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A live performance/construction site swirling movement, wood, live music, and tap dance into a visceral experience of a delusional brain.


“TILT,” a live, evening-length performance/construction site presented by Racoco Productions, will be performed at Abrons Arts Center’s Experimental Theater in New York, NY, as part of the @Abrons program, March 29-31 and April 2-6, 2019. TILT is created by Racoco’s choreographer Rachel Cohen, with commissioned original live music by composer/musician Lynn Wright, and features renowned tap dancer/percussionist Heather Cornell. The interactive set is by Bill Kennedy with lighting by Jon Harper; the vibrant cast includes dancers Cohen, Toby Billowitz, Remi Harris, Masumi Kishimoto, and Meghan Schardt, and musicians Eric Hoegemeyer (piano, synths), Nikki D’Agostino (saxophones), Eric Eble (double bass),and Wright (guitar, Ableton). In this final chapter of a five-year development process, rehearsals for TILT began in May 2018 and the ensemble held a residency at Abrons October 1-10, 2018.

TILT is a visceral, brash, and humorous dive into the brain of a woman struggling to maintain her sanity. A swirl of movement, wood construction, tap dance, live music, and dreamlike imagery from Cervantes’ “Don Quixote” creates a textural maze of a world where Cohen and Cornell face off in a visual and aural battle between the specter of delusion and the voice of reason.

An innovative collaboration, TILT will surprise and delight audiences of all ages, blending Cornell’s precision, musicality, and clarity with the visual chaos and raw emotion of Cohen’s textural worlds and the pervasive melodies and atmospheric gestures of Wright’s palpable soundscape. Cohen/Wright’s most ambitious project to date, it’s the first time we’ve invited a performing collaborator of Cornell’s caliber to meet us in creation and is a leap into the unknown for Cornell. Cornell is the perfect bridge between our mediums, the music literally playing through her body. It is a thrill to learn each other’s languages and find a common parlance; we are excited to share this uncharted journey with audiences over an extended run.

“TILT” emphasizes the contrast of the imagined and the real by juxtaposing choreographed and improvised elements. The performers build and dismantle tenuous wooden constructions that increasingly clutter the stage, representing the protagonist’s shifting perspective. We create a storyline, score, and movement template in rehearsal – the imagined – but all must adapt in real time to the changes onstage as the wood behaves unpredictably. The audience sees our efforts to hew to the “script” and our decision-making process when we fall away from it; not a perfect product, but the beauty of imperfect striving – the real.

Wright’s score weaves composed, cinematic melodies and discordant punctuations made from prerecorded sounds that are manipulated until the source is almost obscured. Cornell brushes against these worlds in improvised duets with each musician – dancing on wood, sand, metal  – responding unscripted to the stage action, a return to the grounded, immediate present. The vibrating tensions viscerally evoke the tempest of thoughts in a mind clouded by delusion.

Project Media

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Features: Lynn Wright

Lynn Wright’s atmospheric “Closer” features Wright (guitar, voice) and TILT collaboratoring musicians Nikki D’Agostino (tenor sax), Eric Eble (double bass), and Eric Hoegemeyer (piano), with Simon Goff (violin, pocket piano), Lars Zander (bass clarinet), Eulalia Monzo (pump organ, synth), Jim Galabraith (drums), and Thomas Fietz (percussion). (Recorded by Eric Hoegemeyer, Simon Goff; mixed by Simon Goff, Lynn Wright.) “Closer” is the closing song on Wright’s song-project And The Wiremen’s album Night Cracks Harbor (fall 2019). Also cue to 5’30

Taps and Traps
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Features: Heather Cornell

In Taps and Traps, tap legend Heather Cornell and Canadian percussionist Jesse Stewart weave a spellbinding tapestry of textures of sound and movement, creating a sense of wonder and curiosity in the minds of listeners. Recorded February 10, 2018 at the Ottowa Winter Jazz Festival. At 2’45”, Cornell makes sand sing, with sensitivity and exquisite timing.

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New York, New York

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Brooklyn, New York
Racoco Productions fuse raw materials with absurdist visuals, quixotic choreography, and music to transport audiences to uncanny worlds that viscerally reflect the messy, humorous, sublime nature of our existence. We collaborate with other artists (performers, composers, musicians, visual artists) to create live performances that touch viewers through the mind and a deeper, more primal place of…

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