic slabs. To this effect, GULCH churns the rhythms of labor, of capital, of everyday, of nature, of cybernetic feedback loops, into a grotesque and forbidding dissent of the culture industry epoch and the anthropocene. we are GULCH”

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Mesa, Arizona

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Last update on June 20, 2017

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Oh My Ears (OME) is a non-profit new music presenting organization in Phoenix, AZ. Founded in 2014 by composer and flutist Elizabeth Kennedy Bayer, OME seeks to connect emerging composers, ensembles, and musicians with each other and with the greater Phoenix community. We provide opportunities for local musicians and composers by organizing performances both independently…

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