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The Jazz Gallery Fellowship

Newly installed program for mid-career artists offering financial support and 2-week compositional sabbatical to create new works!

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The Jazz Gallery Fellowship Premiere Dates

Posted on September 28, 2018 by The Jazz Gallery

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We at The Jazz Gallery are pleased to announce the premiere dates for the 2018 Jazz Gallery Fellowship projects from Jaleel Shaw and Lage Lund. Shaw will present his work at The Jazz Gallery on Friday, November 2, and Saturday, November 3, while Lund will present his on Friday, November 30, and Saturday December 1.

Both players have used this opportunity to follow an intuitive compositional path, responding to a variety of inspirations, starting from their residencies at the Marcel Breuer House at the Rockefeller Brothers Fund’s Pocantico Center. Shaw writes of his project: “I wrote about anything that came to mind while being in the house alone… the state of the world… being in an isolated area, not really having much physical contact with anyone… as well as the things I saw outside of the huge window in the living room of the house.” 

The extended writing process has allowed Lund to try out new ideas in his compositions. “I have a dozen or so pieces that are ranging from sketches to fully through composed pieces,” says Lund. “I’m finding out how they will fit together structurally and am for the first time considering the idea of adding lyrics. I was reading the letters of Kurt Vonnegut while in Pocantico and his voice became a integral part of the process.”

Tickets for each Fellowship premiere set are $25 general admission ($10 for Jazz Gallery members), $35 reserved cabaret seating ($20 for members) and can be purchased at this link. We hope to see you at the Gallery in November and December for these exciting concerts of new work.

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Jaleel Shaw and Lage Lund at Pocantico

Posted on July 6, 2018 by The Jazz Gallery

As part of The Jazz Gallery Fellowship, our two 2018 recipients—saxophonist Jaleel Shaw and guitarist Lage Lund—will each spend a week at the Rockefeller Brothers Fund’s Pocantico Center in Tarrytown, New York. Both Lund and Shaw are busy sidemen, working with the likes of Roy Haynes, David Sanchez, Maria Schneider, and Tom Harrell. These residencies will give Shaw and Lund rare and much-needed time to devote to their own composing.

For both musicians, the residencies are an opportunity to write without a specific end goal in mind and explore new methods for creativity. Shaw—who just completed his residency—focused on the initial spark of inspiration, coming up with ideas that he could continue to hone after the residency. “I basically wrote down sketches based on my experiences up there,” Shaw writes. “I tried to focus on one a day. I wrote about anything that came to mind while being in the house alone… the state of the world… being in an isolated area, not really having much physical contact with anyone…. as well as the things I saw outside of the huge window in the living room of the house.”

Lund will begin his residency next week, and he too is letting the creative process lead the way, rather than forcing things. Lund writes, “I know from experience that what works best for me is to write without any preconceived notions of what the music is supposed to, or should be. My plan is really to just spend the week writing and recording all day every day to generate as much material as possible—and only after that find a format and concept that will be a good fit for the project.”

During the residency, on July 10, Lund will present a concert with his working quartet, featuring saxophonist Mark Turner, bassist Orlando Le Fleming, and drummer Jochen Rueckert. For more information and tickets, click here, and stay tuned for more updates about Shaw’s and Lund’s Fellowship projects.


In our years of nurturing young, emerging artists, it has come to our attention that mid-career artists often struggle to sustain the momentum of their creative output and career trajectory—in particular, those who are better known as contributing band members rather than as bandleaders in their own right. In addition to supporting young artists through programming initiatives, The Gallery seeks to address the relative scarcity of resources dedicated to mid-career artists, who often balance the professional demands of performing, touring, and teaching with additional obligations related to their families (e.g., parenting), which are less likely to affect younger or older artists.

We hope to address this gap by targeting mid-career artists with our new Fellowship program. Participants will receive a residency stipend and commissioning fee to support two composition residency weeks, as well as access to The Jazz Gallery space during off-hours throughout the season for rehearsing, additional composing, and other musical needs. The two-week composition-focused sabbatical will take place at The Pocantico Center in Tarrytown, NY, free from the everyday distractions and professional obligations that mid-career artists face in the city. Fellows will then have the opportunity to workshop their new music at the Gallery prior to their premiere performances. We believe that this opportunity will enable the fellowship recipients to develop potentially career-transforming new works that would otherwise not be possible.

In our inaugural year, we awarded Fellowships to bassist Eric Revis and drummer Johnathan Blake, both top-flight rhythm section sidemen for luminaries such as Tom Harrell and Branford Marsalis, and both fathers raising young children. For our second year of the program in 2018, we are awarding the fellowship to guitarist Lage Lund and saxophonist Jaleel Shaw. Lund and Shaw, both born in 1978, are mainstays on the jazz scene and have extensive sideman credits; they have also been patiently and deliberately establishing careers as leaders over the past decade or so. The Fellowship would afford both artists the financial support ($10,000 in artist stipend and commissioning fee) and logistical freedom (two weeks at the Pocantico Center and access to our space) to focus their time and creative energy on new compositional projects. The Jazz Gallery will present formal premieres of their completed works, and both composers have expressed interest in eventually recording, releasing, and touring in support of these projects.

With this Fellowship program, we hope to strengthen our holistic approach to supporting artists and the art form. Many grant programs, competitions, and critics’ polls highlight emerging improvisers and composers, while high-visibility cultural awards are generally reserved for much older figures in jazz. The Jazz Gallery hopes to address this gap in support for mid-career artists, who are sometimes overshadowed by their elders and junior colleagues while fitting neither the profiles of rising star nor jazz legend favored in the jazz business. By establishing this Fellowship program, the Gallery hopes also to draw attention to this deficiency, setting a precedent to inspire other organizations to devote greater resources for mid-career artists as well.

Project Media

Lage Lund Trio at musig im pflegidach, Muri
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Features: Lage Lund

Lage Lund Trio
Lage Lund – guitar
Matt Brewer – bass
Justin Falkner – drums

Performing “Aquanaut.” This work sample opens with a beautiful solo by Lage, in which he exhibits masterful command of the instrument as well as his unique melodic and harmonic sensibilities. At 3:00, the composed section of the piece begins. Lage’s compositions are subtle and understated, indicating the depth of his experience and artistic maturity.

Jaleel Shaw Quartet “Conclusions”
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Features: Jaleel Shaw

Jaleel Shaw Quartet
Jaleel Shaw – alto saxophone
Lawrence Fields – piano
Boris Kozlov – bass
Johnathan Blake – drums

This track is from Jaleel’s third album as a leader, “The Sound Track of Things to Come.” Jaleel masterfully and passionately expresses himself through his writing and the tune is a great example: his compositional and technical knowledge serves him rather than being caught up in theory and new approaches. Jaleel is a dynamic improvisor. His solo starts at 3:48.

Eric Revis Trio
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Eric Revis Trio
Eric Revis – bass
Kris Davis – piano
Andrew Cyrille – drums

Eric Revis is one of 2017 Jazz Gallery Fellows. The track “Harry Partch Laments the Dying of the Moon…And The Laughs” is from his third album as a leader.

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