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[Switch~ Ensemble] Commissions Katharina Rosenberger

The [Switch~ Ensemble] and composer Katharina Rosenberger collaborate on a new work for ensemble and multimedia

The Latest Update

DiMenna Center Teaser

Posted on January 21, 2020 by the [Switch~ Ensemble]

Happy New Year!

We are looking forward to upcoming performances of Katharina Rosenberger’s “Up Close” in Rochester, NY and the DiMenna Center for Classical Music in New York City! The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia has pledged their support for our March performances, which will include works by Rosenberger, Cathy van Eck, and Dieter Ammann. 

Please enjoy this video trailer of “Up Close,” featuring our clarinetist, Madison Greenstone!

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Switch~ in San Diego: Workshops with Katharina Rosenberger

Posted on December 17, 2019 by the [Switch~ Ensemble]

The [Switch~ Ensemble] visited San Diego December 3rd-5th to workshop Katharina Rosenberger’s new commission for us, “Up Close.” The piece explores very quiet sounds through extreme amplification and the minute details of the act of playing an instrument, enabling listeners to zoom into the intimate relationship of instrumental sounds to their physical articulation. We worked with Rosenberger on developing an individual lighting set up that further emphasizes the listener’s full sensory engagement with the piece. 


As part of our mission to commission new works for ensemble and electronics, the [Switch~ Ensemble] is excited to collaborate with composer Katharina Rosenberger. We are drawn to Rosenberger’s craftsmanship and nuanced relationship to sound, and the way in which her seamlessly woven synthesis of musicianship, technology, and sonic inventiveness align so closely with the kind of electroacoustic music we want to commission and perform. Her compositional expertise and interest in sonic fragility, textural subtlety, and compelling musical structures distinguish her as an ideal partner in this endeavor.

[Switch~] seeks support to commission Rosenberger’s new 10-15 minute work, which will explore the delicate and ephemeral sounds of closely amplified physical movements. About her new work, she writes:

“I feel invigorated to realize a long-standing dream of mine. Physicality: the moving body of the musician, materiality of their instruments, friction of the agitated bow, air pressing through the tubes, rattling material of percussion… they have always fascinated me. These elements are each an integral part of my compositional process. Microphones affixed to the performers’ wrists, the vocalist’s head, and each instrument, will serve to register minute details of the gliding hands—the articulating tongue—to draw the audience into an intimate space for careful listening, amplifying each elusory detail. The music will be textural, layered, articulated, and virtuosic, exploring the timbral capacity of the ensemble.

From early stages of development, the [Switch~ Ensemble] and I will record precise, intimate, fragile sounds and video, serving as a microscopic lens into the essence of each instrument and performer. With this reservoir I will create a multimedia collage, diffused spatially and woven into the live performance, heightening the listener’s awareness and drawing them into the actions and materiality of the instruments, breaking down separation between stage and audience.”

[Switch~] will give the premiere of the work in Fall 2019 with subsequent East and West coast performances throughout 2019-2020.

Project Media

Parcours III
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In Rosenberger’s Parcours III, a sharply articulated texture of radically contrasting timbres is gradually overtaken by strange and ethereal sustained tones, juxtaposed against an abrasive and otherworldly sonic landscape. This sample illustrates the fusion of live performers and electroacoustic sound in Rosenberger’s work.

TEXTUREN (excerpt)
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TEXTUREN features the delicate murmurings of a soprano voice in a sea of peculiar, shrill, pointillistic gestures interwoven with hallucinogenic electronic sounds. This sample illustrates an intimate, sparse palette that allows the listener to focus on the fragility of discrete ensemble colors, intermittently ruptured by the crack of metals and percussion.

landscape with inscription
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Alican Çamci’s landscape with inscription, for flute, violin, percussion, and electronics, was premiered in 2017 during the [Switch~ Ensemble]’s residency at the University of Chicago. landscape with inscription is a collision of two soundtracks: one is based on a constant reading and re-reading of Ingeborg Bachmann’s Im Gewitter der Rosen, and the other consists of field recordings made in Cowles Bog Trail located in Indiana Dunes, in December 2016.

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