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The Lark Quartet: 30th Anniversary Album

An album to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of a groundbreaking quartet!


After 32 years together, the Lark Quartet will play their final concert in May of 2019.  During their career the group has been a stalwart commissioner and champion of new American music.

With their retirement, the Lark is recording a final CD, made up of new commissions that celebrate the quartet’s 30th anniversary.  The composers and works are: Kenji Bunch: Megalopolis (Lark Quartet, Yousif Sheronick, percussion); Andrew Waggoner: Ce morceau de tissu… (includes four now-retired Lark members and the current four members); Anna Weesner: Eight Lost Songs of Orlando Underground (Lark Quartet, Romie de Guise-Langlois, clarinet), and a new quartet from John Harbison.

Bridge is pleased to honor the Lark’s outstanding career with this final recording of the ensemble. Funding for the production phase of this recording has been secured, but additional funding is sought for post production.

Recording dates are scheduled in December 2018, February, 2019, and April 2019. Editing of the pieces will be scheduled for summer, 2019, with a scheduled release date of January, 2020.

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Lark Quartet
Yousif Sheronick

Ce morceau de tissu
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Lark Quartet
Kay Stern, Robin Mayforth, Anna Kruger, Laura Sewell

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