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An transdiciplinary collaboration exploring memory, sleep deprivation and sea-monsters, to be performed in Los Angeles.

The Latest Update

Meet Our Performers!

Posted on November 9, 2017 by Mat Sweeney

Lukas Papenfusscline – Vocals, Various Percussion and Sonics

Sharon Chohi Kim – Vocals, Various Percussion and Sonics

Kathryn Shuman – Vocals, Various Percussion and Sonics

Linnea Sablosky – Vocals, Various Percussion and Sonics

Katherine Redlus – Harp

James Waterman – Percussion

Matt Orenstein – Bass

Prudence Rees-Lee – Cello

Eli Weinberg – Actor / Dancer

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New Show Added!

Posted on November 9, 2017 by Mat Sweeney

Our original run is nearly sold out so we’ve added a final showing on Monday November 20 @ 8:30! Tickets available at

Pictured percussionist James Waterman, photo by Michael Amico.


Posted on October 30, 2017 by Mat Sweeney

Tickets are officially on sale (and selling fast!) Undine runs from November 17-19 in a secret location in downtown Los Angeles. Check out our official launch for more information about the project and the company!

Last night we had our first rehearsal- 9 multi-disciplinary innovators congregated in the space for deep sonic exploration, storytelling, and music rehearsal. We could not be more excited about the brilliant team making this work- and we’re excited to introduce you to them over the next few weeks, alongside these stunning photos by our collaborator Michael Amico.


FOUR LARKS: Led by Director/Composer Mat Sweeney and Designer/Choreographer Sebastian Peters-Lazaro, the company devises new interdisciplinary works in unexpected locations. Acclaimed for their immersive aesthetic and fiercely independent mode of production, Four Larks has quickly established itself in LA’s new performance scene.

“In recent years, opera has been on tough times…But with new companies like Four Larks, whose “junkyard” opera staged in an abandoned warehouse drew raves last year, the face of the medium is changing.”
The Hollywood Reporter

Four Larks acoustic scores are created for a mix of classical and folk instruments, voices and found objects.

UNDINE: ‘Undine’s Curse’ refers to a fatal respiratory disease and the eponymous German fable in which a water spirit curses her mortal lover to die if he falls asleep. Four Larks’ Undine follows a sleepless musician as he is submerged into his composition. This heavily stylized ‘junkyard’ opera delves into the depths of the mind, where myth, memory and creation intersect. Text and motivs are sourced from folklore across cultures and mediums; sirens, mermaids, selkies, ningyos, etc, in which the sea becomes a mirror to humankind’s deepest fear and desire.

Three actor/dancers perform the role of the protagonist, alone with his piano. As he furiously notates, the sounds of the storm and sea outside begin to infiltrate his music as water starts to seep into his room. The composer’s tightly controlled Romantic concerto gives way to a primal folk-tinged dirge, awash with harp, dulcimer and hurdy-gurdy, as his imaginary orchestra takes on a life of it’s own.

Four Larks recorded some key passages of the developing score during a worshop in their rehearsal shed in Melbourne, which can be heard at


Project Media

UNDINE Music Sample
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Music and promotional images from Undine recorded as part of a preliminary music development. Hear additional music samples from the score at

The music sampled in this clip includes vocals, harp, guitar, cello, clarinet, saw, drums, bells, bowls, metal, chimes and cymbals.

FOUR LARKS work sample (The Temptation of St Antony)
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Music, choreography, and critical response from Four Larks most recent project, The Temptation of St Antony (Los Angeles, March 2015), featuring the ensemble of performers set for ‘Undine.’

FOUR LARKS work sample (Orpheus)
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Music, choreography, and and critical response from Four Larks ‘Orpheus’ (Los Angeles, April 2014), featuring the ensemble of performers set for ‘Undine.’

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Los Angeles, California

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Last update on November 9, 2017

Project Created By

Los Angeles, California
Mat Diafos Sweeney is a director, composer, and producer. He creates immersive and interdisciplinary new performance as Four Larks. These ‘junkyard operas’ are devised from found objects and adapted texts, and staged in unexpected locations. Recently, Mat debuted a new body of songs, ὕμνος, in residence at the Getty Villa. It will premiere in full staging…

In Collaboration With

Los Angeles, California
Choreographer / Designer
Los Angeles, California


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