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Part ghost story, part acrobatic spectacle, Residue is an original dance work featuring live music and a full-stage, steel pipe structure.

The Latest Update

Residue – Final Update

Posted on November 21, 2017 by Becky Radway Dance Projects

What a fantastic performance run we had at The Boiler this October! Each element came together beautifully to create a moving and haunting piece that sticks with you long afterward. Major thanks go out to New Music USA and their funders for the incredible support, as well as everyone that came out to see the show or who contributed in some way, large or small, to its success. Cheers to a wonderful end result to celebrate our 15th Anniversary season!

If you missed it, check out the excerpt below, as well as gorgeous photos by Sam Polcer at http://www.beckyradwaydanceprojects.com/photos.html.

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Tickets are going fast!

Posted on September 22, 2017 by Becky Radway Dance Projects

“Residue” opens in less than two weeks and tickets are going fast! Come see this beautiful, haunting work… seven performances only at The Boiler in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 

Tickets: http://brdp2017.brownpapertickets.com

More Info: www.beckyradwaydanceprojects.com/residue

“Residue”‘s Kickstarter campaign ends Sunday, Aug 20

Posted on August 14, 2017 by Becky Radway Dance Projects

We’re putting the final touches on the piece and raising funds to make it happen. Please consider supporting the project for a wildly successful Fall premiere!

More details and perks at: 


Many thanks in advance!


To celebrate the company’s 15th year of artistry, BRDP has embarked on its most ambitious project to date – a haunting original dance work that incorporates both live and pre-recorded music and a full-stage, steel pipe set design. Residue will premiere at The Boiler in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and run for 8 performances between October 5 – 15, 2017.

Residue explores the tales that waft through the air and linger in the building itself, recalling what artist Anselm Kiefer once said, “Ruins, for me, are the beginning. With the debris, you can construct new ideas.”

Performances will take place at The Boiler, once a working factory boiler room (now a Brooklyn gallery space), featuring soaring 40-foot ceilings that will marinate the work in a truly historic industrial environment. Visual elements represent the “bones” of this fictional, abandoned space, where ghostly images of the lives that once inhabited the structure reside.

Part acrobatic spectacle and part ghost story, Residue places soft, moving bodies inside a harsh, geometric landscape that is thick with memory. Performers climb and swing through this world of poles, threading together in intimate embraces and powerful locomotion. The looming metal structure is more than a simple backdrop for the dance. Wholly interactive and essential to the action, this metal design saturates the work with mood and intention, and provides a unique “instrument” for the live musician to explore. Acclaimed rock musician, composer and puppet-maker, Erik Sanko, is crafting the original score as an undercurrent for a lone live musician. Accomplished saxophonist, Patrick Breiner, will wander the stage making use of the percussive elements in the structure itself (hollow pipes, chains, grates, etc.) to embellish the composition along with his saxophone and clarinet.

Historical accounts of the industrial revolution are filled with stories of long hours and unpleasant conditions. Days blended together in repetitive tasks and arduous work… all things that continue to this day in many locations around the world. Residue examines a collection of fictional lives residing in the infrastructure, each holding on to a personal relationship with the space. Some accept their endless fate while others live inside their memories, attempting to resolve a broken past. These characters represent both visions of individual lives and lingering energy left in the infrastructure… they are the heart and bones of the building, and the residue that remains.

As an unexpected dance venue, The Boiler provides a severe, industrial setting for the work complete with mechanical gauges, valves, and a lofty catwalk above the audience. BRDP weaves throughout this stark and awe-inspiring visual environment to create a beautifully tragic story. Residue is an elegant reminder of the history that permeates the structures throughout Brooklyn, and an elegy to the individuals that built this wondrous city.

Project Media

“Residue” Rehearsal Footage
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This video sample is a short clip of 2016 rehearsal footage of the proposed project, “Residue”. Please note that the accompanying music is a place-holder, and not the actual score.

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Features: Erik Sanko

Excerpt from “Memory Rings” by Erik Sanko for Phantom Limb Company

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Features: Erik Sanko

Excerpt from “69˚S” by Erik Sanko for Phantom Limb Company

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Brooklyn, New York

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Last update on November 21, 2017

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Brooklyn, New York
BECKY RADWAY DANCE PROJECTS (BRDP) is a New York City based modern dance company founded in 2002 to create innovative movement and powerful imagery through original dance works. The company presents vibrant performances with a goal to establish unique environments with each new production that deliver an overall visceral and aesthetic experience. Artistic Director Becky Radway’s rich choreography, described as…

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New York, New York
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