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The Rendezvous

A performance of recorded media, capturing the continual cycle of remembering and forgetting those we've lost to death.

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The Rendezvous premieres at Creative Tech Week in NYC, May 3rd

Posted on April 15, 2016 by Sarah Outhwaite

We’re thrilled to announce our premiere at New York City’s Creative Tech Week, from May 3rd – 7th.

Come visit the installation – and immerse yourself in Michelle Ross’ beautiful score! Walk between illuminated plexiglas panels, using interactive headphones to mix your own journey through overlapping channels of spoken narrative, and musical composition.

Buy tickets to visit us at the Arts Hub

Learn more about Creative Tech Week, and its rich offerings

Visit our website to learn more, or to participate as a storyteller, sharing and creating with your own experiences of loss


The Rendezvous is a performance of recorded media, an installation which uses music, audio and video to capture the action of remembering those we’ve lost to death. It focuses on the experiences of participating speakers – the experiences of the living.

Personal narratives are shared, captured, and visually abstracted by performers (acting as avatars for memory). They are finally projected on human-sized surfaces of translucent Plexiglas, surrounded by music and a randomized and evolving landscape of audio narratives.

Our culture provides few spaces for sharing loss beyond an intimate circle, after the closure of funeral rituals. The Rendezvous provides a place where people can explore and share the intimate details of loss, on a scale not otherwise possible. We highlight the day-to-day; the complicated, the unexpected, the human.

As a mobile media installation, this recorded performance will be brought to gallery and community spaces in the summer of 2016. We are extending invitations to participate as a storyteller through organizations including community centers, grief counseling groups, and the veteran community in the New York area.

Participant privacy is key. By working with media and professional performing artists, we offer participants the ability to share raw experiences with full anonymity. On the other end of the spectrum, participants can opt to have their own voices mixed directly into the evolving work.

The Rendezvous weaves captured speech into a soundscape of original music, composed and performed by Michelle Ross. Ross’ score will counterpoint the inflection and organic stutter of recorded voices. Music acts as a gateway between individual, spoken memories – and the more dreamlike visuals built to connect and communicate these stories.

The physical relationship between audio speakers and plexiglass projection surfaces in the final installation will be based on the structure of human memory, and the organization of storage and recall in this biological space.

Please visit our website for more information on The Rendezvous, how to participate, and our contributing artists:



Project Media

The Rendezvous – A Preview
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This previews the first footage produced for The Rendezvous in our studio space during summer 2015.

Prior to creating this footage, we interviewed our first two project participants. We captured their audio, then compared our recollections of their stories. Images that surfaced strongly became the basis for the sculptural studio installations that you see in this video.

Eventually this footage will become part of the five-channel video installation projected on plexiglas, with an original score supporting the narratives.

Frosted Glass from “Cubicle,” March 2015
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This video was created as part of the live performance “Cubicle” at Juilliard in March 2015. | Music composition and performance: Michelle Ross | Dance: Macy Sullivan | Video: Sarah Outhwaite | We were inspired by each other as collaborators, and by our experiments with frosted plexiglass as a medium for video and projection. Based on the success of this experience, we decided to work together again; using the dynamics we’d discovered to create a space dedicated to intimacy.

To the Moon, by Michelle Ross
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Features: Michelle Ross

Music composed by Michelle Ross | On Piano: Natalia Kazaryan | On Cello: Deborah Pae | A solo performed for Project Philippines 2008, an educational outreach and performance installation Dance Project in the Philippine islands during the summer of 2008. Choreographed by Norbert De La Cruz III.

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New York, New York

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Project Created By

Sarah Outhwaite is a New York-based live media artist. A graduate of Princeton’s program in Theater and Dance, she has created performance-media pieces, installations, and video works at spaces including The CCF (Cambodia), Location One, Theatrelab, Juilliard’s Center for Innovation in the Arts, Dau al Set, and BAM’s Harvey Theatre (New York). Her animated short…

In Collaboration With

New York, New York
Choreographer, performer
Dramaturg, performer
Brooklyn, NY, New York
Audio Designer
Outreach Producer
Astoria, New York
New York City, New York


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