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The Culmination of 45 years ! Yass Hakoshima Movement Theatre and Da Capo Chamber Players celebrated their work in a best-of production.

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Posted on August 7, 2017 by Danmari - Yass Hakoshima Movement Theatre

We like to confirm that “Remembrances” was supported in part by New Music USA made possible by annual program support  and/or endowment gifts from The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation.

If you missed our “Remembrances” performance, we like to mention to our followers  that  we have a  beautiful video (DVD) available of some of Hakoshima’s memorable works entitled “Dream Journey.”  You can find more about it on our website: www.yasshakoshima.com

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All of us at Danmari Ltd. are extremely happy and grateful to New Music USA, for their support and belief in our work and mission!

Together  with Yass Hakoshima and the members of the Yass Hakoshima Movement Theatre we like to express our warm thanks to New Music USA and to the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation for their continuous support of the Live Music for  Dance Program. 

Without their dedication, we would  not have been able to present this project. 

At this point we like to thank the musicians , the Da Capo Chamber Players for their longtime collaboration with Danmari, and  warm thanks to the favorite composers: George Crumb (www.georgecrumb.net); Raymond Lustig (www.raymondlustig.com/works/Rashomon/#/listen)

and Su Lian Tan (www.suliantan.com).  A warm thanks goes also to Yon Tande, guest artist and dancer (www.whitneyhunter.com)

We hope that some of you enjoyed the performance, and will let us know your impression and feedback here!


On May 14, 2016, Yass Hakoshima Movement Theatre (YHMT) performed with the Da Capo Chamber Players at Westminster Arts Center in Bloomfield, NJ in a new production titled “Remembrances.” This event marked  the celebration  of the 45th anniversary of both Da Capo and YHMT! Da Capo’s legacy of new music artistry set the stage for Yass, to showcase 45 years of Japanese theater dance choreography. There  was so  much to commemorate in this original performance which highlighted best works.

International artist Yass Hakoshima, is an 11-time awardee of the Live Music for Dance grant. He uses perfect physical control and imagination to combine the intensity of Japanese Noh Theater, the drama of classical mime, and the athleticism of American modern dance. YHMT (http://www.yasshakoshima.com) mesmerizes audiences with sculptural props, masks and costumes. The New York Times is quoted, “To watch Yass Hakoshima perform is to be captured and captivated….”

Hakoshima strongly believes in the integration of artistic disciplines in their original form. He demonstrates this belief through a history of commissioning new works that incorporate live music, as well as visualization of recorded music. Although mime and movement theatre are often perceived as silent arts, Hakoshima finds that such disciplines are strengthened by the inclusion of live music and views his choreography as a physical rendering  of the music. Last year was Yass’ sixth collaboration with Da Capo Chamber Players, creating another great performance.

The Naumburg Award-wining, internationally acclaimed Da Capo Chamber Players (www.dacapo.com) embodies an exciting legacy of musical directions: openness to a wide spectrum of styles of new music plus a special dedication to working with  composers. Founded in 1972 by American composer Joan Tower.  The Montclair Times quoted Patricia Spencer “it is always great fun for instrumentalists to get in touch with the movement. We use movement images sometimes to get in touch with the music. Seeing what Yass does is really wonderful the way he moves to the music and the way he listens to music. He knows exactly what tempo he wants. He chooses the repertoire very carefully. It is very challenging music, we love that.

Working together, YHMT and Da Capo produced “Remembrances” which encompassed three presentations: Rashomon, Under Water Phantasy, and Creature to Creature. Rashomon, wirth guest artist, dancer Yon Tande, features  Raymond Lustig’s 2009 score. Lustig often interlaces  light and dark elements in his vibrant and highly expressive music–a perfect compliment  to Yass’ conceived idea. Phantasy features George Crumb’s  “Vox Balanae” (Voice of the Whale). Crumb is noted  as an explorer of unusual timbres, alternative forms of notation, and extended instrumental techniques. The sculpture was created by Toshiko Takaezu. Creature to Creature featured Su Lian Tan’s  2006 score entitled Creature to Man.

“Remembrances” honored the long-standing  commitment made by YHMT and Da Capo to their art through a true alliance of cultures, nationalities, and artistic disciplines. Through the years  these two organizations  have had a significant impact on the tens of  thousands of people who have witnessed their works. This anniversary production was the crowning jewel.

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Yass Hakoshima, choreographer in performance at Westminster Arts Center in 2014 with the Da Capo Chamber Players. The music is Joan Tower’s “Petroushscates” and is performed by Patricia Spencer, flute; Andre Emilianoff, cello; Blair McMillen, piano; David Bowlin, violin; Meighan Stoops, clarinet. Yass Hakoshima was inspired by the ballet Petrushka, when he was introduced to Joan Tower’s amazing music.
suggesting to watch: 1:35 – 5:10

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“Autumnfields” performed by Yass Hakoshima with Da Capo Chamber Players in performance at Westminster Arts Center, Bloomfield, NJ. Music : George Crumb “Eleven Echoes of Autumn.” Recorded 2014. The choreographer was inspired by memories of festivals in rice fields in Japan, and by the simplicity of Noh Theatre. Instrumentalists are Patricia Spencer, flute; David Bowlin, violin; Meighan Stoops, Clarinet; Andre Emelianoff, cello; Blair McMillen, piano. Sculpture by Toshiko Takaezu,Noh- mask by Yass Hakoshima. Watch 3:10-6:24.

Underwater Phantasy
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“Underwater Phantasy” performed by Yass Hakoshima and the Da Capo Chamber Players at Westminster Arts Center, Bloomfield, NJ in 2016 The music is George Crumb’s “Voice of the Whale” Sculpture is by Toshiko Takaezu. Instrumentalists are Patricia Spencer, flute, Andre Emilianoff, cello, Blair McMillen, piano. The choreographer was inspired by the Japanese fable of urashima taro.
Suggesting to watch: 3:58 – 6:36.

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Westminster Arts Center, Bloomfield, New Jersey

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Montclair, New Jersey
Yass Hakoshima (artistic director, choreographer, and performer) began his career while dancing with the Yokoyama Ballet troupe in Japan. His initial success led him to the United States, where he studied modern dance with Erick Hawkins and mime with Etienne Decroux. In the late 1960s Hakoshima made his stage debut in New York, and thereafter…

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