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Requiem for Journal Square

A dance set on Journal Square's 1960's era cement pedestrian plaza which celebrates shared public space.

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Remarkable guerrilla event

Posted on April 10, 2018 by Shua Group
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After a long battle with the Port Authority we resorted to using gorilla tactics in realizing our sound and movement occupancy of Jared Kushner’s new digs.   Using primarily voice and percussion we created a remarkable sound texture which transformed the pedestrian plaza into a listening and observing space.   Using 20 movers we integrated into the existing movement patterns of the space and subtly shifted its ever more fuctional and restricted nature.  Many people paused to observe:  a moment outside of the usual consuming grind in the heart of American capitalism.   

Because of heavy police presence we were unable to film this performance.  This is a clip of rehearsal…


Jersey City’s Journal Square is currently being transformed by the construction three luxury rental skyscrapers built by Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law.   In anticipation of this radical corporate facelift, Requiem for Journal Square will honor the current spirit and diversity of Journal Square by interjecting a lively dance, spoken word, and percussion work on its expansive public plaza.   The work will promote a critical awareness of the conflict between private for-profit interests and the very possibility of public space and civic dialogue.  Shua Group will collaborate with Detroit-based composer and lyricist Billy Mark and French/US based percussionist Stephan Garin.

Requiem for Journal Square continues the tradition of Shua Group performances which transform public and outdoor spaces into performance landscapes.   In a moment when the very possibility of free public expression is under fire and our cities have chosen to sell public assets to private developers,  placing art directly in public space is crucial.

Project Media

Flower Flour
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Dance and music work created for an abandoned flour mill in Nay, France in collaboration with Stephan Garin. Music and dance were developed in dialogue with the history and architecture of the mill. In the end the crowd made bread on the side of the river.

Motorless Park
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Features: Shua Group, Billy Mark

Please go to minute 20 for Billy Mark text/performance.

Dance and music work created for empty parking lots in Detroit, MI, in collaboration with Billy Mark (text), James Cornish (music), and Tzveta Kassabova (dance). Developed through a process of gathering tires in the city and developing sound and actions related to the sight.

Steel Meeting
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Dance and music work created for a steel workshop, in collaboration with percussionists Stephan Garin and Sam Sowyrda, and choroegrapher Tzveta Kassabova. Choreography and composition created through an interaction with the architecture of the site. Lighting by Joshua Bisset.

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Jersey City, New Jersey

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Last update on April 10, 2018

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Jersey City, New Jersey
Shua Group creates movement based artworks which encourage deep listening, human exchange, and spatial and perceptual transformation. The group’s works include mass performances in public spaces, audience interactive events and site-specific and stage dance. Projects are built through choreography, improvisational structures, field recorded sound, and interactions with objects, sites and geography. Shua Group is directed…

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