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Talujon’s Pocket Gamelan

Pocket Gamelan features new works by composers Glenn Kotche, Nick Brooke, Dewa Alit, percussion by Talujon, and dance by Mugiyono Kasido.

The Latest Update

Manhattan Premiere, February 9th!

Posted on February 3, 2016 by Talujon

Hi! We’re excited to present the Manhattan premiere of Nick Brooke’s “The Traps”, composed for 6 attaché case mini-gamelans. We’ll be presenting Julia Wolfe’s “Dark Full Ride” and Steve Reich’s “Six Marimbas” alongside it at DiMenna Center at 8pm. Hope to see you there!

Here is Nick’s short video demonstration of the pocket gamelan instrument.

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Bennington College workshop and performance!

Posted on August 27, 2015 by Talujon

December 2014 was a great time for Talujon. We traveled up to Bennington College in Vermont and spent several day hunkered down with composer Nick Brooke and dance/choreographer Mugiyono Kasido. We were fortunate to get some great documentation of the event, which also featured pieces for percussion by Glenn Kotche, John Cage/Lou Harrison, and Dew Alit. A short “trailer” for the evening-length program is above. Enjoy!


POCKET GAMELAN is an evening-length show presented by Talujon percussion sextet which features newly commissioned works by American composers Glenn Kotche and Nick Brooke, choreography and performance by Mugiyono Kasido, and a new work by Dewa Alit, a leading experimental composer from Indonesia.

The multimedia program re-imagines the gamelan as a makeshift and dynamic instrumentarium, comprised of parts gathered from the surrounding environment.

“Gamelan” is a catchall term for the orchestras of Java and Bali, most of which share gongs and slab-key metallophones, along with flutes, strings, and often singers. Far from a static instrumentarium, a gamelan can vary from a marching ensemble to a chamber group, and composers often augment or rebuild the gamelan.

Since at least the Paris Exposition of 1889, the gamelan orchestra has been a subject of fascination and source of innovation for Western composers. Yet new music for gamelan is rarely heard outside Java and Bali, in part because the gamelan’s gongs and slab-key instruments weigh in excess of two tons. As Javanese gamelan spreads beyond Indonesia, smaller portable amalgams called “campur sari” (or “mixed essence”) are emerging. In “Pocket Gamelan,” Talujon reinvents the gamelan in a visually striking, ingeniously transportable manner, cobbled together from instruments representing an archipelago of influences.

The first step in putting this ambitious project together is in-depth collaboration between ensemble, dancer, and composers culminating in several workshop-style staged performances. The collabortive workshop will take place in NYC and Bennington College from November 24 to December 1. The first performance will take place at Bennington’s Martha Hill Dance Theater on December 2. A second performance will be held at Queens College’s LeFrak Concert hall on December 4.

Project Media

Pemangku by Nick Brooke
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Features: Nicholas Brooke

This recording appears on Gamelan Son of Lion’s 2008 album “Bending the Gending” and is an example of Nick Brooke’s creative fusion of western and Indonesian traditions.

Traveling Turtle by Glenn Kotche
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Features: Glenn Kotche

This excerpt of Glen Kotche’s “Traveling Turtle” appears in his 2014 album ‘Adventureland’. It is an example of his skill as a composer and his understanding of Indonesian sounds and traditions.

Their Four and Sow Three by Talujon
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Features: Talujon

“Their Four and Sow Three” is a Talujon original composition using a variety of musical influences including, hand drums, found objects, and homemade electronics. It appears on our debut recording releases on Capstone Records.

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