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Uncharted Destiny

A quartet exploring the enduring inner strength that supports the surges of passion throughout our lives.


“Uncharted” is part of a series of dances that I began since 1998 when I created “Bamboo Prayer”, when i was reflecting on the strength required for a woman to be free, in a world dominated by men.   I return to this question from time to time.

I realized that the strength I seek is within each one of my dancers, but I have to give them the passion within me for them to give me back the restless reason for our dance.  Each dancer is like a bamboo tree, with resilient, yielding strength that inspires me.  Together, we face an uncharted territory where we must keep on moving, finding our unique strength to take each step boldly forward to our common destiny.

In October, the dance-in-progress will be shown in Aljira Contemporary Arts Center in Newark, NJ.  It is a place for intimate conversation where audience can talk to us about the piece.

The completed work will finally be premiered at NJ Performing Arts Center in January, 2017, at Flushing Town Hall, NYC in March , 2017 and finally as part of the Imagine Ellis Island Asian American Heritage Festival in May, 2017.

Project Media

Schumann’s Cello Concerto in A minor, Op.129 (FULL)
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Features: Nan-Cheng Chen

Nan-Cheng Chen, cello
Alexander Joan, piano

Start and End Dates



Newark, New Jersey

Project Created By

Fort Lee, New Jersey
One of the few the professional dance companies In the United States to be led by an Asian-American woman, the Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company has been developing new works for the past twenty-five years. Ms. Chen, formerly a principle dancer from Taiwan’s Cloud Gate Dance Company, established her own Company in 1988 in Fort Lee, NJ with a mission…

In Collaboration With

New York, New York


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