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Taina and Veena Music Collaboration

Two women from two different generations, and two cultures, Puerto Rican and Indian, come together in a powerful musical collaboration.

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New Recording with Taina and Veena!

Posted on October 16, 2018 by Taina Asili

We are so excited to announce that we have gone into studio to record our first song together. The song “Beyond the Stars” is a collaboration that speaks to our love of music and the power it has in our lives. We also filmed the session for our upcoming music video documentary about this piece . This collaboration is a dream come true and we are looking forward to our upcoming performance together where we will be performing this song and our other collaborative work, to be announced very soon! Check out these beautiful photos from our recording together at White Lake Music & Post in Albany, New York.



Internationally renowned sitarist and composer, Veena Chandra, will join with award-winning Puerto Rican singer and composer, Taina Asili, in a ground breaking musical performance and recording collaboration this summer 2017. Both musicians are based in Albany, NY, where they met, but carry the musical traditions of two distinct countries ,Puerto Rico and India. Though from completely different generations and locations, both musicians have moved passed incredible barriers as women in their field to become the accomplished and inspiring artists they are today. Both musicians travel nationally and internationally, sharing their music and cultures with the world. In this powerful collaboration, Veena Chandra and Taina Asili will compose several new songs together, to be performed publicly in their community this summer at a venue called the Sanctuary for  Independent Media, based in Troy, NY. Their performance will also be audio and video recorded, to be shared with an even wider audience. One of the collaborative compositions will also be featured on Taina Asili’s upcoming album to be released this year.

Veena and Taina have been fans of each other’s work for many years but this will be their first ever collaboration. Born in Dehra Doon, India, Veena was inspired to play music by her father, who loved sitar so much that he named her Veena, after the precursor to the sitar, in hopes that she would learn music. Taina was also inspired by her father to sing and perform. Her father was a singer, conga player and Latin jazz conductor, who named her Taina after the indigenous people of Puerto Rico, so that she would always remember where she came from. Since their childhood these two women have become accomplished musicians, carrying their musical traditions around the world.

This new musical collaboration is an opportunity to not only bring two musical cultural traditions together, but two different generations of women musicians. Veena, now her 70’s, was a pioneer in her career as woman sitar player, a rarity during her time and even today. Taina, now in her 30’s, has been a social justice songwriter since her teenage years, and is paving a new path of social justice music today. Both women hurdled huge obstacles to get where they are today as musicians and mothers. Veena and Taina see this collaboration as potential source of inspiration women across cultures and generations who seek to live their passion and have a powerful impact on their world.

Project Media

Taina Asili performance at the Women’s March on Washington
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Features: Taina Asili

This is a performance by Taina Asili at the Women’s March on Washington. She is accompanied by renowned musician Toshi Reagon and her band.

Veena Chandra Compilation 27 Years
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Features: Veena Chandra

This video is the compilation of excerpts from a few television and broadcast performances by Veena Chandra. The video begins with a televised performance on CBS from February 1988 and concludes with a June 2015 Skype broadcast from The Frendly Gathering music festival. This video spans 27 years and represents the sustained artistic excellence of Veena Chandra on the sitar.

Soul Justice | Taína Asili y la Banda Rebelde | TEDxGreenville
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Features: Taina Asili

Taina Asili y la Banda Rebelde perform “Sofrito” and “Freedom” at TEDx Greenville 2017.

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Troy, New York

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Albany, New York
Taína Asili is an Albany, New York based Puerto Rican singer and activist carrying on the tradition of her ancestors, fusing past and present struggles into one soulful and defiant voice. Her newest artistic work is an energetic fusion of powerful vocals laid over Afro-Latin, reggae, and rock, performed as a solo artist, and also…

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