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The fabric of jazz, the threads of inheritance, and the struggle of freedom.


October 28, 2015New Music USA Thank You.

Posted by: Stefanie Batten Bland/Company SBB

Saturday, November 25th, marked the final performance of our NY fall season at The Harlem Stage Gatehouse, where we presented the world premiere of Patient(ce). Embarking on a project of this scope (8 dancers, 5 musicians, multiple interactive installation pieces) requires extraordinary effort and tremendous patronage. From Company SBB to all the good people at New Music USA, thank you for your support!

*The image above was captured by Mark Millman during CSBB’s dress rehearsal on Wednesday, October 21st.


October 24, 2015: Final Performances at Harlem Stage!

Posted by: Stefanie Batten Bland/Company SBB

If you haven’t already had a chance to see Patient(ce) performed by CSBB at The Harlem Stage Gatehouse, today is your day! Along with the dancers and musicians, Stefanie really has made something of exceptional beauty; we are so proud of the work! 

The Harlem Stage Gatehouse

150 Convent Ave., New York, NY 10031

Patient(ce): Company SBB Fall Season

Saturday, Oct. 24th

2:30pm & 7:30pm 


October 6, 2015: Stefanie & Greg Tate

Posted by: Stefanie Batten Bland/Company SBB

Stefanie and Greg Tate (the founder of Burnt Sugar, the Arkestra Chamber) during rehearsal at Harlem Stage.


The Harlem Stage Gatehouse

150 Convent Ave., New York, NY 10031

Patient(ce): Company SBB Fall Season

Thursday, Oct. 22nd/Friday, Oct. 23rd/Saturday, Oct. 24th

7:30pm all

September 13, 2015: Audition

Posted by: Stefanie Batten Bland/Company SBB

Company SBB had its first audition this summer! The Harlem Stage Gatehouse, where the company will be presenting its fall season, allowed us to conduct it in their theater during the week of our residency/workshop for Patient(ce). We were humbled both by the quantity of attendees and the amplitude of talent displayed by the NY dance community.


I have included all the information for CSBB’s full-length evening presentation of Patient(ce) this October. We hope to see you there!



The Harlem Stage Gatehouse

150 Convent Ave.,                                                                                            New York, NY 10031

Thursday, Oct. 22nd/Friday, Oct. 23rd/Saturday, Oct. 24th 7:30pm all

August 26, 2015: The Harlem Stage Gatehouse

Posted by: Stefanie Batten Bland/Company SBB

It’s official: Company SBB will have it’s fall season at The Harlem Stage Gatehouse, premiering Patient(ce) as a full-length evening work! We are (of course) ecstatic. Stay tuned for updates documenting the rehearsal process and ticket information for attendance. 

July 29, 2015: The Wave

Posted by: Stefanie Batten Bland/Company SBB

PATIENT(CE) rehearsal at Mark Morris Dance Center.

July 27, 2015: Forlorn Brittany

Posted by: Stefanie Batten Bland/Company SBB

PATIENT(CE) rehearsal at Gibney Dance, 890 Broadway, featuring Brittany Engel-Adams, Dancer and Rehearsal Director/Company Manager for Company SBB.

June 5, 2015: Ed Bland

Posted by: Stefanie Batten Bland/Company SBB

In1959, Ed Bland (Stefanie’s father) produced The Cry of Jazz. Inducted into the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress in 2010, the work continues to influence subsequent generations of musicians and artists. Controversial at the time of its initial showing, The Cry of Jazz predicted the riots in American cities of the 1960s and ‘70s, as well as the inception of Hip-Hop.

In Mr. Bland’s view, Jazz was empowering as a personal and cultural expression of an oppressed people, though ultimately limiting; its essential structure bereft of a vision for collective advancement. This perspective, and its relation to the constantly evolving macrocosm of politics and popular culture, was a centerpiece in a life long conversation between him and Stefanie.

It is this exchange, his passing in 2013, and his prolific legacy, that is the basis for PATIENT(ce). The piece is not only a kind of kinetic memorial, but translates the depth of Stefanie’s prodigal inheritance into a vision of the future.

May 12, 2015: Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber/Collaboration

Posted by: Stefanie Batten Bland/Company SBB

The seeds of PATIENT(ce) began with Stefanie’s desire to explore a line of ongoing conversation that she had with her father, the renowned atonal composer, Ed Bland. When the question of how to utilize Mr. Bland’s work as a jumping off point to create an original and collaborative composition for PATIENT(ce), Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber was the natural first choice. Not only did Greg Tate, the band’s founder and conductor, have a history of working in collaboration with other dance companies, he was also deeply aware of Mr. Bland’s legacy.

Burnt Sugar has a rotating cast of as many as 35 instrumentalists and vocalists comprising the collective, giving Greg tremendous leeway with regard to customizing the constitution of each project. The image above features the musicians who will be playing live at our performance of PATIENT(ce) for Company SBB’s 2015 fall season. From left to right: Mikel Banks, vocals & freak-a-phone; Paula Henderson, ewi & baritone sax; Christopher Eddleton, drums and percussion; V. Jeffrey Smith, alto & tenor sax.

May 4, 2015: Stay Tuned!

Posted by: Stefanie Batten Bland/Company SBB

Company Stefanie Batten Bland is gearing up to premier PATIENT(ce) as a full length evening work for the fall of 2015. Stay tuned for updates as we begin the process of creating the second half of the piece!

The image above features Brittany Engel-Adams, formerly a dancer with Ailey 2, who also works as Company SBB’s Rehearsal Director and Company Manager.

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Led by founder and choreographer, Stefanie Batten Bland/Company SBB will endeavor to explore our instinct to create in face of oppressive structural powers of all races and still find grace in life with the development and presentation of a new work, Patient(ce). Ms. Bland will pair new choreography and original music by Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber with the cinematic and musical legacy of her father, Ed Bland. This triad of film, music and dance will honestly portray our shared struggles and growth as a multicultural society in America.

Thanks to filmmaker/composer Ed Bland’s experience of living through the World War 2 and Civil Rights eras, his daughter will explore her inheritance of jazz and freedom. Through his iconic 1958 film “The Cry of Jazz,”he explains how the structure of jazz is actually a musical manifestation of the living condition of the black person in America, and how its chaotic musical structure is one of the eternal present without the option of advancement, similar to the state of the American Black. This was his past, which she has inherited into the present; the piece will have an eye towards the future with an infusion of the film's excerpts and music.

Contemporary and jazz music from Mr. Bland’s original film score will be interwoven with a combination of original and previously composed music from the musical collective, Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber. Led by Director and monster bassist Greg Tate with a rotating group of 20 musicians and singers, Burnt Sugar is constantly redefining jazz genres of today, spanning the experimental soul-jazz-hip hop spectrum. As great admirers of Ed Bland’s pop music and film work and with an extensive history of improvisation and site specific performances, they will be commissioned to create an intricate and unique musical soundscape for this new work. Burnt Sugar plans to perform live at the premiere and possibly at other performances. Music recordings will be made for future performances as needed.

The choreographed component will be set on seven dancers representing the diverse cultural make-up of our world today, many of whom have worked with Ms. Bland since starting her company in Paris in 2008. Lighting and live set designer, Alaric Hahn, has worked with CSBB since 2011 and will bring to life an immersive setting for the dancers to interact with scenes from Mr. Bland’s “The Cry of Jazz”. The set will be an enormous sheet of white fabric from which the dancers are all threads, draping in front of the film scenes to bring unity to the movement, music and cinematography.

Two public performances for the premiere of Patient(ce) are planned at Harlem Stage in October 2015, dates t.b.d. Related workshop performances and open rehearsals throughout the 18-month creative process will be open to the public. A national and international tour of this work is expected in 2015/16 to such venues as Spelman College of Atlanta, and NYC Danspace at St. Marks Church who have expressed interest in the work. Additional venues will be added throughout 2015.

Project-related Media

Excerpts from “Terra Firma" and “A Place of Sun”

Both of these pieces performed by Company Stefanie Batten Bland highlight Ms. Bland’s attachment to how the arts/dance & sciences complement one another. “Terra Firma,” (2010/start to 2:33) explores migration, identity and voyage. “A Place of Sun” (2012/2:34–4:35) depicts coexistence at its heart. Choreographically, the works looks at our survival through adaptation if we want to guarantee evolution after disaster. Both pieces reflect the artist’s use of living sets & theatrical and installation expression, fused with dance & music.

The Cry of Jazz

Cue at 5:18. The Cry of Jazz (1959) is a film by Ed Bland that compares the life of the contemporary black man to the structure of jazz music . The film was selected for the Library of Congress in 2010 as an example of early independent black filmmaking and features interviews with Sun Ra and his Arkestra. The filmmaker, Ed Bland, is Ms. Bland's father and this piece directly influences the choreography of her new work. Video excerpts and music from this film will be integrated directly into the new piece, Patient(ce).

The Rites

Cue at start. Experimental music by Burnt Sugar, indicative of musical collaborator style, based on Stravisky's "Rite of Spring" with visuals of the lead collaborators. CONDUCTION: BUTCH MORRIS Lead Guitar PETE COSEY Piano VIJAY IYER Synth BRUCE MACK Violin MAZZ SWIFT Cello OKKYUNG LEE Drums TREVOR HOLDER QASIM NAQVI Electric Bass MELVIN GIBBS Acoustic Bass JASON DI MATTEO Guitars RENE AKAN MORGAN CRAFT Turntables DJ MUTAMASSIK Flute/Percussiion SATCH HOYT Voices LISALA BEATTY JUSTICE DILLA-X Production GREG TATE Engineering PETER KARL AUDIO

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