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Woodstock historic site artists in residence: Soul Inscribed

School and community outreach from cutting-edge artists in residence, hosted by the stewards of the historic 1969 Woodstock site.

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Connecting with Young People: “Our Hope and Future”

Posted on November 13, 2019 by Bethel Woods Center for the Arts

The New York-based, six-piece band Soul Inscribed, brews up a mix of Hip Hop poetics and soulful vocals, propelled by a sonic blend of jazz, funk, and dub instrumentals. For the 2019 edition of the Soul Inscribed arts education residency based at the historic Woodstock festival site, the ensemble shared their talents in two of upstate New York’s rural Sullivan County public school districts: Monticello and Sullivan West. They also performed at the Event Gallery at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts which is the steward of the National Register listed Woodstock site.

Supported in part by a New Music USA grant, the appearance of Soul Inscribed at Bethel Woods featured MC and Producer, Baba Israel,  vocalists Duv and Grace Galu, saxophonist/flutist Sean Nowell, drummer Doron Lev, and multi-instrumentalist/producer Yako 440 on guitar and bass. The verve of Soul Inscribed flows seamlessly between crafted songs and improvisation, and human beatboxing. Above, Grace Galu freestyles vocals and lyrics to convey the story of the residency and underscore the message that making a creative connection with young people “is our hope and future.”


E3. Engage. Experience. Explore. is a school and community-based program that brings high caliber performance art and art education to schools and the community. The main component of E3 is a three-day experience provided by the artists in residence. The Museum Education and Creative Programs staff at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts has the capacity to work with two partnering schools each receiving one full school assembly and two full days of in-classroom or after school workshops.

Soul Inscribed is one of the three partnering artists in the program. The New York-based, six-piece band, in their own words: “brews up a mix of Hip Hop poetics and soulful vocals, propelled by a sonic blend of jazz, funk, and dub instrumentals.”

To reach more schools, these performers conduct a free performances for different schools in the Event Gallery at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts. Any student who has been exposed to E3 artists in their school are welcomed to invite family and friends to attend a free weekend performance of new work created with local students or inspired by our national historic site. in 2019, the Soul Inscribed residency proposes to reach 1,000 elementary, middle and high school students in the rural, high-poverty home county of Bethel Woods Center for the Arts (Sullivan County, NY).

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts is uniquely positioned to offer this program because of our national and international presence. The National Register 1969 Woodstock festival historic site continues to be a place of reverence to performing artists and musicians. The mission and vision we derive from our location at the Woodstock site are also often accorded that same sense of reverence and respect. It is a “vibe”that is strongly felt this year, 2019, as the world prepares to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock festival. Bethel Woods plays a unique and un-replicated role in offering a residency where artists can stay and are given time to explore, reflect and create in spaces like the Gabriel Tan house on the Woodstock site grounds as well as the education Conservatory and the Event Gallery 440-seat perfomance space with professional production support. It is the only program of its kind in the region. Our schools, having engaged in 3 to 4 years of E3 programs now eagerly await our outreach each season. Teachers and school staff structure visits and partnerships around these residencies. Each teacher we work with in the classroom has been excited to plan for Story Pirates and Soul Inscribed’s arrival for workshops – we now have an engaged audience with room to grow.

Project Media

Let Them In
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Features: Baba Israel

A recent track from the channel of Soul Inscribed, the collaborative artists in residence for the Bethel Woods E3: Engage. Experience. Explore. school and community music and arts outreach program.
The track helps to demonstrate the talent, skills and sensibilities of Soul Inscribed.

Soul Inscribed with schools groups at the Woodstock site Event Gallery 2018
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As part of the artists residency, school groups from around the rural region surrounding the Woodstock historic site are invited to join in open, participatory performances with the Soul Inscribed ensemble.

Soul Inscribed in-classroom residency in Sullivan County 2018
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Soul Inscribed teaching artist Grace Kalambay leads an in-classroom workshop as part of the November 2018 residency produced and hosted by Bethel Woods in collaboration with Soul Inscribed.

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