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The Lost Art of Dreaming

Sean Dorsey and Anomie Belle


Award-winning choreographer Sean Dorsey is teaming up with composer Anomie Belle for his next show “The Lost Art of Dreaming.” The lush, multi-layered sound score will include composed music, writing/narration and live spoken dialogue.

Sean Dorsey is recognized as the U.S.’ first acclaimed transgender modern dance choreographer, and Anomie Belle is a queer multi-instrumentalist, composer, and audio engineer with a long history producing albums, touring, and creating music for films and video games. Sean has licensed several instrumental pieces from Anomie (including in his recent “Boys In Trouble”), and now the pair is taking things to the next level. After Boys In Trouble won an Isadora Duncan Dance Award for ”Best Music/Text,” they decided Anomie would compose new instrumental works – for chamber strings and solo violin, acoustic guitar, drums, bass, piano, synthesizers, vocal textures and electronics – custom designed for the poetry, emotional arc and narrative of this next show.

The Lost Art of Dreaming will investigate what happens when trans communities are invited to disrupt long-entrenched fatalistic American constructs that deny transgender communities the space to dream. Anomie’s music will carve out poignant, complex emotional journeys as Sean invites communities to think expansively, fantastically, and optimistically to imagine transgender and queer Futures. This new 70-90 minute work will be designed to be a highly-tourable production performed in a proscenium or black box venue. The work will feature full-throttle contemporary dance, highly-physical theater, intimate storytelling, humor, ethereal and layered musical compositions, and exquisite queer partnering. Performed by a 5-member all-queer ensemble, the show will premiere at Z Space in San Francisco in April 2021, followed by an extensive tour. Sean’s last 3 works all toured 20 or more cities; 8 have already confirmed presenting this work.

Driven by a thirst to inspire social change, Sean and Anomie both left academic career paths studying culture to work as artists instead, and this comes across in their work. The Lost Art of Dreaming will be developed through “dream lab” workshops with transgender, gender non-conforming, queer and allied communities across the country. These workshops will facilitate embodied IMAGINATION, in the form of community forums, and performances. Imagination and dreaming will feature as ways to subvert control, and Anomie’s music will follow suit – surreal, ethereal, intense and constantly shifting, the music will follow the arc of this quest to open up bodies, minds, and political movements. The Lost Art of Dreaming will be not only a show – but lovingly-supported DREAMING that induces physical, emotional, relational, and thus even social change.

American concert dance is currently dominated by cisgender/heterosexual aesthetics and decision-makers. In a time when transgender and gender non-conforming communities are under attack across the US, centering the dreams, imagination, and desires of trans and gender nonconforming people is REVOLUTIONARY. This grant will support the costs associated with the creation, recording and mastering of the music Anomie is composing for The Lost Art of Dreaming. Anomie will also adapt and release the compositions in album format after the show premieres.

Project Media

Anomie Belle – Salt Spring (Excerpt)
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Features: Anomie Belle

Salt Spring was composed and produced by Anomie Belle with Anomie featured on strings, piano, electronic programming, vocals, and a guest performance from cellist, Dana Feder. This instrumental piece is an example of the genre of musical and emotional aesthetics Anomie will invoke in the new works composed for Sean Dorsey’s THE LOST ART OF DREAMING.

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San Francisco, California

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Seattle, Washington
Anomie Belle is a queer, feminist composer, producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist and classical violinist. Her music is a hybrid of detailed, ambient electronic production, cinematic composition and songwriting. Belle is openly queer and blurs typical representations of sexuality and gender. Her lyrical themes grapple with power and often explore the emotional experiences of “beautiful alienation”…

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San Francisco, California


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