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Resonant Bodies Festival 2015

3-day festival of new and experimental vocal music featuring 9 world-class vocalists, 21 premieres, and 37 composers.

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Posted on February 10, 2016 by Resonant Bodies Festival

We are so incredibly grateful to have received generous support from New Music USA for this project, our 2015 Festival. Thank you!

We also want to say THANK YOU  not only to the fabulous artists and guest artists of the 2015 Festival, but also to our co-presenters: Merkin Concert Hall, International Contemporary Ensemble, Abrons Arts Center, and Roulette.

Music from all three nights of the 2015 festival is now available on our SoundCloud page as well as our YouTube channel.

RBF will be at the New Music Bake Sale at Roulette on Sunday, March 13 serving fire tea and fresh-pressed green juice! We will also present a “microfestival” at 6pm, a 20-minute fast-forward version of our annual offering.

The Resonant Bodies Podcast is set to launch in February, with monthly interviews leading up to our 2016 Festival. It will be available on our Soundcloud page– stay tuned for more!

Lastly, please save the date for our 2016 festival – September 6, 7, & 8, where we are joined by so many more fabulous artists.

In case you haven’t taken a listen, check out these singers’ sets from our 2015 festival:

Tony Arnold

Lucy Shelton

Amanda DeBoer Bartlett

Du Yun

Rachel Calloway

Jeff Gavett

Kate Soper




Two-thirds was by American composers
89% was written in the last 5 years
47% was world premieres
44% was written by female composers

The festival’s opening night, co-presented by Merkin Concert Hall on September 9th, 2015, was heard by a sold-out, inter-generational audience of 450 people. Zachary Woolfe of the New York Times wrote,

“For new-music lovers, [the] evening’s performance at Merkin Concert Hall outdid any of those old Pavarotti, Domingo and Carreras three-tenor spectacles. Presented by the indispensable Resonant Bodies Festival, here were the Three Experimental Sopranos, given the freedom to program their own 45-minute sets.”

Tony Arnold featured works by composers György Kurtág, David Liptak, Fredrick Gifford, George Crumb, Jason Eckardt, Anton Webern, Beat Furrer, and Thomas Adès, and was joined by five fantastic collaborators, including pianist Jacob Greenberg of the International Contemporary Ensemble.

Dawn Upshaw and longtime collaborator, pianist Gilbert Kalish, presented a world premiere by Sheila Silver, On Loving. Upshaw then was joined by young new music ensemble Contemporaneous for Shawn Jaeger’s The Cold Pane, written for Upshaw in 2013.

Lucy Shelton’s set featured four world premieres, one each from Susan Botti, Richard Festinger, Icli Zitella, and Eric Nathan (whose finale, “Canon for Three,” brought the three sopranos onstage together for the first time), and other works by John Chowning, Elliott Carter, Tom Flaherty, and James Yannatos. Shelton was joined by former students Meaghan Burke (cello) and Carlos Cordeiro (clarinet).

The second night played to a sold-out crowd of 90 patrons at the Abrons Arts Center’s underground theatre. Co-presented by ICE, the featured vocalists were Amanda DeBoer Bartlett (Dal Niente, Quince), Australian vocalist Jessica Aszodi, and composer-performer Du Yun with her new band, Ok Miss. This evening was an exploration of experimental sounds and compositional techniques. Out of 12 pieces on the evening, 9 were world premieres, with one each by composers Ray Evanoff, Max Grafe, Morgan Krauss, Jonathan Sokol, Jenna Lyle, and 4 new pieces by Du Yun for her band. David Allen’s review in the New York Times said of the festival, “It’s an enterprise that wants and deserves to go everywhere, geographically and artistically.”

The closing night of the festival was co-presented by Roulette. 145 audience members gathered to listen to a wide variety of works presented by vocalists Rachel Calloway, Jeffrey Gavett, and Kate Soper. Calloway began the evening with a US premiere for solo voice by David Reminick, and was then joined by close collaborator Ari Streisfeld (Jack Quartet) for three works written for their brand-new duo, Duo Cortona: a world premiere by Amadeus Regucera, and pieces by Forrest Pierce (US premiere) and Kamala Sankaram. Gavett’s fearless one-man show presented world premieres by Chaya Czernowin, Martin Iddon, Joan Arnau Pamiès, Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf, and Timothy McCormack. Soper was joined by members of The Wet Ink Ensemble for her inventive masterpiece IPSA DIXIT, which featured quartets and duos for herself and her ensemble members, and a world premiere from this evolving, evening-length work.

Project Media

Life Story – Tony Arnold, Resonant Bodies Festival 2015, Merkin Concert Hall
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Features: Tony Arnold

Life Story (1993)
Thomas Adès (b. 1971)

Tony Arnold, soprano
Jacob Greenberg, piano
Randall Zigler, double bass
Gleb Kanasevich, bass clarinet
Michael Norsworthy, bass clarinet

“Thomas Adès’s setting of Tennessee Williams’s Life Story offers an opportunity to embody—not only to indulge, but to enjoy—the flipside of our human nature, in all its messiness, absurdity, futile yearning, and nostalgia. Some nights we want to forget…yet it feels so good to remember.” —Tony Arnold

If only after you then me, by Amadeus Regucera – Rachel Calloway, Resonant Bodies Festival 2015
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Features: Rachel Calloway

Duo Cortona:
Rachel Calloway, mezzo soprano
Ari Streisfeld, violin

Premiered on September 10th, 2015 as part of the third annual Resonant Bodies Festival, at Roulette in Brooklyn, NY.

If only after you then me (or, Litanies) (2015)
Amadeus Regucera (b. 1984)
voice and violin
World Premiere

Kate Soper – Poetics, from IPSA DIXIT, with The Wet Ink Ensemble
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Features: Wet Ink Ensemble

Ipsa Dixit (2010–Present)
Kate Soper (b. 1981)

I. Poetics (2015, text by Aristotle (abbr./adapted Soper) and Sophocles)
voice, flute, percussion, and violin

The Wet Ink Ensemble
Kate Soper, voice
Erin Lesser, flute
Josh Modney, violin
Ian Antonio, percussion

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