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The performer-composer: performances, lectures, commission projects w/Jane Rigler, flutes & electronics

Jane Rigler tours Europe: original music, commissions, lectures/workshops

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Reflections and Journeys Revealed

Posted on November 27, 2016 by Jane Rigler

The best place to see more photos and read about my activities between August and November 2016 is on my website/blog: http://www.janerigler.com/europe-2016-blog

As I reflect quietly, after the shock of Pauline Oliveros’ death, I am deeply humbled by the profound Deep Listening experiences I offered and guided throughout my tour. In every country I visited I was able to present Sonic Meditations (by Pauline Oliveros), guided silent walks, and other opportunities for contemplative, shared listening moments. The results produced breath-taking moments of imaginative and playful sounds, perceptive insights, and quiet revelations. 

Performing in the art gallery Blue Project Foundation my work Convexed Origins which requires movement and fixed electronic sounds was one of the highlights of my tour. Please stay tuned as I will post more sounds and videos very soon. Thank you for following!

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Posted on September 18, 2016 by Jane Rigler

A missing ingredient from my last post: a deep gratitude goes out to Composers Now, Tania Leon as well as the Civitella Ranieri, Director Dana Prescott and all the staff! Mille Grazie!


Civitella Ranieri

Posted on September 18, 2016 by Jane Rigler

As I pack my backs, preparing heartfelt goodbyes to my new favorite place in the world (Civitella Ranieri), to the staff, the other fellows, the birds, animals and trees, I reflect upon the last 5 weeks. I composed a new piece for “piccoloist playing the pump organ” (see link), composed a new flute quartet within the fata morgana and started a new flute and percussion duo. I  swam in a local waterfall, ate olive oil gelato (amazing!), conversed in deep dialogues with fantastic artists from all over the world and ….ate delicious food, like freshly picked truffles, scrumptious polenta, homemade pizza, and freshly harvested eggplant served in many creative ways. Mostly, I am grateful for the beautiful new friendships. I’m also updating my blog where new thoughts, experiences, photos and sonic postcards will be posted as regularly as possible.

This week begins my adventures: first to Bogliasco for an improvisation performance with the group “Disaster Area”, then off to visit bassist extraordinaire, Barre Philips, just outside of Marseille to learn more about his incredible CEPI: Centre Européen Pour l’Improvisation (European Improvisation Center). After than, I’ll be playing with Michel Doneda, soprano sax, Xavier Charles, clarinet, and Mathias Forge, trombone

and ending my time in France in Faux -de-Montagne, in the series A Bruit Secret organized by the incredible percussionist Lê Quan Ninh, where I’ll be giving a public Deep Listening workshop and performing my own acoustic and interactive electronic pieces in an evening concert. Gearing up, packing light, wishing you all well… Now it’s time to listen to each step as I walk gently forward…what new sounds await?


Posted on July 1, 2016 by Jane Rigler

Can’t wait to get started on this tour! So many wonderful collaborations and amazing opportunities to spread beautiful music and make meaningful connections…more updates as they develop. But I will mention that a few new concerts are already in the books! So stay tuned!


As a performer, composer, improviser, Jane Rigler will spend September to December (2016) traveling between six different European countries to offer solo and collaborative concerts, workshops, and compose new works with established small ensembles. In her lecture/performances she will focus on the vocalization of her instrument, the flute, using electronics and movement. Her concert program brings together the extended instrumentalist, showing multiple ways the performer/composer can musically interconnect people and places.

Her tour starts after a six-week residency at the Civitella Ranieri (Umbria, Italy), which ends on September 19th. From approximately Sept. 26-Oct. 1, She will be in the Creuse region of France performing in a series of concerts called A BRUIT SECRET (secret sounds) organized by the Association Ryoanji, with percussionist Lê Quan Ninh, saxophonist Michel Doneda and clarinetist Xavier Charles. Between Oct. 3-15, she will work with Sound Artist Björn Eriksson at the Hola folkhögskola  (in Prästmon, Sweden) on a collaborative/interactive workshop and concert.

In Lapua, Finland (Oct. 18-31), she will be the Artist in Residence at the Cultural Centre Vanha Paukku, working with the Director of the Music Institute to offer composition workshops for their students as well as giving a solo concert of her own works that will incorporate the Music Institute’s students. Between November 1-18, Jane has been invited to Kassel, Germany where she will perform with the pianist Ursel Schlicht in the local cultural center and the University of Kassel, in which they are currently planning to offer both concerts and workshops on composition and improvisation.

In Barcelona, Spain (Nov. 21-Dec. 2) Jane will give a two-week Deep Listening course to the Sonic Arts Masters students at the University of Barcelona, as well as a public workshop at The Hangar, a center for art research/production. A duo concert with José Manuel Berenguer is currently being organized at the Blue Project Foundation as well. While in Barcelona, she will be working directly with the flute and percussion duo ARà (Alessandra Rombolá and Núria Andorrà) that has commissioned a new piece from her, which she will be working on during her residency in Italy. In Madrid, Spain (Dec. 2-19), Jane will be in residence at the CRUCE art gallery as part of the ¡Escucha! Music series, in which she will offer a solo concert and workshop for the public in collaboration with the composer/sound artist Wade Matthews.

These guaranteed performances/collaborations will promote her new album Rarefactions (Neuma 2015), and allow Jane to create and perform new works with a wide variety of both young and well-established musicians. Meanwhile all these activities and engagements will be an exciting and enriching endeavor for her musical career, research and creative work as well produce new global connections. Jane takes her role as a “cultural ambassador” very seriously. As in past residencies and tours, the reverberations of her work allow communities to explore their relationship with each other through new perspectives of music and engaging sonic experiences.


Project Media

Multiverse, by Jane Rigler
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Features: Jane Rigler

Multiverse, from my album Rarefactions (Neuma 2015) – Rigler
I recorded each track, one at a time, in the studio, with one piccolo as the “leader” and the other piccolo parts overlaying as spontaneous responses. The array of microphones placed horizontally in line with the piccolo picked up the air/voice/mouth clicks/breath/keys as these sounds traveled across, over, inside and out the end of the tube. Performing a similar work to this in a concert setting on tour is possible with my electronics and the adequate number of microphones.

Pulsar 2, by Jane Rigler
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Features: Jane Rigler

This is Pulsar 2, from my album Rarefactions (Neuma 2015) – Rigler
For bass flute and electronics, it is a work that I plan to perform live in a concert setting while on tour. 

Convexed Origins (excerpt), by Jane Rigler
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Features: Jane Rigler

This is an excerpt of Convexed Origins (2015) for moving flutist and pre-recorded part, and was composed and performed by Jane Rigler on the 20th of February at the Conrad Prebys Hall at UCSD. This short excerpt from the 18 minute mono-drama explores movements inspired by my conversations and experiences with the award-winning dancer Eiko Otake and her work “A Body in Fukushima.” The Japanese melody heard in this work is called Kojo no tusuki (“moon over a desolate castle”). I was also inspired by my Japanese Noh teacher and Aikido classes.

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Flutist, composer, improviser and educator Jane Rigler has performed nationally and internationally as a soloist and in ensembles in contemporary music festivals premiering new works and compositions written especially for her. Jane is a specialist of interpreting new music and a composer, as well as an improviser and invited guest in ensembles with leaders like Adam Rudolph,…

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co-collaborator, pianist, composer (Kassel, Germany)
co-collaborator, musician/composer, and curator of Cruce ¡Escucha!


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