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Third Sound: Heard in Havana

"Expert ensemble Third Sound" (The New Yorker) records music from its historic residency at the Havana Contemporary Music Festival.

The Latest Update

First edit of Kai-Young Chan’s “Mieko”

Posted on June 18, 2018 by Third Sound

Hello, friends!

We’re excited to share with you the first edit of Kai-Young Chan’s Mieko for flute & electronics from the forthcoming album. A handful of minor corrections still to come, but we’re pretty excited about how it’s sounding. Sooyun had a great session with Young in the booth, and engineer extraordinaire Ryan Streber’s done an expert job mixing the electronics with the live track.

Happy listening (and stay cool)!

Third Sound

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Back in the Saddle

Posted on June 12, 2018 by Third Sound

Hello, community!

After various delays of the life-getting-in-the-way variety, we have taken the reins back up with gusto towards completing our debut album, Heard in Havana (working title). First edits are complete for five of the ten works on the album: Ingrid Arauco’s Fantasy-Quartet, Kai-Young Chan’s Mieko, Jennifer Higdon’s Smash, Spencer Topel’s Details on the Strasbourg Rosace, and Kati Agócs’s Immutable Dreams: II. Microconcerto [in memoriam György Ligeti] – have a listen!

We look forward to sharing further bonbons as work on the album progresses. In the meantime, here’s an outtake from our session on Amadeus Regucera’s Inexpressible that we’re considering including as a bonus track on the album (parental advisory: explicit content): https://soundcloud.com/third-sound/regucera160430take_10

More soon!
Sooyun, Romie, Karen, Mike, Orion, and Patrick


In November 2015, the American Composers Forum (ACF) sent a delegation of composers and performers to the Havana Contemporary Music Festival to present a program of contemporary American music. The performers were “forward-looking, expert ensemble Third Sound” (The New Yorker). ACF and Third Sound held a national call for scores to select the music to be presented and received over 400 submissions; ten works were chosen, and all ten composers traveled to Havana as part of the artist delegation. The program of their music offered a unique snapshot of the vitality and diversity of the contemporary American musical landscape.

The concert moreover represented an historic occasion: against the sociopolitical backdrop of normalizing relations between the US and Cuba, Third Sound presented the first concert entirely comprising contemporary American music, with all composers in attendance, to take place in Cuba since before the Cuban Revolution. The performance helped to lay the groundwork for further dialogue and collaboration between American and Cuban new-music communities. “The Cuban composers and musicians in attendance were duly enthralled with both the compositions and the performances, which bodes well for future collaborative ventures.” (I Care If You Listen)

Third Sound’s debut album, projected for a 2017 release on innova Recordings, will comprise the ten works presented in Havana, all written since 2001 and representing a diverse group of composers from across the United States. In addition to reflecting the dynamism of American composition in the twenty-first century, the recording will serve to document ACF & Third Sound’s historic residency at the Havana Contemporary Music Festival. There is mutual interest between the Festival and ACF to continue developing an ongoing relationship in future seasons, which will foster residencies for American composers and performances of their work at the Festival, collaborations between American composers and performers and their Cuban counterparts, and the solicitation of scores by Cuban composers for performance in the United States. (Following its debut in Havana, Third Sound presented a program in New York City, bringing together selections from its Festival program and music by three Cuban composers: Eduardo Martín, Wilma Alba Cal, and Guido López-Gavilán. In 2016, Third Sound returned to the Festival, presenting music by Lembit Beecher, Pierre Jalbert, Hiroya Miura, Wang Lu, and Martín; all composers once again traveled to Havana to participate in the Festival.) This recording will serve as an important document of the start of this relationship and help to sustain the momentum of public interest as ACF builds support for future cultural exchange initiatives with the Havana Contemporary Music Festival.

Cindy COX (1961): Wave: I. quietly urgent (2009)
Kai-Young CHAN (1989): Mieko (2014)
Amadeus REGUCERA (1984): Inexpressible (v. 2) (2013)
Kati AGOCS (1975): Immutable Dreams: II. Microconcerto [in memoriam György Ligeti] (2007)
Spencer TOPEL (1979): Details on the Strasbourg Rosace (2014)
Christopher Wendell JONES (1969): a crowd of twisted things (2011)
Ingrid ARAUCO (1957): Fantasy-Quartet (2001)
Michael HARRISON (1959): Radians Phase II (2015)
Jeremy GILL (1975): Paean, Epitaph, and Dithyramb (2008)
Jennifer HIGDON (1962): Smash (2006)

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New York, New York

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New York, New York
“Forward-looking, expert ensemble Third Sound” (The New Yorker) is a collective of virtuoso performers drawn from New York City’s finest chamber musicians. The ensemble musicians–flautist Sooyun Kim, clarinetist Romie de Guise-Langlois, violinist Karen Kim, cellist Michael Nicolas, pianist Orion Weiss, and composer Patrick Castillo–have appeared on the most prestigious series and stages around the world and garnered…

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