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Exploring the sonic continuum between saxophone and voice with three new works

The Latest Update

New SaxoVoce Video

Posted on January 17, 2017 by Ogni Suono

Check out one of the latest additions to SaxoVoce: Erin Rogers‘ theatrical Clamor.

From Erin herself, “With circles of instrumental racket, vocal noise, and fragments from somewhere-in- between, Clamor, for two vocalizing saxophonists, is an 8-minute over-saturation of human + instrument. The eggs were not removed from the stove in a timely fashion.”

Live recording from Scholes Street Studio, Brooklyn (08.Oct.2016)


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MORE SaxoVoce!!

Posted on April 10, 2016 by Ogni Suono

Six new SAXOVoce works!

Building on the successful debut of the first three works in the SaxoVoce series (funded by New Music USA), we are working with a new group of composers who will bring their own unique artistic voices to SaxoVoce for the 2016-17 concert season!

The six composers—Ruby Fulton, Christopher Dietz, Zach Sheets, Chris Fisher-Lochhead, Erin Rogers, and Christopher Chandler—represent different aesthetics and points of departure and four are active composer-performers.

To fund the continuation of this project, we have launched a KickStarter campaign. Check it out! If you love SaxoVoce, we would love your support! We have raised 74% of our goal so far with 7 days to go in the campaign.

Thanks for listening!





Pérotin organum like you’ve never heard it before!

Posted on January 24, 2016 by Ogni Suono

A portion of Felipe Lara’s Vocalise II, with echoes of 13th century organum quadruplum woven into the work’s fabric. Singing while playing and breath play a pervasive and unifying role throughout this sonic exploration.

Just two more weeks to the premiere of SaxoVoce!

Crunch time!

Posted on January 4, 2016 by Ogni Suono

We’re about a month away from premiering the SaxoVoce project!

We wanted to share a taste of David’s Ask from our recent rehearsals. It was helpful to work with David in Cleveland before the holidays. He shared more with us about the character and development of the piece. We then made some changes to our general approach and he made specific modifications for timing and pacing.

It’s been a fun challenge for us to speak, sing, and play in different combinations. The incorporation of our voices in Ask definitely changes the way we connect on stage and potentially how we’ll engage with our listeners. We’re looking forward to continuing our journey with the piece.

More videos coming soon!

Scores are coming in!

Posted on November 30, 2015 by Ogni Suono

We are so thrilled for the opportunity to launch SaxoVoce this winter! We are incredibly grateful to New Music USA for supporting the project. Now that all three pieces are in full swing, we wanted to bring everyone up to speed:

  • Yesterday, Kate Soper sent us the score for Ototoi, which explores the pitches and sounds that result from singing while playing multiphonics. Written for two tenor saxophones, the piece combines haunting transparency with brash intensity in a lyrical way. We can’t wait to dig in!
  • David Coll is on the verge of finishing Ask for two soprano saxophones. The work centers around a spoken dialogue that initially sounds like it makes some sense. Through repetition and reordering, the conversation becomes more music-centered, turning attention toward the rhythms and phrasing of speech and away from semantics as the piece develops. The interplay between saxophone and speech continues in strange and surprising ways.
  • We’ll begin workshopping with Felipe Lara on his Vocalise II just around the corner.

Stay tuned for a sneak peak from our rehearsals next month and more details about our California performances!



Often likened to the human voice, the saxophone possesses an inherently singing quality that serves as a visceral bond between performer and listener. As something each of us uses every day, the human voice offers a uniquely universal point of entry for audiences into the world of contemporary music. However, few works have specifically exploited the expressive potential of employing the saxophonist’s own vocal cords.

Ogni Suono pairs with composers Kate SoperDavid Coll and Felipe Lara to launch SaxoVoce, a long-term project dedicated to exploring the wide-ranging ways of synthesizing saxophone and voice. SaxoVoce will allow Ogni Suono to expand upon the ensemble’s musical and dramatic expressivity, and ultimately communicate with listeners in new and meaningful ways.

The project will be premiered on a tour through California in February 2016, the duo’s first venture to the West Coast. Events will include the Switchboard Concert Series (San Francisco), the Outpost Concert Series at UC-Riverside, as well as local outreach events in school music programs.


Ototoi (transliterated Greek) is an onomatopoetic cry of wild distress and the first utterance from the mouth of Kassandra in Aeschylus’ Agamemnon. Kassandra is a priestess of Apollo, and in this scene her gift of foresight brings unimaginable terror as she is buffeted with the vision of her imminent murder.  As the agonized girl pours out mangled descriptions of atrocities, one wonders about the construction of her inner reality: how does she receive these visions, and what is the sound of the voice that brings them? OTOTOI uses the two players, their instruments and their voices, to dramatize this dialogue between the terror of the future and the dread of the present.”
        -Kate Soper
Ask for saxophone duo is a three-way conversation between Noa, Phil, and the audience. Despite the fact that the audience isn’t uttering a single word, Noa and Phil hear a hell of a lot. Their performance is based on responding, reacting, and playing/talking about these often provocative yet non-existent audience comments, employing music and speech to challenge both the ear and one’s sensibilities. In a word, this piece is absurd.”
-David Coll
Vocalise II will explore new timbral, rhythmic, harmonic, and expressive possibilities by means of singing through and playing the saxophones simultaneously. The pallet of each of the instruments will be greatly enhanced and individualized with vocal nuances of each interpreter. Physical properties of the vocal/instrumental interaction will deliberately propose recognizable musical motives as sonorities. Furthermore, both instruments and their respective voices will be treated as one larger, compound, and imaginary ensemble.”
         -Felipe Lara


Project Media

“Ogni Suono come un Essere Vivente” by James Bunch
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Features: Ogni Suono

“ogni suono come un essere vivente” was the first work commissioned by Ogni Suono. As its name suggests, the work aims at capturing the breadth of sounds produced by the saxophones, infusing them with the qualities of a living being. ||| The opening is delicate and fragile, in contrast to the budding tension at 2:38 or the aggressive hocketing beginning at 5:24. ||| This recording is from Ogni Suono’s debut album, Invisible Seams (2014).

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Features: Kate Soper

Performed by Kate Soper, voice, and Erin Lesser, flutes. Recorded at EMPAC, August 6, 2012. Text by Lydia Davis. ||| Virtually any part of this 13 minute work is intriguing. In addition to the opening, make sure to check out 4:45 for a prime example of the integration of human voice and flute, and the thrilling conclusion at 11:26.

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Features: David Coll

Performed by Mellissa Hughes, soprano. April 20th, 2012 at Roulette (MATA Festival). ||| The performer suffers from an absence of message, yet has a desire to persuade. Text from Charles De Gaulle (speech from his response to May ’68 movement in Paris), followed with additional statements of growing desperation and changed tactics in this ill-fated attempt to win over an audience. ||| Don’t miss: the beginning, 3:10, and 5:55 for a whole new brand of “mad scene.”

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Cleveland, Ohio

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Cleveland, Ohio
Formed by American saxophonists Noa Even and Phil Pierick in 2009, Ogni Suono is committed to expanding and promoting new music for saxophone duo. Their album Invisible Seams features some of the duo’s first collaborations. They collaborate regularly with composers and other performers, presenting diverse programs to a wide range of audiences across the United States and abroad. Ogni Suono …

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