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Shake the World

Celebrating the 150th birthday of Gandhi, this multimedia piece re-examines his teachings and recontextualizes their contemporary relevance.


Shake the World is a multimedia piece for saxophone, spoken word, electronics, and contemporary zoetrope. Award-winning saxophonist and composer Rudresh Mahanthappa, hip-hop luminary HPrizm (Kyle Austin), and revolutionary visual artist and animator Eric Dyer will collaboratively create this live performance experience.   As Gandhi’s sesquicentenary approaches, one observes that while he is ubiquitously considered a “great man,” his mission and message are in dire need of re-investigation in these times fraught with hate and violence.   Mahanthappa’s command of the ancient musical art forms of India and his superlative work in jazz meld in a seamless compositional voice that is authentically multicultural and relevant. HPrizm is a singular tour-de-force in hip-hop as lyricist, instrumentalist, and producer working with themes of social change. Their collaboration will yield exceptional music that defies genre and cultural boundaries. This work will give new voice to Gandhi’s teachings, speaking to many while not compromising any sense of artistic integrity or cohesion. Dyer is a true innovator of animation in re-envisioning the earliest predecessors of film as futuristic visual odysseys. His enrapturing imagery is an apropos component to creatively transmitting this story.

Beyond the usual performing arts venues, we wish to take Shake the World to underserved communities. It is ironic that much art being made in the name of activism and social justice is in fact only viewed by a certain cultural elite due to venue accessibility and admission fees. The people who need to see and hear this work are often not given the opportunity to do so. We wish to shift that paradigm with regard the mode and means of presenting Shake the World.

This work will most likely premiere at the Asia Society or the Society for Ethical Culture in NYC in the Fall of 2020.

The project will tour internationally following the premiere performances.

Project Media

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Opening track from the Indo-Pak Coalition album Agrima.
Rudresh Mahanthappa – Alto Saxophone
Rez Abbasi – Electric Guitar
Dan Weiss – Drums & Tabla

Recorded June 20, 2017

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Features: Kyle Austin

From HPrizm’s (Kyle Austin’s) latest album Magnetic Memory on Don Giovanni Records.
Produced by Hprizm
Additional production by E.Blaize
Release Date: November 23, 2018

Seeking Motion Hidden
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Features: Eric Dyer

Though this is not a musical work sample, it is important that one see the media and methods of Shake the World’s visual components.

A preview of Dyer’s Ronald Feldman Gallery exhibition of fourteen interactive animated artworks that, through complex sequential collage, explore forgotten histories, a suppressed subculture, ulterior motives, future machine empathy, and secret motion hidden in the everyday.

Exhibition: Feb 24 – Mar 31, 2018

Start and End Dates



New York, New York

Project Created By

Montclair, New Jersey
Few musicians share the ability of saxophonist/composer Rudresh Mahanthappa to embody the expansive possibilities of his music with his culture. Time and again, Mahanthappa has eloquently displayed the capacity to absorb numerous styles and genres of music, combine them with the language of modern jazz, and emerge with a new form still recognizably jazz. What…

In Collaboration With

filmmaker, experimental animator


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