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Project RAu

Project RAu: (Raw/Becoming) A evening length work conceived by Koran Basaran with Prometheus Dance, Ensemble RAu and composer Kinan Azmeh


Project RAu connects audiences to the idea of cross cultural oneness through multiple national and international presentations of dance with the music of Kinan Azmeh.  RAu focuses on the sensitive and political subject matter of human migration and displaced people throughout the world.  Through this collaborative work and the belief that Art is a window to the memory of experience, we shift focus from one of fear to one of understanding through our common sense of humanity. Hauntingly beautiful RAu will unfold through residencies in Boston, New York and Istanbul, The final work will reflect on the  international refugee crisis through a message of action, re-calculation, and caring.  As artists, our aim, at a minimum, is to provoke thought and discussion, and, at a maximum, to be a catalyst for change.To this end, Prometheus has entered into a collaboration with Korhan Basaran and  Kinan Azmeh,   Project RAu, whose name – a takeoff on “Raw” – reflects an emphasis on spontaneity, change, growth, and “the process of becoming.”

Project Media

En Fuse
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Features: kinan azmeh

Kinan Azmeh performing with Fuse in November of 2016
Sample of work to be represented in Project RAu in February of 2018.

RAu 2 Work in progress

I'm sorry, this media seems to be unavailable.

Performance of the work in progress RAu is a draft work for “Project RAu and the Fearless Project”
Concept and Choreography: Korhan Basaran
Music courtesy of Kinan Azmeh
Lighting Design: Tuce Yasak
Dancers: Nikki Holck, Elena Valls, Paul Vickers, Alper Marangoz, Evrim Akyay

Produced by CPMistanbul with Support by The American Consulate Culture Affairs

Prometheus Dance Repertory Excerpts
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Features: Diane Arvanites

Repertory excerpts of choreography by Artistic Directors Diane Arvanites and Tommy Neblett between 2012 and 2015. This work sample is to highlight the dancers who will be working with Ensemble RAu for this projects.

Start and End Dates



Boston, Massachusetts

Project Created By

In Collaboration With

brooklyn, New York


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