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Urdimbre y Trama/Warp and Weft

Urdimbre y Trama (Warp and Weft) is a dialogue from and with the margin. We dance with what is hidden, silenced, and invisible as mestizas.

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Upcoming Performance

Posted on November 30, 2019 by Niurca Marquez

Join us for a performance of Urdimbre y Trama at the Norton Museum of Art on December 6, 2019 at 8pm.

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Urdimbre y Trama (Warp and Weft) is a dialogue from and with the margin. It is a walk through the grounds of iconic old house in Little Havana, and an intimate portrait of seemingly disparate but intrinsically tied stories through movement, text and song. We begin with the dialogue that already exists in our bodies, voices, and community. We open ourselves to what is hidden, silenced, invisible in our condition as mestizas through the works of women like Gloria Anzaldúa, Antonieta Villamil, Mayra Santos-Febres and expand the conversations. It is the Warp and Weft of a weave that covers us as it unveils what lies beneath.

The work includes original musical scoundscapes by composer Jose Luis de la Paz. In them, he combines the voices of a variety of women, with sounds, words and instrumentation that leads the audience on a journey through the stories that make up the lives of real women in the community of Little Havana. The work was created during a six-month residency in the community where choreographer Niurca Marquez, Jose Luis and a handful of fierce women artists shared experiences with the community to paint a picture of what it means to be Latina and mixed in this particular space. In a time where what “American” is, is being challenged and torn from the seams, this weave by Marquez, De la Paz and dancers, brings us face to face with the fallacy of the universal experience and exposes the silenced voices of first and second generation immigrant women.

The work is part immersive theater, part site-specific dance theater, part installation and part ritual. It draws from both the history of the Koubek Center and its importance to various immigrant groups over the past 70 years and brings it face to face with the artistic expression and art-making practices of eight different artists under the direction of Marquez and accompanied by the visual support of artist Dinorah de Jesus Rodriguez. Here dancers speak and singers move, while the sonorous world created by De la Paz envelops viewers in a unique moving experience. Decades collapse into each other and the fact that the struggle to be heard continues is made evident.

The performance runs for three days in December 2018 and will be repeated in October 2019 during Dia de los Muertos.

Project Media

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In Ofrenda, Niurca Márquez and collaborating artists, enter the space with both an understanding that memories live in landscape and the historical significance of space and place. The work is a collage of ritual, mythology, sound and movement that explores how site moves us and how a variety of traditions can dialogue within a shared geography. The work takes place at a Ceiba, a sacred tree venerated throughout the Caribbean, believed to connect the planes of the underworld, earth and the skies. October 2016.

Urdimbre y Trama/Warp and Weft (fragment of collaged soundscape)
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This is a sample fo the work composed for proposed project. This particular scene takes place inside the living room of a house with a series of floating images of historical women printed on transparency paper. The performer interacts with them taking on the bodies of these ‘ghosts’ as she shares stories about the difficulty of creating a cohesive identity amongst so much contradiction. The section includes spoken word delivered over sections of the musical score and the audience views it from the outside of the room through the windows.

The History House – New Smyrna Beach
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This is a short sample of the work completed as part of the Community Artist in Residence project “The History House” in Fall 2014. The work is a performative installation that challenges audiences to create their own viewing experience. It is dedicated to the survivors of the first settlement on that land; Italians, Spaniards and Greeks brought to the New World under the false pretenses of indentured service contracts and later turned into slaves. It is also dedicated to all who have at one time or other faced oppression and survived.

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Miami, Florida

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Miami, Florida
Niurca Márquez (1976) is an artist/researcher with a wide range, as a creator and performer in film, site-specific work and staged performance. Her work has been commissioned by and presented on various curatorial platforms in Europe and the US. She has worked tirelessly on presenting new works that examine notions of identity, cultural memory and…

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Miami, Florida


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