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The InnerSection

How self empowerment, through art, evolves into a movement of collective action. Can we end mass suffering by first transmuting our own?


The Inner-section, a new creation by choreographer Khadija Ahmaddiya dissects issues of suffering and dis-empowerment in an evening of multi-media performance. With dance at the forefront, ‘The InnerSection’ weaves through music, film, poetry, and visual art to find modalities of healing, bonding, and communal rising. Set to premiere in New York, September 2021, this collaboration features composer/music producer Shawn ‘ARCKATRON Kelly, visual artist Myssi Robinson, and film creator Sophia DeBaun.

Khadija’s choreographic style is one steeped in nuanced realism and thematic gesture. She charges her cast with ideas for individual interpretation held together by the specificity of phrase work and technique. In his second collaboration with Khadija, ARCKATRON brings lofty rhythms, anchoring a deep and rich sound. Blending those elements with audio distortion and text, ARCKATRON creates a sonic landscape serving as a catalyst for movement. Poetry and visual art displayed via projection allow audiences an opportunity for personal reflection and wonderment with space and time carefully considered. Sophia DeBaun’s video work takes us on archival journeys through-out the piece including short films . Myssi Robinson, both dance and visual artist, creates a world for ‘The InnerSection’ to live in. Her visual work, both drawings and installation hold us to the essential theme as a tangible representation for artists and witnessing audiences.

The InnerSection hopes to further the dialogue of emotional healing, and empathy. At the conclusion of each show run, The cast will share a Q & A session with audience members. Public workshops including classes and open rehearsals will take place during each residency, as well as through out the creative process to garner community input, and support.





Project Media

Rehearsal process
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In 2018 DRIGGproductions traveled to Dallas TX for a residency with Dance Industry to perform ‘MAGNIFICENT YOU’. Khadija Ahmaddiya (Co-creator) directs the company featuring collaborators Myssi Robinson (dancer) & Sophia De Baun (video)

MAGNIFICENT YOU is a full evening of dance performance interlaced with film. This work examines the socio, psychological, and spiritual causes & effects of narcissism, division and isolation.

‘Magnificent You’ was commissioned in 2016 as part of a DRIGGproductions’ residency with Jersey City Theater Center.

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N(word) began its initial creation in 2014 in response to the police murders of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. N(word) seeks to express the inner dialogue of black people across the globe. A dialogue of insistent humanity against a system that seeks to repress and dominate you.
N(word) was commissioned by Jersey City Theater Center and premiered to audiences in Jersey City in 2017 as part of DRIGGproduction’s company residency.

Original Music by: Margel ‘The Sophant’ Overton

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Features: Shawn Kelly

From his 2016 Album Subtle Business, ARCKATRON allows lots of space for creative impulse in this track. The feeling is airy with a rhythm that holds a concentrated tone and attentiveness to detail.

“Abstract beats from ahead of the curve. ARACKATRON animates a fluid matrix of peripheral phrasings so astute that you’d swear that they are self aware. This is hip hop for the trans human experience.”
~ TwingSprings

Subtle Business can be found at: www.ARCKATRON.com
His latest release, ‘The Space Bridge’ can be found on Spotify

Start and End Dates



New York City, New York

Project Created By

Jersey City, New Jersey
Khadija Ahmaddiya is a dance artist, creator and educator residing in Jersey City, NJ. Her work spans dance performance, poetry and film production. She aims to explore the complexities of the human experience through collaborative pieces with mixed media artists. In recent years her choreographic and film work has been presented by Jersey City Theater…

In Collaboration With

Visual Artist & Dance Collaborator
Music Director & Lead Composer
Inglewood, California
Video Artist
New York, New York


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