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When Dark Sounds and Classical Music Collide: New Music For Percussion and Piano by Pathos Trio

Committed to engaging contemporary music, Pathos aims to bring raw, edgy, and powerful music to audiences through cross-genre collaborations


When Dark Sounds and Classical Music Collide is a collaborative project between PATHOS TRIO, and composers ALYSSA WEINBERG, ALISON YUN-FEI JIANG, ALAN HANKERS, FINOLA MERIVALE, and EVAN CHAPMAN, dedicated to presenting newly commissioned works for two percussionists and piano in the form of music videos and a full length LP that will be produced by Philadelphia based audio/film/videography company FOUR/TEN MEDIA.

Through unexplored performance, Pathos Trio seeks to combine aesthetics of classical/contemporary genres with dark, dense sounds, which can be influenced through their personal interests in alternative music, prog metal, rock n’ roll, and electronic synthwave music, in order to create raw, edgy, and powerful soundscapes that will engage audiences in both alternative and classical/new music.

Each composer involved in this project specifically explores these various sounds in their works, while some are actively involved in the pop rock/prog metal world. From Evan Chapman’s minimalist, electronic snare drum solo BUTTONWOOD, to Alyssa Weinberg’s heavily percussive duo TABLE TALK and Alison Yun-Fei Jiang’s solemn/gloomy IN ABSENT WATERS, to Alan Hankers subtle string orchestra work COALESCENCE, it’s these types of works and the aesthetics that each bring that have inspired us as a group to commission these composers. As a result each of these works push the boundaries of new music that deliver truly fresh, innovative sounds and techniques that explore a wide variety of uncharted territories in timbral and sonic landscapes.

By producing videos for these new commissions, each one will supplement the performance of these works by providing both Pathos Trio and every up and coming composer involved the means to share these recordings for professional development, while also exposing these works to a broader demographic of thousands of viewers that may not otherwise have the chance to be presented to such music through major mainstream media outlets such as VIC FIRTH, NEW SOUNDS RADIO, I CARE IF YOU LISTEN, and possibly have this LP be published through INNOVA RECORDS.

These works will also gain additional exposure through public performances between February 2020 – May 2021. Dates for those performances are as followed:



Saturday, February 28th 7:30pm, ARETE GALLERY AND VENUE, Brooklyn NY

Sunday, February 29th 8:30pm: ST. LUKES CHURCH, Brentwood, NY

To be rescheduled due to COVID: NEW WORLD CENTER, Miami, FL

To be rescheduled due to COVID: RITTENHOUSE SOUNDWORKS, Philadelphia, PA


Breakdown of project timeline:

1) Each work will be recorded throughout Fall 2020 – Spring 2021

2) After post production work by Four/Ten Media is completed, Pathos will then send recordings off to major media outlets listed above to be chronologically released.

3) Once videos get released, audio will then get mastered, compiled into an LP, and be distributed by the end of May 2021.



Alison Yun-Fei Jiang             Prayer Variations (2019)

Evan Chapman                     Fiction of Light (2019)

Alyssa Weinberg                   Delirious Phenomena (2019)

Alan Hankers                         Distance Between Places (2018)

Finola Merivale                     Oblivious/Oblivion (2019)


Duration of each piece: 10+ minutes


Project Media

Distance Between Places by Alan Hankers
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Distance Between Places was inspired by the relationship between the soundscape of a particular place and memory. Inspired while traveling from city to city while on tour with progressive metal groups, much of this work is comprised of individual musical streams that are independent in terms of rhythm, timbre, and expressive shape, but still, allow for an overall blending that results in a unified sonic picture.

This piece by Alan Hankers is one of the five main tracks that will be a part of this NMUSA project and mastered in this LP.

Unraveling, by Square Peg Round Hole
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In this video Vic Firth Ensemble Square Peg Round Hole performs their piece “Unraveling” from their album “Juniper”

As Evan Chapman is a main composer for this project and a founding member of Square Peg Round Hole, the piece he’s currently writing for Pathos Trio closely resembles that of Unraveling.

In terms of style and setup, Evan’s commission “Fiction of Light” takes influences from his work with SPRH and his interests in minimal music to write a piece that will be for two modified drum sets, baby grand piano, and electronics/transducers

Avaloch Farm Composer Reflections – Finola Merivale
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In this interview Irish composer Finola Merivale talks in detail about her music, the sounds and material involved in her piece Oblivious/Oblivion, and about her collaborative experience working with Pathos Trio during our recent ensemble residency trip to Avaloch Farm Music Institute.

The music and footage contained in this clip are not representative to the final product of Oblivious/Oblivion, but are of early sketches of this work. Oblivious/Oblivion will also be one of the five videos/main tracks produced in part by this NMUSA project.

Start and End Dates



Brooklyn, New York

Project Created By

New York, New York
OUR MISSION: Committed to the performance of engaging contemporary music, Pathos Trio (whom consist of pianist/composer Alan Hankers and percussionists Marcelina Suchocka and Felix Reyes) aims to bring raw, edgy, and powerful music to audiences through the presentation of cross-genre collaborations. Each ensemble member comes from various classical/new music backgrounds and when brought together and…

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