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The Music of George Crumb

Three premiere recordings of new works by George Crumb

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Reviews for the disc!

Posted on January 25, 2018 by Bridge Records

“George Crumb is as much an American original as Walt Whitman, whose poetry he has set to music. While his compositions have been featured on recordings from more than three dozen labels, the contemporary-classical experts at Bridge are practically kin to the West Virginia native, who has won both a Pulitzer Prize and a Grammy. In October, Bridge marked Crumb’s 88th birthday by releasing Vol. 18 of its Complete Crumb Edition, an imposing series supervised by the composer.” – Stereophile, February, 2018

“Composer George Crumb, a Bridge Records favorite, now gets Volume 18 in his Complete Crumb Edition. I have never encountered a work by Crumb I didn’t like, immediately. He is not only an American original – who won the Pulitzer for his Echoes of Time and the River – but composes with a natural instinct for color and poetic grace. He is also extremely prolific: among his most impressive works are Ancient Voices of Children for boy soprano (to verses by Lorca), Black AngelsNight of the Four Moons, Apparition and his American Songbook VI Voices from the Morning of the Earth. This new release contains Eine Kleine Mitternachtmusik (Ruminations on Round Midnight by Thelonious Monk) played by pianist  Marcantonio Barone. Three other pieces get their recording premieres: The Yellow Moon of Andalusia and Yesteryearboth featuring the voice of Tony Arnold, and Celestial Mechanics played by piano duo Quattro Mani.” – Performing Arts Monterey Bay, Scott MacClelland, editor; December 18, 2017

“We have to thank Bridge Records for undertaking such an exhaustive catalogue of works by one of the unique voices of our time.” The Whole Note, December, 2017

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The disc is in hand!

Posted on September 19, 2017 by Bridge Records

This week we received copies of BRIDGE’s volume 18 of The Complete Crumb Edition.  Thank you NMUSA and everyone who helped make this series a reality.

The performances are all by long-time Crumb advocates–soprano Tony Arnold, pianist Marcantonio Barone, and the fabulous duo pianists Quattro Mani. 

Here’s a link to the disc: https://bridgerecords.com/collections/catalog-all/products/9476


Composer George Crumb is one of the grandmasters of American art music. His compositional voice has been a major part of the American and global soundscape since the 1960s. We are seeking support for the editing, mastering, and post-production of three works by Crumb – two premiere recordings, Yesteryear (soprano Tony Arnold, pianist Marcantonio Barone, percussionists William Kerrigan and David Nelson) and Yellow Moon of Andalusia (Tony Arnold, Marcantonio Barone) and a composer-overseen definitive version of a recent large-scale piano work, Eine Kleine Mitternachtmusik (Marcantonio Barone).

Bridge Records, Inc. is working to produce and release these performances in a high-quality recording that will be distributed online and physically to a worldwide audience. Producer David Starobin and Engineer Adam Abeshouse are both long-time advocates of George Crumb’s work, and have received numerous awards for their previous recordings on Bridge’s “Complete Crumb Edition” series.

The recording has taken place at Swarthmore College in Philadelphia. This allowed George Crumb to attend all recording sessions, providing oversight and clarification during the recording sessions. Given the often complex nature of Crumb’s scores, this insight has proved invaluable for previous recordings which have benefited from Crumb’s presence.

All performers are long-time experts in the work of Crumb, having performed and recorded his work for much of their careers. Tony Arnold and Marcantonio Barone are the dedicatees of Yellow Moon of Andalusia and Yesteryear. Crumb has requested that Barone be the pianist to record this definitive edition of Eine Kleine Mitternachtmusik.

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Eine Kleine Mitternachtmusik (revised), Mvt. I
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Marcantonio Barone
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Yellow Moon of Andalusia, Mvt. I
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