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So Percussion and Shara Nova record ‘Time Line’

So Percussion and Shara Nova (previously Worden) Record 'Time Line'



In late 2014/early 2015, So Percussion and Shara Nova (previously Worden, AKA My Brightest Diamond) collaborated on a 45-minute song cycle called time line.  Lyrics exploring the theme of time were written or sourced by Nova and original music was co-composed collaboratively.  The project was premiered at Texas Performances in March of 2015.

We are seeking funds to support the recording of this project.


In recent years, our work in So Percussion has increasingly focused on group-composed compositions such as Imaginary City (BAM Next Wave 2009), and Where (we) Live (BAM Next Wave 2012) or collaborations with other artsists such as Matmos, Buke and Gase, or Dave Douglas.  This project with Shara Nova is an extension of that work.

Better known by her experimental pop stage name My Brightest Diamond, Shara’s collaborations with classical artists have been widely celebrated and she has extensive experience bending her voice to fit new circumstances.

In time line, Shara sings and plays guitar, synth and bass drum, while the members of So perform on drumset, marimba, vibraphones, toms, Korg synth, and Ableton.  The music was co-composed over a 4-month period in advance of the premiere performance, at Texas Performing Arts at the University of Texas, at Austin in March 2015.

The texts are meditations on the subject of time as it is experienced through the body, in movement, as well as through emotion.  Shara has excerpted phrases, compiled ideas from the various writings in a collage of Einstein, Walt Whitman’s “To Think of Time” from Leaves of Grass, Andrew Ondrejcak’s libretto for Worden’s opera “You Us We All” from the scene  “Time’s Monologue”, as well as her own personal text.

The recording will take place at Aaron Dessner’s studio upstate New York.  While dates are not yet finalized, we are shooting for August, and our plan for the recording schedule is as follows:

  • Day 1: Load in, preliminary set
  • Day 2: Finish setup, mic placement, soundcheck, begin tracking
  • Day 3: Primary tracking.
  • Day 4: Additional vocals and overdubs

Project Media

Accouchement from ‘Time Line’
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The song Accouchement is one of the tracks from ‘time line’. This video is from our performance at Princeton University on April 14th, 2015.

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Brooklyn, New York

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Brooklyn, New York
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