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A site-specific, interdisciplinary work performed in front of a staggeringly steep vista of the powerful Mansfield Dam.

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Potential (excerpts)

Posted on August 4, 2017 by line upon line percussion

Adam put together a short video of excerpts. 


line upon line: Adam Bedell, Cullen Faulk, Matthew Teodori

Dancers: Rosalyn Nasky, Ellen Bartel, Lisa del Rosario, Alyson Dolan, Noel Gaulin, Brandon Gonzalez, Lisa Kobdish

Lighting Design: Natalie George

Stage Manager/Assistant Lighting Designer: Sadie Langenkamp
Assistant Stage Manager: Jessica Colley-Mitchell
System Technician: Rene Chavez
Design Consultant: Norma Yancey
Videography: Eric Graham, Colin Lowry

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feeling grateful

Posted on August 4, 2017 by line upon line percussion

Filling an outdoor space of this magnitude with original work was a new undertaking for line upon line, and we very much enjoyed working and creating alongside our fantastic collaborators. We’re incredibly grateful to the City of Austin Cultural Arts Division, the Fusebox Festival and NewMusicUSA for supporting this ambitious project!


Inspired by the harnessed strength of Mansfield Dam, a blockage of the Colorado River 13 miles northwest of Austin, TX, this project’s central theme is the idea of potential and the power of contained energy. We (line upon line percussion, Rosalyn Nasky and Natalie George) will portray contained energy through sound in percussion, through the body in movement, and through ambiance in lighting design, then combine these mediums to offer a cohesive and compelling work greater than the sum of its parts. This project is important to us as it allows us to a) create a work on a scale not feasible indoors, b) draw attention to and inspiration from this incredible structure and its overlooking park, and c) develop a collaboration between different types of performers and artists within the local community. The result will be an original score composed and performed by line upon line percussion for enormous lengths of timber and steel only capable of being accommodated because of the scale of our venue. Movement performance, designed by Rosalyn Nasky, will utilize a cast of seven dancers and actors to explore the way bodies in motion can inhabit the space around and in between the percussionists to add a visual element to the audience’s experience of the sound. Lighting designer Natalie George will use lighting design to bring life to the park as the sun goes down, highlighting the natural beauty of the dam and exemplifying the many ways light and shadow can lend to performative moments. Access to Mansfield Dam Park will be gained with a special events permit provided by the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA), who have expressed to us a desire to promote the arts within their parks. This project will be presented as part of the 13th annual Fusebox Festival, a hybrid-arts organization that brings artists and audiences together to explore vital issues, ideas, and new possibilities. Potential will be completely free to attend thanks to Fusebox’s Free Range Art Initiative.

Project Media

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line upon line co-composed and performed the evening-length score to Lumen in early 2016 to accompany choreography by Andrea Ariel Dance Theatre. This sample demonstrates three of line upon line’s core beliefs: a) composing as a group rather than as individuals, b) being mindful and prioritizing place and spatial use when writing, and c) collaborating inter-disciplinarily as a form of continuing education for ourselves while painting a more complete artistic picture.

seeing times are not hidden
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seeing times are not hidden is a site-specific install built, written and performed in 2011 as part of the Music in Architecture-Architecture in Music Symposium at the University of Texas at Austin. The work involves over 1000 glass, metal and hardwood chimes suspended from the three arches of Waller Creek Bridge, and demonstrates line upon line’s interest in maximizing the latent potential of natural spaces as venues for aurally and visually stimulating performance.

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Features: Rosalyn Nasky

Left is a collaboration between Rosalyn Nasky and lighting designer Stephen Pruitt, premiered in March 2016. This project began by exploring how a single stage picture (in this case, an elevated human figure lit simultaneously from above and from below) can be the basis for an entire performance. This video demonstrates Rosalyn’s interest in how a rich variety of performative moments can arise out of a stage picture, lighting design and visual imagery.

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Austin, Texas

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Last update on August 4, 2017

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Austin, Texas
Formed in 2009, line upon line is considered “a riveting, always-surprising and delightful trio” by the Austin American-Statesman. The Austin-based group has premiered over 50 new works for percussion, performed and taught in 22 different states and five foreign countries. line upon line consists of its three original members, Adam Bedell, Cullen Faulk and Matthew…

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