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OUTLIERS: a world premiere recording of 11 works written for Sybarite5

Sybarite5 culminates a decade of commissions with the release of OUTLIERS, featuring new works by 10 young and acclaimed American composers


Known as a “virtuosic ensemble with an original and risk-taking vision” – (Audiophile Audition Magazine), no contemporary group has been more influential in the development of the string quintet than Sybarite5. The ensemble has commissioned, premiered, and promoted over 50 new works since its inception in 2006, and has built a global audience with concert programs featuring new music by American composers. In 2017, Sybarite5 will self release their second full-length album OUTLIERS, showcasing the exceptional results of a decade devoted to the creation and performance of new American concert music.

The album will feature the following works:

Andy AkihoRevolve (2012)

Kenji BunchAllemande pour Tout le Monde (2015)

Eric Byers – Pop Rocks (2013) and Sarabande (2014)

Shawn ConleyYann’s Flight (2013)

Mohammed FairouzMuquddamah (2014)

Jessica MeyerGetting Home (… I must be) (2015)

Daniel Bernard RoumainAllemande for Toussaint (2015)

Dan ViscontiHitchhiker’s Tales (2006-2012)

Michi WianckoBlue Bouree (2014)

Lev “Ljova” ZhurbinGigue-ly (2015)

Each track has been carefully selected to demonstrate the decade of musical growth and the relationships developed between Sybarite5 and these accomplished American composers. Sybarite5 has worked directly and personally with each composer to understand how to best communicate their musical intentions, and creating definitive recordings of these pieces helps disseminate the breadth of new music now available for this instrumentation.

The extensive commissioning projects headed by Sybarite5 now constitute a substantial portion of the  repertoire currently available for string quintet. The ensemble has worked tirelessly to build relationships and secure the funds necessary to collaborate with today’s finest composers. With awards and support from Concert Artists Guild, BMI, Chamber Music America, Forward Festival, the cell, Look & Listen Festival, and the American Composer’s Forum, the resulting works are significant contributions to the contemporary chamber music repertoire.

Sybarite5 has a history of success with recording projects and the experience needed to self produce OUTLIERS. The quintet’s debut EP Disturb the Silence (2010) quickly reached the top ten on the Billboard charts, and their debut full-length album Everything in Its Right Place (2012) was a critical and commercial success as well. The release of a new album is highly anticipated and the ensemble’s ten year anniversary season is the perfect time to release OUTLIERS.

We at Sybarite5 believe the future of new music is bright.

Project Media

Sybarite5 performs the music of Dan Visconti
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Features: Sybarite5, Dan Visconti

This an example of Sybarite5 performing the music of Dan Visconti. His work “Hitchhiker’s Tales” will be released on Outliers.

The Rebel by Piotr Szewczyk
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Features: Sybarite5

The is an example of the quality of the ensemble and ability to record high quality self-released recordings. Particularly notable are the tightness and energy of the ensemble playing, the wide dynamic range, and a refined string sound with matching strokes and articulations in arco and pizzicato.

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“If you’re looking for a worthy successor to the Kronos Quartet as a small string ensemble pushing the envelope of concert music, count this exciting gang of five as one excellent candidate.” — Jon Sobel, Blogcritics Magazine Comprised of Sami Merdinian and Sarah Whitney, violins; Angela Pickett, viola; Laura Metcalf, cello; and Louis Levitt, bass;…

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