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Riverside Whistles and Bells

Riverside Whistles and Bells

An extended sonic event for live computer and electronics, 24 bell carillon, handbell choir and local ambience on the roof of RAM.


August 21, 2015Riverside Whistles and Bells released on Petroglyph Music

Posted by: Riverside Art Museum

Riverside Whistles and Bells just released on Petroglyph Music!



November 30, 2014: Premiere next week!!

Posted by: Riverside Art Museum

Riverside Whistles and Bells premieres next Sunday (12/7) at the Riverside Art Museum.  Thanks again to NewMusic USA for supporting the project!

September 17, 2014: Date and Time for the Performance

Posted by: Riverside Art Museum

Dec. 7, 2014 @ 7:30pm

August 5, 2014: Riverside Whitsles and Bells Project – update

Posted by: Riverside Art Museum

I began collecting samples and field recordings for the Riverside Whistles and Bells project in Dec. 2013 including: the carillon at the First Congregational Church in Riverside, the carillon at UCR, trains and local ambient sounds. This past Spring, we went into the studio to record samples of the English Handbells to be played by the FCC Handbell Choir during the event. The software to manipulate the raw materials and perform the computer portion of the piece is being developed. I have also begun sketching out ideas for the live carillon and handbell choir, as well as the structure of the piece in general.

The proposed date is December 6, 2014 which is during an anual event in Riverside known as the Festival of Lights (sponsored by the Mission Inn and the City of Riverside). It draws huge numbers of people to the area and we hope to attract some of those visitors to the event. In early 2015, excerpts from the live event and computer music based on the same material will be released on the Norweigian netlabel, Petroglyph Music.

I am humbled by the support received thus for this project and will be forever grateful to the individuals and organizations listed here:

NewMusic USA
Riverside Art Museum
First Congregational Church of Riverside
Petrogylph Music
Drew Oberjuerge (RAM)
Kathryn Poindexter (RAM)
Ai Kelley (RAM)
Linda Corbitt (FCCR – carilloneur)
Donald Miller (FCCR – bell technician and handbell choir)
Beth Miller (FCCR – handbell choir and facilitator)
Rev. Jane Quandt (Senior Minister – FCCR)
David Rentz (Music Director – FCCR)
FCCR Handbell Choir
Rune Martinsen (Petrogylph)
Øystein Jørgensen (Petrogylph)
Alex Cho (Field Recording Engineer)
Michael Crawley (Field Recording Engineer)
June Romero (Field Recording Engineer)
Spencer McNeil (Field Recording Engineer)
Ian Vargo (Studio Recording Engineer)

Thanks to all!!

Philip Mantione

Below are images and some of the raw field recordings to be used for the work.

August 5, 2014: Field Recording – Riverside Train

Posted by: Riverside Art Museum

Train at 3rd Street Crossing

August 5, 2014: Field Recording – Riverside Train

Posted by: Riverside Art Museum

Train at 3rd Street Crossing

August 5, 2014: Field Recording – Riverside Train

Posted by: Riverside Art Museum

Train passing vacant lot in Riverside

August 5, 2014: Field Recording – Riverside Train

Posted by: Riverside Art Museum

Train in Box Spring Canyon

August 5, 2014: Box Spring Canyon

Posted by: Riverside Art Museum

Train tracks in Box Spring Canyon

August 5, 2014: Field Recording at UCR

Posted by: Riverside Art Museum

Field recording of the UCR Carillon

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Riverside Whistles and Bells is an evening-length site-specific sonic event to take place in the Summer of 2014 on the roof of the Riverside Art Museum (RAM). Composer and sound artist, Philip Mantione will create new music for live computer and electronics, 24 bell carillon (housed in the bell tower of the First Congregational Church of Riverside - FCCR) and handbell choir, to be performed and intertwined with the local ambience of downtown Riverside. The Music Director and Carillonneur of FCCR, Linda Corbitt will perform live, reading from a temporal score that will be synchronized with a live computer performance by Mantione and the FCCR Handbell Choir. The computer portion will be based on samples of the FCCR carillon, field recordings of the carillon in the Bell Tower of UCR, the train whistles and sounds that regularly permeate the community and natural sounds. Excerpts of the live performance and related electroacoustic works will be compiled for a new release on the Norwegian netlabel, Petroglyph Music.

Mantione writes custom software to meld field recordings, sampling and computer generated sounds into unique sonic textures. He uses natural and man-made sounds as source material for computer music and as inspiration for acoustic compositions.

Raised in a working class neighborhood in Buffalo, New York, the sounds of church bells and trains were an integral part of the composers’ early sonic consciousness. Mantione reflects, “Church bells are functional, typically used to mark the passing of time, call people to services, celebrate an occasion or solemnify a funeral ceremony. Likewise, train whistles are used to alert the community that a locomotive is approaching and its inertia must be respected. The rich harmonic content in these sounds is enhanced by the geographic landscape and man-made structures that reflect and diffract sound waves in serendipitous ways.  These types of sounds are some of my earliest sonic memories and are a comforting presence whenever I hear them. The trains that travel through Riverside’s Box Springs Mountain generate a natural reverberation and echo that is unique to the area. The power of these communal sounds to travel long distances allows for a limitless array of sonic experiences based on the physical location of any given listener. This work will call attention to the beauty of the ambient sounds in our environment that are often ignored or relegated as background noise. Beyond the appreciation of the sound-in-itself, the piece will embrace the collaboration between culture, nature, and civilization in the sense of ecoacoustics, provoke the imagination, and encourage multiple narratives unique to each individual. The work will illuminate the divisions reflected by symbolic architectural structures and industrial mechanisms while bringing together a community through the appreciation of the sounds of daily life.”

Images and raw field recordings are available on the project website: Riverside Whistles and Bells

Project-related Media

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