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Treehouse Shakers’ The Boy Who Grew Flowers

The Boy Who Grew Flowers, is a thoughtful performance for young people, that follows Rink Bowagon who has truly spectacular gifts.

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The Boy Who Grew Flowers New Promo Video

Posted on September 12, 2019 by Treehouse Shakers

We are excited to announce that we have a brand new promo video of The Boy Who Grew Flowers! 

Video Created By Nel Shelby Productions

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The Boy Who Grew Flowers

Posted on July 19, 2019 by Treehouse Shakers

Treehouse Shakers performed The Boy Who Grew Flowers  on April 11-14, 2019 at The Ailey Citigroup Theater.  The show will continue to tour over the next year and beyond.


Treehouse Shakers is seeking support for the musical composition by notable composer, Martyn Axe, for our newest work, The Boy Who Grew Flowers, specifically created for ages 5-10, and their grown-ups. Told through theater, dance, puppetry, and a compelling musical score, The Boy Who Grew Flowers is based on the awarded children’s book by Jen Wojtowicz. Written and adapted by Mara McEwin, choreographed by Emily Bunning, music composition by Martyn Axe, the story follows a young boy, Rink Bowagon, who lives on top of Lonesome Mountain with his unusual family of rattlesnake tamers and shape-shifters. The townspeople agree that Rink’s family are quite strange, but they are unaware of Rink’s spectacular gifts. Whenever the moon is full, Rink sprouts beautiful flowers from his head. When a new girl, Angelina, moves to town, Rink’s life truly begins to grow. The Boy Who Grew Flowers is a delightful and thoughtful story that explores diversity, navigating adversity, creating empathy and celebrating individualism. The piece also explores varying theatrical styles, helping to present an emotionally captivating and intrinsically layered visual story, while embracing the flavors of Americana folklore. The exploratory movement phrasing portrays the emotional undercurrent and the characters’ physicality, as well as the stylized movement of the puppetry, accentuated by the rhythmic musical score. Musical influences of mountain folk songs, bluegrass and swing, created through the use of the fiddle, banjo, spoons and other stringed and traditional Appalachian folk instruments, creates a down-home, rhythmic and compelling original soundtrack. The music expertly tells the story of the setting, the emotional landscape of the characters, while also being symbiotic with the choreography and movement.

Since Treehouse Shakers is one of the first performances many young people experience, we believe that high-quality, artistic production values are extremely important, as we are shaping young aesthetics. Treehouse Shakers challenges ourselves artistically with each new production, remaining committed to strengthening our production values, and the overall artistry and quality of our work. We work with exceptional music collaborators, who create the tone, ambience and emotional landscape of the piece. Exposing young audiences to great music helps to heighten sensibilities while lending well-documented learning benefits. We want young people, and their adult counterparts, to enjoy sophisticated and exceptional compositions.

Our primary audience includes local elementary schools and the general family populations throughout the five boroughs of New York City, which includes racially/ethnically, differently-abled and income-diverse populations. Building on long-time partnerships with nonprofits and Title 1 schools, we will provide discounted tickets for 5-10 year olds who are low-income, underserved or are differently-abled. The Boy Who Grew Flowers will have its premiere April 11-14, 2019 at Ailey Citigroup Theater. Following performances in New York City, The Boy Who Grew Flowers will be performed at the following New York presenting organizations in the 2019/2020 season: LaGuardia Performing Arts Center, Tribeca Performing Arts Center, The Performing Arts Center at Purchase, Flushing Town Hall, Tilles Center for the Performing Arts, and will then continue on an extensive U.S. tour.

Project Media

Under the Tangle
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Treehouse Shakers’ Under the Tangle is conceived and choreographed by Emily Bunning with Music Score by Martyn Axe. Under the Tangle is a dance-mystery about an adolescent girl who becomes ensnarled in a dark labyrinth after the sudden loss of her parents.

The show begins in silence. Sound starts after 3 minutes.

Devil’s Jig
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In The Boy Who Grew Flowers, Rink Bowagon, journey’s up and down the mountain to his house several times and this is his traveling music.

Flowers Dance
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In the Boy Who Grew Flowers there are many references to Flowers and this is the theme music.

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Treehouse Shakers’ creates performances that encourages audiences to experience community through greater connections. Melding theater, dance, music and visual elements, our repertoire includes 15 original works that explore universal themes addressing every age level within youth programming, from babies to teens. With each new work, we set the bar higher, challenging our artistic process and…

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