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What will we be like when we get there

Choreographer Joanna Kotze and composer Ryan Seaton collaborate on an interdisciplinary dance performance commissioned by New York Live Arts

The Latest Update

SAVE THE DATE for upcoming performances of What will we be like when we get there!

Posted on October 28, 2018 by Joanna Kotze

If you missed the premiere in March or if you want to see it again, we will be performing What will we be like when we get there at New York Live Arts during Live Artery this January.

New York Live Arts theater

January 4th @ 8pm and January 5th @ 12pm

We hope you can join us!!

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Ryan nominated for a Bessie Award for What will we be like when we get there!

Posted on August 3, 2018 by Joanna Kotze

We are so excited that Ryan Seaton and What will we be like when we get there have been nominated for a New York Dance and Performance Bessie award for Outstanding music composition and sound design! We are thrilled that the work and especially Ryan’s role in it have been recognized in this way. Thank you to the Bessie committee and to everyone who came to see the shows last March. We will be performing the work again in January at New York Live Arts’ Live Artery!

Photos and Video from the premiere!

Posted on June 30, 2018 by Joanna Kotze

We are thrilled to have received support from New Music USA for our multidisciplinary dance project, What will we be like when we get there!

Please visit my website for photos and video of the premiere at New York Live Arts:


More updates to come on APAP performances and touring…


Composer/musician Ryan Seaton and Bessie award-winning choreographer/dancer Joanna Kotze come together to create and perform What will we be like when we get there, a new interdisciplinary dance performance that premieres at New York Live Arts March 28-31, 2018 and will be shown in progress in January 2018 as part of New York Live Arts’ Live Artery.

We are long-time collaborators teaming up with fellow artists, dancer Netta Yerushalmy and visual artist Jonathan Allen, to investigate physical, emotional, and artistic spectrums while reflecting on personal journeys and current events – bringing attention to our desires, flaws, strengths, and fantasies. By flipping from humor to violence in one movement, or slowly building a single ordered note into a cacophony of sound, these spectrums evolve into dances, songs and visual design. We have created the work during a series of residencies over the last year and a half, asking the question: How does where one works shape who one is and what ones does? Residencies have included: Camargo Foundation, Marble House, Sedona Arts Center, Governors Island through LMCC, Bennington College, Jacob’s Pillow, New York Live Arts, and Milvus Artistic Research Center.

Unique to this work is the liveness of the collaboration, in process and performance. Rather than working from a central, agreed-upon idea, we search together for the emergence of the work through watching, listening, challenging and supporting. Likewise, in performance, we place all the collaborators on stage, letting the audience watch us all in that shared moment.

In our past collaborations, Ryan has integrated the natural sound of the dancers (breath, footfalls, movement of materials) into his compositions, obscuring the line between roles. For What will we be like when we get there, this blurring is furthered by Ryan’s physical presence interacting with the instruments, sound sources, and the other performers, putting all simultaneously on display in front of the viewer.

Armed with an Ableton Live setup including controllers positioned throughout the performance space and a multichannel speaker array, Ryan is untethered to a single location and capable of operating all aspects of the score from anywhere on stage. Electronic manipulation and amplification of sounds can fill the space entirely, blanketing the audience and performers in a rich sonic tapestry, only to be abandoned in an instant to showcase the personal, more vulnerable, unadorned sounds of a single performer on stage.

For the last section of the piece, Work Sample #1, Ryan toggles between improvising with a monosynth onstage and triggering a series of events that accompanies his saxophone playing. The saxophone itself is then sent back through the computer, accessing sounds that exist throughout the performance. Ryan is free to move between setups, interact with materials, perform with Joanna and play mulitiple instruments, all while maintaining contact with the heart of his setup.

What will we be like when we get there is supported by a Jerome Foundation General Grant, commissioning funds from New York Live Arts, Joanna’s Leadership Circle, and the above listed residencies.

Project Media

What will we be like when we get there – 5-minute excerpt of work-in-progress
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This excerpt is from our development residency at Jacob’s Pillow, April 2017. Created and performed by Ryan Seaton and Joanna Kotze. This is the final section of the work which occurs in episodic segments. This section in particular continues to resonate as we finish building the work. The dialogue between the disciplines- dance, music and visual art –is synthesized here. But it also encapsulates how a body might need to respond to what is happening around it in the world today. For us, performing this section is raw and urgent.

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Please focus on segment 34:47-37:06. NYC Premiere: Baryshnikov Arts Center, September 17-19, 2015. Choreography: Joanna Kotze in collaboration with the performers. Performers: Jonathan Allen, Zachary Fabri, Asuka Goto, Joanna Kotze, Stuart Singer, Netta Yerushalmy. Composer/Sound designer mixing live: Ryan Seaton. FIND YOURSELF HERE is the culmination of a two-year collaboration between three dancers, three visual artists and a composer using movement as a potent form of communication across disciplines. Note there is a 20 min pre-show.

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This is an excerpt from Joanna and Ryan’s collaboration, “Rouge,” commissioned by Zenon Dance Company. For this section, Joanna requested rhythmic material that was consistently on the brink of falling apart. Ryan accomplishes this using the natural sound of footfalls and breaths along with synthesized sounds, weaving together complex textures that continually move away from the grid. In mixing the piece, Ryan further disorients the listener by inverting the space in which the sounds exist.

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New York, New York

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Brooklyn, New York
Joanna Kotze is a Brooklyn-based dancer, choreographer and teacher who has been part of the New York dance community since 1998. She was awarded the 2013 New York Dance and Performance “Bessie” for Outstanding Emerging Choreographer and has received support from the Jerome Foundation, Mertz-Gilmore Foundation, Harkness Foundation for Dance, New York Foundation for the…

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Composer, Musician, Performer
New York, New York
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